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Project Runway, Oct. 8 – Something New, Something Borrowed.

Shirin’s client wanted a dress with peacock feathers. Tim isn’t sure about the peacock feathers or Cher headdress – and both Christopher and Nicolas find this hilarious. Tim encourages Shirin to not lose herself in her design and reminds her that Charlie is not the one who risks going home. He also tells Shirin that the feathers don’t look as if they were truly integrated into the dress. He suggests that she look at the trim she bought, but she’s too upset to even think about this. In fact, she’s in tears, which she admits is a bad sign. Tim advises her to clear up the workroom and “play” with the dress and trim. “You need to be liberated from this,” he says, which is likely Tim-speak for she needs a fresh approach.

As Tim leaves, he reminds everybody that the wedding dress has to be the core of the outfit. Shirin says she feels stuck and helpless, but vows to “make it work.” Epperson realizes that he misunderstood the instructions, and thus has to start over. Logan is also considering starting over, but Carol Hannah warns him that it’s too late. Shrin starts experimenting with thread.

Tim sends in the clients for their fitting. Epperson show his client his new sketch, and he tells her that he’s determined to do something great for her. Charlie is not impressed with Shirin’s progress and wonders what she has been doing all day. Shirin is determined to make a dress that won’t get her sent home.

The next day, we see Carol Hannah putting on mascara. Gordana is sad that she couldn’t talk to her children, but is determined to win. Christopher loves his design, but fears his client might not understand it. Logan tells us that he has a lot to do. Shirin is stitching black embroidery into her dress. Epperson is not confident about his design.

Tim sends in the clients. Melissa tells Epperson that her outfit is just her style, to his enormous relief. Althea’s client is in tears, while Gordana’s client is extremely happy with her new look. Shirin says she did everything she could, but Charlie is dubious. Christopher’s client fears she’ll look like a “bad grandmother,” and Christopher assures her that, “You are the hotness.”

Nicolas puts his outfit on his client Stephanie and thinks it looks hideous. She, on the other hand, is delighted with it, and says she wants to have his child. We’re told that the models all taught the clients how to walk on a runway. Stephanie jokes that the way to walk like a runway model is to walk as if you’re both pissed off and convinced that you’re better than everybody else.

Shirin says if she does go home, it won’t be because she gave up. Epperson thinks Melissa looks beautiful, while Logan is still trying to pull everything together. He thinks his look is a disaster, but his client loves it. Irina thinks his pants look awful. Logan thinks he listened to his client too much and is hoping to just get through it.

On the runway, Heidi introduces the judges, Michael Kors; Zanna Roberts, a Marie Claire editor who is filling in for Nina; and Tamara Mellon, the founder of Jimmy Choo, who is the guest judge.

Irina’s client goes first. Irina had dyed the dress gold. It also has lace and a wide belt. Shirin shortened the hem of her wedding dress, and embroidered it with black stitching. She also added a black belt.

Logan made a pair of ill-fitting tweed pants and a sleeveless white top. Carol Hannah converted her wedding dress into a short strapless cocktail dress. She dyed it grey and used the chiffon to create a feathery effect.

Althea made a short, two-toned blue dress. Nicolas made a pair of green pants, a brown shirt, and a white cardigan sweater.

Gordana made a strapless grey dress with raw edges, which she set off with a pair of tall black boots. Christopher made what looks like a black and white print dress overlaid with a wrinkly, metallic sheath of some kind. It’s fine if the client’s on her way to a Star Trek convention, but otherwise, no. Epperson made a white shirt dress with black straps criss-crossing the waist.

Heidi calls Carol Hannah, Nicolas, and Althea. She tells them that they are safe and will go on to the next challenge. The other six designers have the highest and lowest scores between them.