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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 14 – Still In Vegas!

Kevin “K’Bez” Hunte, 23, Brooklyn, made it to the last round of Vegas Week in season three, and now is out to try again this year. His group is up first, and Nigel is saying “this hip hop boy” and telling everyone to look at his feet. Tyce tells him he’s amazing, because he takes the reigns and just goes, not waiting for everyone to tell him what to do. K’Bez wants to show that a hip hopper can do every style. It looks like our krumper makes it through as well, as does Mollee.

Only one hip hopper is left to do the contemporary still, Jonathan “Legacy” Perez, 27, of Studio City, California. He’s been struggling the whole time. He says his technique is not what they have, but his heart is … he indicates a large circle here. He’s overhwelmed after the practice, and after his group performs for the judges, he says it changed something inside of him and cries. He explains it’s energy and the movement meant something, and he thinks it made him a better dancer, as he now wants to learn that style as well. She tells him they all think he’s a better dancer, and he exposed himself in a beautiful way. He’s perfectly imperfect. He makes it through and notes his mind expanded, and he came out of his comfort shell.

It’s the last round of choreography at the beginning of Day 4. They’ll work on Broadway with Tyce. He says it will be the stamina and physicality of it, coupling the performance with technique and energy with strength. It’s like a full bag of tricks you need to bring to this party. Pauline Mata was cut last season at the point of the top 20 announce. She’s not holding back this time, yet hurts her ankle, landing wrong. It’s just gross to look at. Mollee makes it through again, as does Bianca Revels, the tapper.

Ashleigh Di Lello, 26, of Orem, Utah, had originally made it here on the strength of her hsuband, Ryan, 28, during their audition. She remains in his shadow throughout the week. With the females being out there alone, she has to do it on her own merits now. Mary openly admits to being shocked at Ashleigh. Nigel tells her they’ve been putting her through hoping she’d come through eventually, and they think she’s grown the most this week. She got votes from everyone to stay. The first person to hug her is Ryan. Pauline comes back saying it’s just a sprain. Geez. it didn’t look like just a sprain.

The guys are now up to perfrom Broadway, and in the first group is Ryan. His wife making it through has given him even more motivation to do it. As he dances with his shirt open, Adam remarks he needs to go to the gym right now. Ryan takes his shirt off, twirls it and whips it around at the audience at the end. Ashleigh screams offstage that he’s such a ham. Nigel reminds him he’s a married man, and that whenever the judes have a smile on their face, it just means they’re in love with his dancing, and not his body. He does request he buttons one button, though, and he does the one at the bottom. He gets everyone’s vote. He’s through. Ashleigh admits she’s turned on, her and every other lady there.

Dominic Pearson got to Las Vegas in season 4, but had to leave with an injury. He’s determined this time to go all the eway. He’s excited about Broadway, as he says he has a lot of personality for it. He then falls off the stage, purposefully, at the end of the routine. He’s confident, and they’re making a point of telling us, so that isn’t usually a good thing. It’s not here, either, as he’s told he only got two votes from them.

Dominic cries and collapses on the floor, while Debbie Allen tells him it’s not the end of the world. Adam’s advice is that he cares too much about the results; he dances to get to the end instead of perform in the moment. Nigel tells him the way he is now isn’t helping him, as he doesn’t want someone on television that’s going to break down like that, as he could get cut the first week. Would he tell that to a girl, though? Dominic says he cannot change his emotions, and Nigel tells him he can’t survive if he can’t straighten up and walk away from this week knowing he got to this point and worked with these choreographers, as there were thousands who didn’t.

Pauline is still waiting to find otu what’s going to happen to her. While she waits, the others take the stage to do one last solo before the judges choose top 20. Billy Bell does a beautiful lyrical routin eand Adam gets emotional and can’t hold it in watching him. I agree he’s good, but I don’t get the emotion in Adam right now. Mia asks Billy who he is, not believing what she was seeing.

Just the snippets wer’re seeing here of the others makes me not want to wait to see this first perfomrance show of the top 20. Let’s get on with it already.

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