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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 13 – Is Chinese Take-Out Fine Dining?

Dave tells Robert to make sure that he adds plenty of mushrooms to the risotto. Robert informs him that they are running out of mushrooms, so Dave tells him to go very light on mushrooms in the mushroom risotto. Chef Ramsay notices right away it doesn’t look like the same dish. Dave covers his butt blaming Robert when Chef Ramsay asks what is going on. Dave says he would have never served them. Robert feels Dave has crossed the line and has decided to have a little fun at Dave’s expense now.

Kevin’s diners are returning his Risotto, undercooked. He took Amanda off the fish station to get scallops out, and now he is going to have to take her off of the appetizer station to get out the Risotto. At what point do you throw her out of the kitchen? Van goes back over to appetizers. The guy came back to look good, and so far tonight, I think he is the star of the show. He’s got the momentum now. Dave is already on entrees. Ariel sends up overcooked venison and needs to re-cook.

Okay, I have loved Kevin this entire season, but for the life of me, I don’t understand. The order comes in from the Araxi Chef; he has Amanda back there cooking the meat. This makes absolutely no sense. She cannot remember if the order is medium rare or medium well. Of course, she cooks it wrong, and he is surprised. She then sets the pan on fire. I want to hear him scream get out!

Kevin grabs control of his temper and changes the entire tempo of the red kitchen. They have two orders going in order to catch up with blue team. Over on the blue team they are falling apart. Ariel is not cooking the meat properly, and a salmon is sent back to the kitchen raw.

Both teams are now neck and neck. Kevin’s kitchen rallied to catch up to blue and finished strong. He compares the stress to when his wife gave birth. Kevin is pacing back and forth. Dave is worried he didn’t have the same performance as Kevin, but knows he can hold his head high whatever the outcome may be. He is smoking the stress cigarette now. He did much better at the pass this time than when it was final three, as he wasn’t a raging maniac.

Chef Ramsay calls them up to the doors after reading the comment cards and recalling the evening’s failures and triumphs. He is proud of both of them and tells them that judging from comment cards, it is the closest season ever. He believes they are both winners but he has made a decision. It is finally time to step up to the doors.

Dave walks out the winner of Hell’s Kitchen, and I am disappointed. I can’t help but wonder if the outcome might have been different if Dave didn’t hurt his arm. Chef Ramsay was very impressed with Dave’s ability to work through the pain. I know he is a great chef and am amazed he put the use of his wrist in jeopardy time and time again for Hell’s Kitchen. I just personally thought higher of Kevin and think from menu to management he did a better job. Yet, in a restaurant/bar in an outdoor tourist environment, maybe simple hearty food is the right fit.

Since Gordon Ramsay is not the owner of this restaurant, maybe he has a special place for Kevin in mind. If not, Connecticut is one of those great places to raise a family. I wish them both well. Congratulations to Suzanne, because you know if she had made any mistakes they would have been showcased. She must have had a good service.

Thank you all for following me this season I hope I was helpful if you missed an episode and maybe occasionally put a smile on your face.

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