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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 14 – Still In Vegas!

Okay, I was excited for Las Vegas to finally start last week, but they’re now stretching this out over three weeks? Good gravy! What are they thinking? As if it’s not bad enough they’re shoving an extra season down our throats, they then have to prolong it so much that it can never gain momentum?

It’s the early evening of day two in Las Vegas, and only seventy-seven dancers are left after three rounds. But now, Laurie Annn Gibson is taking everyone through a jazz routine. She’s really tough on them, telling them they’re all messy. Iveta Lukosiute, 29, of Woodside, New York, feels like she’s in Russia, and another dancer says sh’s afraid of Laurie Ann. One guy asks which side he starts on, and she totally berates him, telling him it’s a ridiculous qustion. Yikes.

Karen and Matthew Hauer, 27, of Fort Lee, New Jersey are married and auditioned in Boston. They were the first married couple to make it through to Vegas. She’s up to show her stuf with jazz, saying she wants it sooo bad. The judges aren’t happy with someone, and it could be her. Indeed, she barely makes it through. Now it’s her husband’s turn, but either he’s screwing up or the girl he’s with is. Nigel tells him as a Latin dancer, they wanted more out of him. He’s done. Karen consoles him and he says it’s okay. Things happen for a reason.

Nigel stops another group that is doing their jazz routine, asking them “what’s this?” and mocking them, then telling them they should be caressing a woman’s face, not a melon. He gets upset with Iveta and berates another dancer for not being able to find the backbeat. The dancers know he’s really mad. I think maybe Nigel needs Len Goodman’s 4 and 5 paddles. Six more are cut by 7:00 PM, including Iveta and Willem de Vries, the last same sex dancer.

Mollee Gray, 18, of Upland, California and Billy Bell, 19, of Loxahatchee, Florida, are still in it. Her family had left everything in Utah, then moved to Hollywood to help her career. They have no furniture, just suitcases and ir mattresses. She had a great audition and was excited to be in Vegas, just to have a bed. Also in her group is Russell Ferguson, 19, Foxburn, Massachusetts, the first krumper ever to make it to Vegas.

The judges deliberate, and everyone is tense, from dancers to judges. Nigel tells Mollee she’s dancing like a little girl, but she’s a woman now, and that’s why they have 18-year-olds on the show, and not 16-year-olds. Russell is asked to step forward and asked about his other training, of which he has none. Adam tells him that’s impossible. Nigel mentions he’s doing well and to keep up the good work. They’re all through. Mollee hurt her foot, though, and is limping, so there could be some problems ahead for her. She doesn’t want the judges to know. Yet, the pain worsens and she has it looked at by paramedics.

Everyone is broken into groups and they have to prepare a routine for the following day. They’ll be working through the night. Unlike what we usually see on here, and unlike what we see during group auditions on American Idol, we don’t get to see the agony of these people working through the night. We don’t get to see the fights and challenges. I kind of miss that.

It’s 7:00 AM on Day 3, and everyone is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Russell’s group is up first. He’s up with four contemporary dancers, Paula Von Offen, Pauline Mata, Jacob Carr, and Jackie Ford. The groups picked their music last night randomly, and this group picked Broadway. They were confident after just an hour and called themselves done at 11 PM. They do a really cute routine. Nigel calls it very good, inventive, and creative, with really good throughts behind it. No one has anything negtive to say, just love, and they all make it through.

Mollee ended up going to the hospital with her foot injury, and the group she was put in has an added challenge, as they have to choreograph and practice without her. They don’t know if she’s coming back or not. Yet, two hours into rehearsal, Mollee comes back with a really bad sprain. She’s supposed to stay off it, but she’s going to go full out anyway. The group brings her up to speed. It’s a routine where they sit in chairs, and she never gets to get out of hers, as the group doesn’t want her to get any more injured. They start over to give her more to do. They rehearse all night

Mollee’s group is up last. They work her hurt ankle into it. She’s dancing on her ankle, but not really, and it’s clear it’s bothering her and they’re doing the routine around her. They have the guys behind her “injured” as well. And it’s just weird, like a an ER dance. Mia thinks it’s stupid and dumb, and Nigel feels they hid behind their characters inestead of dancing. He liked the improvisation of hiding Mollee’s ankle, and while it was clever, they cheated it. They all get through, though, somehow, something of which I don’t really understand.

It’s now time for Mia’s contemporary round, and all the dancers are dreading it. Mia has them connect spiritually first, then they get moving. Paula says she loves this so much. Hmm. We’ll see if they feel the same after they’re judged.


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