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Hell's Kitchen, Oct. 13 – Is Chinese Take-Out Fine Dining?

The next morning they are up and dressed at 5:48 in the morning. They are making their menus now for service this evening. Dave believes simple is best and unpretentious. Kevin will work with Heather and Dave will be with Scott. They go outside to greet a delivery truck of special ingredients; it seems pretty obvious what is in the truck. It’s their former team members.

I was hoping to see Tennille, but she isn’t there. The women are represented with Sabrina, Amanda, Ariel, and of course Suzanne. They men returning are Robert and Van. What, no Louie?

Dave chooses first and picks Ariel, and I’m surprised. Kevin picks Van, who is looking for redemption and looks well rested. Dave’s next pick is Robert; again I am surprised. Kevin chooses Amanda, because he remembers her being strong on fish. Doesn’t Van work in a seafood restaurant? Dave picks Suzanne, leaving Sabrina for Kevin. Kevin has to be breathing a sigh of relief as he couldn’t stand Suzanne. I think I would have left her for Kevin, if for no other reason than to screw up his game a little.

The teams go back to the dorms for changing and menu review. They go to the kitchen to start prepping. Dave’s team is having a much easier prep time due to the classic nature of his menu. The same can’t be said for Kevin; he said he was going to go big.

Ah, I missed Robert and his commentary. I think he could be Tennille’s Captain in a great food show. They both have such a dry sense of humor. He gives Dave props for the simplicity of his dishes, but adds that each of Kevin’s dishes could be on the cover of a magazine. He states that he doesn’t even care what it is, he just wants to eat it.

Each menu consists of three entrees, appetizers and desserts. Kevin’s menu features a Caramelized Scallop appetizer. He also does a Coffee-Cured Beef Tenderloin. This I don’t understand. That was the same dish, with a meat change, that had Chef Ramsay so upset the first episode of the season. He also has featured a Trio of Crème Brule. Robert is right; the dishes look amazing. Chef Ramsay says that his food looks brilliant, but notes that there is a lot to execute.

Dave’s menu features a Wild Mushroom Risotto. I don’t know, one of my girls has stomach flu; this dish is not visually appealing to me. The Roasted Loin of Venison he won the challenge with is an entrée, smart. For dessert he has featured a Dark Chocolate Mousse. Chef Ramsay comments that his menu is simple and pedestrian, but he is in the final of Hell’s Kitchen and needs to explode.

Chef Ramsay comments that for both chefs, it will come down to execution. Kevins will have to pay attention to detail with his artistic dishes becoming too complicated. Dave will have to be careful that his simple, rustic dishes not get too sloppy.

Moments before opening, Chef Ramsay brings Dave and Kevin up and tells them that something is bothering him and not right. He gives them their chefs’ coats. Both guys are very confident. Van believes that the one-armed bandit is going down tonight.

Each kitchen will serve 13 tables with 50 diners. Also eating at Hells Kitchen tonight is Chef Warren Geraghty of West, Chef Frank Pabst of Blue Water Café, Chef Thierry Busset of Cin Cin, and Chef James Walt of Araxi Restaurant and Bar, the winners’ future employer.

Kevin’s first appetizers are in; he has Van on hot apps and Amanda on fish. The first dish is a re-fire, because Amanda brings uncooked scallops up. Dave has Robert on Appetizers. Dave seems much calmer tonight.

Dave is flying through his appetizers, while Amanda has Kevin at a standstill. At what point would you say get the heck off the station and put someone else on it? She actually asks how cooked do you want them? Seriously Kevin, move her before you sink! Now they are overcooked.

I have to laugh at the first commercial that Fox has put in, Super Freak by Rick James, I visualize Kevin singing it about Amanda. He picked her, he is keeping her on the station, so I guess she can get super freaky with the cooking of the scallops. Now she has the pan on fire. Finally, he switches Van on to the station.