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Project Runway, Oct. 8 – Something New, Something Borrowed.

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to work in teams and craft two looks suitable for Macy’s INC line. Both of the outfits had to be blue. Irina won, and Louise was sent home.

The next morning, Carol Hannah misses Louise. Irina tells us the other designers don’t like the fact that she’s won twice. (Of course not; that makes her the front runner at this point, as she’s the only designer to have done so.) Logan thinks Irina has a sophisticated taste that appeals to the judges and that she thinks she’s better than the rest of them. Yes, Irina has an attitude – but it’s starting to look as if she can back it up with talent and skill. Christopher fears being put in the bottom again, as another trip there could send him home. He vows to be “extra creative.”

On the runway, Heidi introduces the designers to their new models/clients: a group of women all wearing wedding dresses. Heidi tells the designers that these women are all divorced and want their wedding dresses reworked into “hip, cool looks that they can wear in the next chapter of their lives.” Hmm, this sounds a bit like the challenge in one of the previous seasons in which the designers were making outfits for women who’d all lost over fifty pounds. In that one, they had to convert a “before” look into an “after” look.

As the previous challenge’s winner, Irina gets first pick of the clients. One by one, the designers all make their selections, and a pattern quickly becomes obvious: the women wearing the fanciest, most voluminous dresses are snapped up first. The dresses made from the most fabric provide the designers with the most options and the most wiggle room. Shirin is last and gets stuck with Charlie, who is wearing a short, plain white dress.

After choosing their clients, the designers start sketching. Irina tells us that she has about “five tons” of synthetic fabric to work with. Shirin, by contrast, has two yards of polyester – which she can’t dye, so she has to leave it white.

Tim fills the designers in on the details: The winner gets immunity, and this will be the last immunity of the season. That fits with the pattern of previous seasons, in which the judges stop awarding immunity at around the halfway point. This will also be a one-day challenge

The designers meet with their clients. Gordana says she wants to represent herself as a designer while still pleasing her client, Annie, who wants a punker look. Shirin’s client, Charlie, wants something “superfly, funky.” Melissa wants Epperson to make her something that will show off her figure. Stephanie wants Nicolas to make something “cruelty free,” as in no fur, leather, or other animal products. Shirin’s client, Charlie, wants a Cher-type outfit, complete with peacock feathers. Shirin says there is no way she’s doing that.

The designers have fifteen minutes to shop at Mood, and they are allowed to buy no more than two yards of fabric. They have a budget of $25. The bulk of their look must come from the wedding dress. Shirin, despite her earlier protestations, is indeed buying peacock feathers. Epperson says that they just buy what they can and then figure out how to make it work. Logan notes that the two-yard limit on bought fabric means they will have to use as much of the wedding dress as possible. He’s buying a lot of tweed.

Carol Hannah used to make wedding dresses and feels rather odd about cutting one up, rather than making one. She doesn’t feel as odd as Gordana, who actually becomes teary. Gordana is divorced and misses her children, who are presumably staying with her ex. She takes time out to try to call her kids and ends up leaving a message as they aren’t home. She’s embarrassed by her own emotions and thinks seeing all those wedding dresses triggered something.

Epperson plans to use as little of the wedding dress as possible. Oh, Epperson, weren’t you listening? You’re supposed to use the wedding dress! Some of the other designers have decided to dye their dresses, so they can offer something besides a plain white outfit. Shirin hates what her dress looks like, but is stuck on what to do.

Tim comes in for his rounds, and starts with Christopher, whose design worries him. Christopher explains that he’s going to layer the chiffon of the wedding dress over a little black dress. He adds that his client wants a short skirt, but Tim is afraid she will look “like a cougar.” Given that a cougar is a middle-aged woman who likes younger men, Tim may be suggesting that Christopher’s look will be too overtly sexy. Irina has dyed the acetate from her dress gray, and Tim loves the color.

Epperson explains that he plans to use as little of the wedding dress as possible, and Tim scolds him for not following the instructions, which specified that the wedding dress had to make up the bulk of the new outfit.. Tim also thinks his look resembles a lab coat, which is good only if your client is a scientist.

Logan is making a pantsuit, which he describes as a “play on a tuxedo”. Tim thinks he’s not using enough of the wedding dress and too much tweed. Logan explains that his client doesn’t like dresses or showing her legs. Tim sighs, “Logan, just figure this out.” Gordana has also dyed her dress, and is now making a cocktail dress. Tim advises her to think positive and to take the look as far as she can.