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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 7 – Blowing Season 5 Out of the Water

Russell and Iveta take the stage, and I think he’s doing surprisngly well. Both he and Iveta make it. Adam even gives them a standing ovation, saying it was the most unexpected thing he has ever seen. Nigel figures the world champion Iveta slapped him around a little. He hopes she does that to a lot of other dancers there.

Billy has been practicing in the aisles with his partner, yet he hasn’t done it with the music yet. He’s hoping for the best. They’re up, along with b-boy Jonathan “Legacy” Perez, 27, of Studio City California, and his partner. He was feeling good before, channeling his Latin roots, but is now finding the cha cha harder than he thought it would be. He wants to be different, but in this case has to become one with everybody. Legacy is told it wasn’t good and that it’s killing them. Mary says they love his solo, but he didn’t bring it with personality. They’re going to ask him to fight for his life. Billy and his partner get through. John Litzler, 18, of Loveland, Ohio is also told it wasn’t strong enough. He’ll be fighting for his life as well.

Ryan is in the final group, and really needs to bring it after splitting the judges three and three yesterday in hop hop. He says talking to Evan last night calmed him down a little bit. The judges deliberate and ask Ryan to step forward. His solo is always outstanding, and as long as the show is around, they’ll be talking about his solo. Today was frightening, with no relaxation down into the hips, and he looked like he was going to mug his partner. Ryan is out for season 6. He’s done. He says he never expected to automatically make it through, he had to deliver, and now he’s going home. He calls Evan to tell him. Well, it’s one tapper that didn’t make it. What about the others?

John is up first with his solo to dance for his life. He says he normally doesn’t get nervous during solos, but he’s nervous. He’s definitely fighting for his life, throwing in all the acrobatics he can muster. However, Nigel tells him the way his face was during that was like the lights were on, but no one was home. There were no enotions whatsoever. Based on that, it’s a no for him. Mary wants to give him another opportunity, and so does Adam. Debbie feels there are other young men stronger than him and says no. Mia says no as well. It’s up to Tyce, and he says if he’s dancing for his life he needs to look like it’s the last time he’s going to dance. So for him it’s a no as well. John heads home.

Legacy is letting the pressure get to him, yet thinks if he puts his energy into this 100%, it’s going to come out okay. He takes the stage and does some great moves. He seems to have a little more fight in him. Nigel calls him fantastic and says the only reason he’s standing here now is because he’s great as a B-Boy, but he needs to dance on his feet too. It’s a yes for him. Tyce also votes yes, and Mia says something unmetntionalble on TV, but does say it annoys her that he stops too much. It’s a yes for her. Debbie wishes him luck and also votes yes, and Adam wants him to work on transition and says yes. He’s obviously through.

Teddy is one of the sad casualties, as is Skip. Next week, it looks like they need to do Tyce’s and Mia’s choreography. It ain’t going to get any easier. Yet, Mia is guaranteeing us that season six is going to blow season five out of the water. That’s something I can’t wait to see.

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