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Top Chef: Las Vegas Episode 8 – When Your Dish = Armpit Hair is a Good Thing

Quickfire Hits

• I always look forward to the opening credits where it feels like Jenn is flashing me.

• Hawk describes himself as Babe Ruth. That guy needs to boost his confidence somewhat; he really doesn’t have a high opinion of himself.

• How about BryanBot’s story that Palmer once shot a wild boar outside his house and brought it to the restaurant. Where the heck is he living? Craphole Island?
• I loved the segment with William Scherer, the master sommelier in Palmer’s restaurant. Why? I had no idea what they were talking about, but that angel wine cellar? All kinds of awesome.

• Whole Foods – Kevin looking for extra fat. While that dish was probably delicious, I felt my arteries harden just watching it.

• Speaking of Kevin, how cool is he? While everyone else is being obnoxious to Robin’s face or behind her back, Kevin’s most biting comment is to say that “Robin, has the best intentions at heart, but is driving everyone effing crazy.” Also, when he wins, he giggles. That is very endearing. I like this guy, I hope he doesn’t screw up and goes straight on to the finals.

• Ash tells everyone not to look in his cart. Oh Ash, nobody fears you.

• Robin makes us all drink by issuing the standard, “ I’m not here to make friends” line.

• MM rightly crows about having prepared several different styles of food in the competition. He may be the anti-Ilan!

• That Battle Over Saran Wrap by the Brothers. Meh, they’re brothers. However, Kevin’s comment about how Hawk is working his brother over psychologically may be interesting to see if it is foreshadowing of future episodes.

• Was MM slamming a bag of something on the ground? Did I imagine that?

• Ash exclaimed as he came back to the Stew Room following Judges Table – “I forgot flavor!!!” Funny.

• Lastly, the extra scene was actually quite funny. Eli’s skewed regurgitating of the Robin Incident to the others. The rest of them just start effing with him by implying the forbidden Eli-Robin love. Hawk – “Did you get to second base?” Really funny.

Next week – Restaurant Wars! And it appears one team consists of the Brothers, Eli and Robin. Classic.

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