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Project Runway, Oct. 15 – Sequins, Sequins, Everywhere

Althea shows Tim a big feathered jacket with a sequined dress underneath. Tim comments she’s doing the same thing as Christopher, and he’s not impressed with the result. Gordana tells Tim she’s worried, and retorts she’s right to be concerned, as her dress looks “matronly,” which is not a good look for anything Christina Aguilera might wear.

When Tim gets to Nicolas, I can see immediately what the problem is going to be: Nicolas’ outfit is too reminiscent of his Evil Queen look from the movie challenge. Indeed, Tim exclaims, “Good Lord, talk about deja vu!” Nicolas hopes (in vain) that Tim is wrong. Dude, 1) Tim is seldom wrong, and 2) At least add some color! Nicolas just wants feedback from Bob Mackie – regardless of whether he’s in the top or the bottom.

Carol Hannah shows Tim the long dress she’s made and tells him she’d thought about making it shorter, but fears the result would look “too Ice Capades.” Tim agrees this is a legitimate concern. Ideally, the dress should be short enough to allow freedom of movement, but not so short it resembles something an ice skater would wear. She decides to leave the dress as it is, and Tim thinks it could suit Christina. It looks as if Carol Hannah may be headed for a spot in the top three tonight.

Shirin’s look is a disaster; Tim says it looks like “Guenivere meets Vampira,” and is below her usual level of sophistication. He adds it looks like “student work.” Shirin, not surprisingly, considers scrapping it, while Irina expresses astonishment that Shirin and her “bargain basement sensibility” are still around.

Christopher feels Tim’s visit created a tornado they need to recover from. Shirin is freaking out, and Christopher advises her she needs to stand behind her design. He reminds her that scrapping her look is a big change, especially given the time constraints. (How many people have been sent home because they didn’t allow themselves sufficient time to properly finish something?) She seems to have an idea involving black sequins.

The models arrive, and they’re excited by the challenge and the dresses. Shirin has calmed down and seems happy with the changes she’s making. Logan thinks Carol Hannah is fun to work with, and she thinks he’s hot.

On the day of the runway show, Shirin is nervous, Nicolas is excited, and Althea is enjoying this challenge, feeling confident. Tim sends in the models. Nicolas tells us, “Since Bob Mackie’s my idol, I absolutely cannot choke on this one.” He’s not sure if he’s done enough, as he’s made a little dress. Carol Hannah’s model loves her dress, and Carol Hannah is worried about how to work in the feathers, which she’s never used before.

Irina considers Carol Hannah “annoying” and “mediocre.” Nicolas feels Irina is a good designer – and a bitch. He wishes she were a little nicer. Christopher thinks his point of view is “a little odd and a little different,” but also thinks he’ll do well. Given his performances in the last few challenges, I’m going to take this with four or five grains of salt.

At the runway, Heidi is joined by today’s judges. Nina Garcia is the only “usual suspect.” Bob Mackie is subbing for Michael Kors, and Christina Aguilera is the guest judge.

Althea’s model goes first. She’s wearing a feathered jacket, which she takes off to reveal a long, sparkling silver gown. It’s lovely, but I question the wisdom of having a train, which I think would hamper movement.

Logan made a black fur jacket. Underneath is a striped black and silver dress. Shirin made a long black gown, with silver insets in the skirt. It looks more like a cocktail dress than anything else.

Christopher boasts that his look is a “true reveal.” His model starts off wearing a black dress with a bubble skirt, that she tears off to reveal a sequined bustier and silver hot pants. Nicolas sends down a very abbreviated white minidress with feathers at the bottom. It’s still a bit like his “Evil Queen” look from a few weeks ago; he should have used a different color.

Gordana made a long white beaded gown. It’s way too subdued for Christina. Irina made a black jacket and a short midnight blue dress with sequined insets. Carol Hannah sends down a long black gown that mixes sequins and feathers.

Heidi calls Irina and tells her that she is safe. She then calls Gordana and tells her that she should be glad she has immunity this week, as she would probably be in danger of going home otherwise. Gordana admits she had a “meltdown,” and Heid responds that she could tell. The other six designers have the highest and lowest scores between them.

The judges start with Carol Hannah, who admits the challenge was a stretch for her. She had decided to make one glamorous piece. Christina thinks it would look great on stage and says she can see herself wearing it, and Nina like it. Bob likes the textures. Heidi loves it, and Bob tells her that she would look good in it.