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Project Runway, Oct. 15 – Sequins, Sequins, Everywhere

Last week, on Project Runway, the designers had to make outfits for a group of divorced women – and they had to make them out of the women’s old wedding dresses. Gordana won and Epperson was sent home.

The next morning, Christopher tells us that he’s there to get to Fashion Week. He’s upset by the number of near misses he’s already had, but vows to “go huge … but not too huge to scare the judges.” I suspect he means that he needs to take risks while staying within the bounds of good taste. Alright, but I wouldn’t bet on his getting to Fashion Week.

Carol Hannah doesn’t think of herself as being in the middle of the pack. It’s true she hasn’t won, but she hasn’t been put in the bottom, either. Hmmm. Sorry, Honey, but I’d say you’re in the middle of the pack, as most of the remaining designers have won at least once. By the same token, all the remaining guys have been in the bottom at least once, as has Gordana, while Shirin, Althea, and Irina haven’t been to the bottom yet, by my reckoning. Win something, then you can claim you’re not in the middle of the pack.

At the runway, Heidi reminds Gordana that she has immunity, then announces that with just eight designers left, it’s time to take the competition to the next level. Heidi tells the designers if they want to win, their next look must “upstage the rest.” She sends them off to meet with Tim – and a special guest. She also reminds the designers there will be no more immunities.

The designers find Tim at a museum with Bob Mackie, the famous fashion designer who has worked for people like Cher, Diana Ross, Madonna and Tina Turner. Mackie is called “The Sultan of Sequins,” because he never met a spangly outfit he didn’t like. Carol Hannah is awestruck.

The challenge is to do an “extravagant stage look” in the manner of Bob Mackie, who goes on to explain that this is different from fashion. It’s less restrained than a red carpet look, and its purpose is to keep the audience’s eye focused on the performer. Nicolas tells has dreamed of meeting Bob Mackie and nearly fainted when that dream came true.

Tim adds that the designers have to design a stage look for Christina Aguilera. Bob tells the designers that the look has to ensure that audiences can see Christina from a mile away – and also look good on video. They will have two days to complete the challenge, thirty minutes to shop at Mood, and a budget of $300. They have thirty minutes to sketch – starting now. Fortunately, the museum they’re visiting has a room full of Bob Mackie’s past work, so they can study some of the outfits that he’d made for Cher, et al. They should therefore all have a feel for his style – but in this type of challenge, there’s always at least one designer who just doesn’t get it.

Christopher calls Christina an icon and says it’s exciting to design for her. Shirin is inspired by fabric. Nicolas loves seqins, feathers, and lace. Carol Hannah is nervous because she generally designs more practical things, but vows to show the judges that she can push it further.

At Mood, the designers buy all the feathers and sequined fabric they can grab. Carol Hannah just decides to buy a lot of stuff and figure it out later. It looks like Carol Hannah is getting a lot of attention tonight. That may be just because we’re down to eight people – or it may mean that she does very well or very badly in the challenge. I’ve a feeling she isn’t going to be in the middle of the pack for much longer …

Nicolas plans to emulate his idol, Bob Mackie, and use multiple fabrics to create a pattern. He discovers that he’s under budget – and thus buys yet more feathers. Christopher wants to do an 80’s punk prom look. If the result looks like something Madonna might wear, he could be on to something. Irina thinks Carol Hannah’s fabric looks like cheap Halloween costume fabric. Carol Hannah admits she’s not certain what to do and that she usually doesn’t do “over the top.” Logan doesn’t follow Christina and isn’t familiar with her style. He hopes she likes what he does and isn’t upset by fur.

Gordana worries her look is too ambitious. Christopher reminds her she has immunity, plus two days to work. Gordana is afraid she won’t be proud of her work. Her garment rains beads as she cuts it. Althea reminds her she doesn’t have anything to worry about. Gordana is feeling frazzled and goes to the lounge for a break.

The next morning, Gordana decides to start over. Althea wants to “blow everyone away.” She says she’s out to win. Nicolas hasn’t decided what to do with the top half of his garment, but he notes that Christina likes to “show off the girls.” He needs, therefore, to come up with something revealing. He jokes she is going to skate across the stage, and comments that the work is tiring.

Tim arrives to make his rounds and starts with Christopher, who shows Tim an outfit in which one tears away the top layer to uncover a more revealing bottom layer. Tim thinks it’s too “prim” and actually tells Christopher his look needs to be sluttier if the tear-away is to be effective. He calls Christopher’s current look an “ice skating Halloween outfit.” Christopher admits he’d really like to dress a celebrity.