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Project Runway, Oct. 8 – Something New, Something Borrowed.

Gordana tells the judges that she used the lining of her wedding dress. She wanted to represent both herself and her client. Michael says her look is edgy, flattering, and chic. Zanna and Tamara agree. Annie, the client, says Gordana really listened to her. Gordana is thrilled that she’s so happy.

Christopher wanted to make Beverly a chic party outfit. Tamara thinks the organza he used is pretty, but too crumpled and voluminous. Michael thinks the dress looks like tinfoil, and Zanna calls it a “space bubble dress.”

Epperson explains he had to change outfits midway, and Heidi scolds him, saying she’d thought she’d made the challenge very clear. She also thinks Epperson’s outfit looks like an Oktoberfest costume, while Zanna thinks it looks like a “pirate wench” costume. I’m thinking Epperson’s in trouble here, as it’s usually not good if the judges think your outfit looks like a costume, if the challenge doesn’t involve making one. Michael adds that the dress does not make her look longer or leaner, and all the judges agree that if Melissa wore that dress on a first date, the guy would leave.

Shirin tells the judges she couldn’t create the Cher dress that Charlie wanted, but that she wanted to avoid sending down a plain white dress. Therefore, she used stitching to create a pattern and put a feather in Charlie’s hair. Charlie says the dress is beautiful, but safe. Tamara thinks the dress looks fantastic. Michael loves a girl who loves Cher, but admires Shirin’s restraint.

Logan tells the judges that his client wanted pants, and Heidi thinks his outfit, like Epperson’s, smacks of Oktoberfest. Logan’s client says she likes it. Zanna thinks it was poorly executed, while Michael notes the unflattering neckline and bad hem. Tamara says Logan could have coaxed his client into something that looked better.

Irina says that only the lining for her dress is new material, while the lace came from the original wedding dress. Zanna and Heidi are impressed. Tamara thinks it looks expensive, chic, and age appropriate.

The judges then deliberate. Tamara thinks that Shirin’s dress is cute and chic, while Michael loves the stitching. Gordana’s dress is both elegant and edgy. Heidi appreciates the work that Irina did with the lace on her dress, which Michael calls sleek and professional.

Onto the designers they didn’t like. Michael thinks Epperson didn’t understand the challenge, and Zanna thinks his outfit is poorly proportioned. The judges consider Logan’s trousers ugly and his vest matronly. They agree that a “lot went wrong” with his look. Christopher’s dress is a “metallic garbage bag tied in the middle” and would land the woman wearing it on a “worst-dressed list.”

The judges then call everybody back in and announce their decision. Shirin is in, and Gordana is the winner. Irina and Christopher are both in. (Really? I thought Christopher’s look was horrible.) Epperson and Logan are in the bottom two. Both are guilty of having created Oktoberfest outfits. Logan is in, while Epperson is out.

At this writing, Logan and Carol Hannah are the only designers who have not yet won a challenge; the other six remaining designers all have won at least one challenge. Christopher, Logan, and Nicolas are the only guys left standing, while the other five remaining contenders are women.

Next week: The designers have to make an outfit for a Grammy-winning singer.

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