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The Amazing Race, Oct. 18 – Malibu Ken = Ricky Bobby

Right now I’m feeling like I made the wrong choice. Longtime readers know how much I love my Amazing Race, yet I chose to put that aside tonight in order to watch my Bears play Sunday Night Football. Watching them lose at the goal line in the last seconds of the game was too much to bear. Let’s hope the Race has a much better ending, one that doesn’t involve two really nice guys coming in first, then losing their passports and being eliminated. Hopefully everyone that DVRs the Race has learned by now to not just add the show after it in case it’s delayed by football, but the next two shows, for nights like tonight when it’s delayed by OT football by more than a whole hour.

The first team leaving “Sean Penn, Cambodia” are Sam and Dan at 12;25 PM. They get a clue telling them to fly to the Persian Gulf and find the world’s tallest building. They need to figure out on their own that the building is the Burj Dubai, still under construction, in the city of Dubai. They’ll then make their way to a fountain and sign up for one of two groups that will ride the elevator to the 124th floor of the Burj Dubai where they’ll get their next clue. The brothers talk about Zev and Justin being eliminated because of losing their passports. They want to use this early start to actually finish first. They’re a little behind already, though, asking their cab driver where the Persian Gulf is. Maybe they should ask Jackie Onassis, Queen of Cambodia.

Flight Time and Big Easy are the next to leave at 12:27 PM and head to an Internet cafe to look for flights and research the tallest building. Big Easy thinks they’re one of the strongest teams because of what they’ve been through. Big Easy has been through Hurricane Katrina. Brian and Ericka leave three minutes later, and he thinks everyone is in the Race together and is a big fan of karma. They want to be nice to everyone and help each other out. Ericka knows that the tallest building is in Dubai. The Globetrotters find out the same thing at the Internet cafe and find a flight leaving at 3:30 and connecting in Bangkok, but it needs to be arranged 24 hours in advance on the computer, so they just head to the airport.

Gary and Matt leave at 12:35, saying playing “follow the leader” isn’t how they planned on racing, as they’re smarter than that. They have no idea where the tallest building is, though. Meghan and Cheyne leave two minutes later, happy with where they are in the race, yet never content with anything better than the top. They have the frontrunner type mentality and want to be ahead. They’ll take whatever chance they can. The ticketing agent at the airport doesn’t know of a place called “Persian Gulf” to book tickets for Sam and Dave. They start to realize it’s not even a country, and Brian and Ericka show up and inform them to head to Dubai.

Lance and Keri leave at 12:47 PM, with her saying the bond they have is strong and nothing can tear them apart. Besides, he notes there is a lot of non-refundable deposits on the wedding, and he’s not going to lose it over that. Nice. And with that statement, I sense trouble ahead for them in the Race. Mika and Canaan leave two minutes later, and he notes that Mika is scared of heights. He tells her to change her tune, and she wants him to stop telling her what to do.

Maria and Tiffany are the last to leave at 12:55 PM. Tiffany notes they never in a million years thought someone would give them an early Christmas present, saying someone else in the Race screwed up, so they get to stay. This is after they got a stay of execution when Zev and Justin lost their passport. While it’s unfortunate what happened, the rules are the rules, and they’re appreciative for the lucky breaks and think they can be contenders.

Everyone is converging on the airport, and they all talk about getting on a waiting list. Lance and Keri are at the Internet Cafe, and he tells her the reason why the tickets are disappearing is because they’re getting booked. He is insisting they book a flight now, but they’re staring at a blank screen. She blames the computer, and he blames the site, saying he knows how to book flights. They arrive at the airport and book the flight, expecting to see everyone on the flight on the same flight. This is exactly what happens.

Everyone is complaining about it being hot. Gary and Matt joke they don’t think there’s a recession going on here. Maria and Tiffany are the first to arrive at the fountain and sign up first to get to the top of the building. Brian and Ericka are next, while Mika and Canaan appear to be lost. Sam and Dan are third on the list, as Mika and Canaan argue with their driver and another driver where the fountain is. Meghan and Cheyne get the last signup for the first group leaving at 5:30 AM. Mika and Canaan finally arrive and sign up for 5:45. Lance and Keri, the basketball players, and Gary and Matt signup for that time as well.

Lance and Keri wait to go up to the top of the building the next morning, and he hopes as he looks up a plane doesn’t nick him in the head. The first group leaves for the top of the structure, with Brian saying their group consists of themselves, the Poker Girls, the Brothers, and Team Malibu Ken and Barbie. Waiting to go up, Mika is already crying, saying she’s getting sick to her stomach. The Globetrotters knows it’s because she’s afraid they’ll have to jump off, but it’s under construction, and that certainly doesn’t seem safe at all.

The first team reaches the top and Cheyne says all they can see are clouds. Mika will be happy that the clue calls for them to make their way back down, presumably in the elevator, to a parking structure and find a marked car and drive to the desert, then ride 4×4 vehicles to their next clue. A Fast Forward is ahead, the only one on this Race. The first team to complete it must find a racetrack and drive in an open wheel race car and complete a lap in 45 seconds or less. Brian wants everyone to act like it’s the scariest thing ever as they see the other teams, and Mika is told not to listen to them.

Team Malibu Ken and Barbie and the Poker Girls mention trying the Fast Forward. The Brothers know it would be a risk for them to head there as well, given the other teams are going. The second group reaches the top, and Lance says there’s no sense in going for the Fast Forward, since they’re in the second group. Mika is the happiest ever not to have to jump off the building. Lance and Keri go the opposite way as the others to reach the parking garage. They’re lost in the parking deck and see no cars or markers. They realize they should have stuck with the other teams. Excuse me for being blunt, but Duh.

Big Easy lets Flight Time navigate while he himself drives, as he trusts his judgement, which could mean they’re about to go the wrong way. Canaan isn’t sure if they’re going the right way, and Lance argues with Keri who is navigating, so she tells him just to drive and not ask anyone for help. Of course not. Why do something that would help when you’re the last team?

Malibu Ken and Barbie are at the race track. Ken says it’s easy for him to jump into any unexpected situation, and he’s confident he can handle any scenario, but she can’t help but be nervous, and he knows it’s because she hates not being in control. Luckily, he’s doing the driving.


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