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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 6 – Bad Luck, Burlesque, and Bloody Toes

Day 2 starts off with Pascal Nayigiziki, 25, of Chattanooga, Tennessee, who admits he’s pretty crazy. He knows you can’t do the same stuff every day and expect to captivate a crowd. He lets the song tell him what to do, whether it’s an angry woman saying please don’t leave me or Michael Jackson. I refuse to take the easy joke, as I have respect for the dead. He starts off crawling on the floor, then does some hopping and flopping around, and rips his shirt off at one point. Mary and Nigel try to join in in their seats. Mary says she can’t stop, then says the demons have been exorcised.

Nigel isn’t sure what the style is, saying it started off like bad food poisoning, then went to getting bitten by a tsi tsi fly. It just started shaking all over, and he knows he was carried away with the music, but there wasn’t any dancing going on. Pascal says he’s a better dancer with some wind and a few more weeks of exercise, then he’s liable to do some crazy stuff. But Mary thinks she already saw some crazy stuff, as he’s basically running around having a canniption fit. She asks where he trains, and he ask where hasn’t he trained. He wants them to know he’s a good investment, and Mary wants him to know he didn’t show them anything to put the money into. Mary asks where you go form here, and he of course replies Vegas. Unfortunately, he’ll have to find his own way there.

Ashleigh & Ryan Di Lello, 26 and 28, of Orem, Utah, are married and auditioning together. When they first met they were competitors. They look like a really cute couple. He asks how many people you see that have the same exact talent and passion. They do a weird thing at a pause while they dance, as she seems like she’s gong to lick his face. Mia tells Mary she likes him.

Mary tells Ryan she loves the way he leads and portrays the role, as it’s very masculine, and he’s taking care of her all the time. With Ashleigh, it’s a little fake, and she missed a lot of opportunities. It seemed like the chemistry wasn’t real despite the fact they were married. She didn’t feel that magnetism. She votes for choreography. Mia thinks there’s a missing link to the chemistry, and that Ryan is everything. Normally Nigel would be telling Ashleigh she is fantastic, but he agrees with the ladies here, and he found the licking thing to be like a put on. They both move on to the choreography.

Here’s another couple, Leigh Asay, 20, of South Springville, Utah, and Josh Murillo, 22, of Orem, Utah. They’ve only been practicing together for two weeks, so she hopes it goes well. He originally wanted to audition, and she’d done it before and it didn’t go well, so she’s not sure if she wants to put herself through it again, but ultimately decided she wanted to show the judges how she’s improved. I just can’t get past her 80s headband. And with her larger forehead, it’s overly noticeable.

Once they’re finished with their dance, Leigh thinks she lost a toenail, then bends down to look at it and exclaims the whole thing came off. Nigel calls for a medic, but she says it doesn’t hurt and wants to keep going. Mary can’t look, so Leigh moves her foot behind Josh and tells them not to look. A medic comes out anyway, and as they take off her shoe, it starts to hurt. He bandages it up for her and she sits in a chair and waits for the critique, patiently. Mia feels if Leigh can sit through this, she’s amazing.

Josh tells the judges they’ve been dancing together for two weeks, and Nigel tells him it was a good job. Josh is invited back to the choreography, and Nigel tells Leigh they’re in a bit of a mess with her. He asks if she can walk, and she tells him she can do the moonwalk, to which he responds, “Oh dear.” Instead he tells her to walk down there and get a ticket to Vegas. Josh carries her, as Nigel gives her a ticket and a kiss. Meanwhile, Josh packs her in a car to go home, and has to come back in and wait for choreography.

It’s onto the choreography round for Josh, Ashleigh, and Ryan. Josh is up first and Mia tells him they are not going to be asking him to Vegas. It’s kind of unfair, since Leigh got in just on the merit of a lost toenail. Ryan is told it was his style and he should have been exceptional in it … and he was! He gets a ticket. Ashleigh is told it was close to her style, but didn’t feel right in some places. She thought she did the best that she could. So did they. She gets a ticket.

I’m guessing Josh and Leigh’s partnership is now done. He worked with her, she lost her toenail, she went to Las Vegas, and he got stuck behind. Somehow I don’t think she’ll last all that long anyway in Vegas. The good news is we get to find that out tomorrow night. Finally! It’s time for Vegas!

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