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Project Runway, Oct. 15 – Sequins, Sequins, Everywhere

Heidi asks Shirin if she’s confident about her look, and Shirin admits she’s not. She wanted to create a dramatic look, so she took on a lot. Heidi calls her dress “an upscale witch dress.” Christina thinks she’d trip if she wore it. Nina likes the top of the dress, but calls the skirt a “Carmen Miranda moment.”

Althea wanted edgy glamour. Bob thinks it was clever of Althea to alternate the front and back sides of the sequined fabric. Heidi loves the back and thinks the owner would stand out on stage. Nina says it’s nicely made, but wonders aloud if Christina would be able to move in it. Althea herself wonders what dance moves Christina would perform in it. (She should have thought of that before she made something with a train!)

Christopher says he wanted to see Christina doing a cover of a Cyndi Lauper song – then ripping off the dress and doing one of her own songs. Heidi doesn’t like it at all, and Nina says it’s reminiscent of Christina’s Lady Marmelade look. She thinks everything she’s seeing has been done before. Bob doesn’t like the bustier, saying “I wouldn’t put that on a chorus girl.” Christina gives it an “E for effort,” which cheers up Christopher.

Nicolas wanted to do something short and revealing for Christina. Christina likes it and says it would be fun to dance in. Bob loves the feathers and agrees it would give Christina enough freedom of movement for dancing. He does wish there had been another piece, though.

Logan wanted to create a “punk rock princess.” Heidi doesn’t think there are enough chains on his outfit. Christina likes the color scheme, but thinks the combination of fur and zebra stripes make it look “cave womany.” Logan points out his dress is lined in pink, but Heidi dismisses that, as the lining doesn’t show. Bob would have liked to see a very high slit. Nina appreciates that he took a chance, but thinks he didn’t go far enough.

Afterwards, the judges chat. They start with Nicolas, whose short, sexy dress would be good for dancing. Carol Hannah’s dress is chic and has a lot of textures, while Althea’s dress hugs the body.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Shirin’s dress is dowdy, while Christopher’s is a tasteless knockoff. Nina and Christina think Logan’s dress looks like something a cave woman would wear. Heidi, however, thinks it’s hip and youthful, and Bob comments that a short dress is okay to ride up on stage. “Put diamonds on the crotch and you’re home free,” he tells the others.

The judges then call everybody back in to announce their decision. Althea is in. Heidi asks Christina to announce the winner…. Carol Hannah. Christina tells the ecstatic Carol Hannah that she loves the dress and can see herself wearing it. Nicolas and Logan are both in, leaving Christopher and Shirin in the bottom two.

The judges tell Christopher that his look was a cheap remake of Lady Marmelade and Shirin that her look was dowdy and unflattering. Shirin is out, while Christopher gets to mangle fabric for another week. Yes, I’m annoyed. He’s the one who should have gone, as this was not his first trip to the bottom, while it was Shirin’s. And since when is being “dowdy” a worse offense than copying somebody else’s look?! At least Shirin had come up with her own design, no matter how bad it was.

I’m wondering if the producers and the judges are trying to avoid another all-female final three. Unfortunately for them, it looks like that’s what they’re going to get. Irina, with two wins and no trips to the bottom, remains the designer to beat. Yes, she’s snide and arrogant – but she has so far kept her eyes on the prize and avoided the kinds of meltdowns that have been the undoing of many of her competitors. Althea and Carol Hannah each have a win and no trips to the bottom to their credit. (Carol Hannah’s win means she has just vaulted out of the middle of the pack to a top contender spot.)

Gordana is the weakest of the remaining women, but even she is at least on par with the guys. (All four have been to the bottom at least once.) Nicolas is arguably the strongest of the men, but he still has to hope that at least one of the top women seriously screws up. Logan and Christopher are both on their last legs – or should be.

Next week: The gang go to Rodeo Drive.

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