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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 7 – Blowing Season 5 Out of the Water

Okay, I know I’ve been harping on this forever, but … finally! These auditions have just dragged. It’ll be great to see the people that made it back on that first show. Remember Ryan, Evan’s brother? Yeah, it was awhile ago, wasn’t it? What about the other two tap dancers that were on that night? They’re about all I really remember throughout the auditions other than the fun guy in the golf pants and bow tie. I sure hope he makes it.

On Day 1 of Las Vegas Week, we welcome our judges Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy, and Nigel Lythgoe. Oh, look Nigel got a haircut! Each dancer takes the stage alone, because I guess we’re not the only ones that need reminding who and what they’re all about.

Up first is Nathan Trasoras, 18, of Downey, California, but it’s been even longer since we saw him. He originally auditioned for season 5, yet he was only 17 years old, so he was given a ticket for Vegas for this season, when he’d be 18. Today he tells Cat Deeley he was frustrated to have to wait, yet excited, because he had time to work on what he needed to. He seems just as impressive. He’s very unique. There’s no formal feedback for this round, but we do see Debbie tell the others, “Amazing.” Nathan’s still worried, though, as he knows there are a lot of other talented dancers.

Up next is the very comedic Ellenore Scott, 19, of Brooklyn. She does a really funny comedic thing she put together. Debbie says twice, “I love her.” This girl has mad talent and gets a standing ovation from the whole theatre.

After the first ten soloists compete, they’re brought back up onstage and told they need three yeses from the six judges to move forward. Chance and Paige are cut, Chance very cruelly with six noes. Making it through are Nathan, Ellenore, ballroom dancer Iveta Lukosiute, B-boy Justin Kelly, and four others.

Many more dancers make it in ensuing groups of ten that we don’t get to see, but we do see Shelby “Skip” Skipper, 20, of Laplace, Louisiana with his unique style of bounce. He gets all six judges bouncing right along with him. Allison Beck, 21, of Keller, Texas is the dancer who is hearing-impaired. We remember her. Thomas Hamilton, 20, of Scottdale, Georgia gets an “Oh yea” from me. He was looking to improve his life and just wanted to get out of where he was. For him to be here with all these fabulous dancers he calls amazing. However, both are cut. Thomas explains the reason he was climbing on the equipment was he forgot his solo, and it appears that’s what got him cut.

The last two contestants are about to take the stage after a long day of everyone taking the stage for their solos. These two contestants are the same sex ballroom dancers, Jacob Jason and Willem de Vries, both 29, and both of West Hollywood, California. We hear Adam whisper that the tall guy (Willem) is great, but not so much the other. Willem doesn’t even know where Jacob is after he’s cut. He tells Jacob via the camera that they did it, they got there, and he’s proud of him.

At the end of the solo round, Nigel addresses everyone and tells them 25% of them were cut, 41 people, with 111 left. Hip hop is the first genre for choreography. We see Ryan Kasprzak, 29, of Astoria, New York, who’s trying to pull off the hip hop look, and we also see Teddy Tedholm, 18, of Rockaway, New Jersey, aka the guy in the golf pants and bow tie. He’s asking some of the girls if he looks ghetto. Not so much. Tabitha and Napoleon D’Umo take him and the others through their hip hop routine. Teddy calls himself a gangster through and through.

One of the best B-boys they saw on the tour, Jean Lloret, 22, Brockton, Massachusetts, shouldn’t have any problem with this. Yet, he’s nervous about picking up the choreography. Teddy’s group is up first to show the judges what they’ve got. Nigel stops the music after a few seconds, then asks what they’re all doing standing there. They’re through to the next round. Jean is up in the next group. It’s obvious that choreography is a little difficult for him, and he’s sent home. Nigel tells him it’s a shame, as what he does is just incredible. He promises to practice and not give up.

Ryan’s grup is now up. He says watcing his brother on the show last summer just made him want it for himself that much more. The hip hop doesn’t go the best, and Tyce says he wants to give him one more shot, but if he doesn’t make it then he’s done. Nigel asks Ryan to come up and says they’re split three and three, and while it keeps him here in the running, it just wasn’t good enough. Nigel wonders if Ryan didn’t maybe spend too much time in the studio with them and not enough time working. Ryan is relieved to still be there as hip hop is his worst thing.

On Day 2, the dancers get ready to work on the cha cha. Helping them today is Louis Von Amstel. He asks if they’re ready to move fast, saying this one is faster than lightening. Somehow Billy Bell, 19, of Loxahatchee, Florida, takes an elbow to the face and gets a bloody nose. He can’t come back onstage until the bleeding stops. He’s missing critical practice time. Krumper Russell Ferguson is surprisingly comfortable. He just keeps resolving to do his thing and put Boston on the map. He’s working with Iveta Lukosiute, 29, of Woodside, New York, and that hould help muchly. Billy’s nose has finally stopped bleeding, but he’s missed so much of the practice time.


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