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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Oct. 6 – Bad Luck, Burlesque, and Bloody Toes

Yea! It’s almost the end of the auditions! I just want to get a move-on on this. It still doesn’t seem right, as when we’re getting ready to head to Las Vegas with this show, I should be in shorts and enjoying longer days, not a sweatshirt and watching the leaves fall off the trees.

We’re back in Salt Lake City, Utah, for auditions. Tonight our judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Mia Michaels. We’re not wasting any more time. First up is Bryan Boyer, 21, of Sandy, Utah, who says he does a really neat form of power move, flexibility, and blowups., things that don’t look like people should be able to do them without getting hurt. He’s literally bouncing on the ground … on his back. He wants to prove that Utah has something to offer other than jazz. It’s definitely not jazz, I’ll give him that, and he’s right that it looks like someone shouldn’t be able to do it. He’s kind of exciting.

Nigel tell Bryan it’s some good stuff, really strong, and it’s certainly one of the best hip hop routines they’ve seen. Mary agrees and thinks he had great personality with some good spirit. Mia tells Bryan it was an awesome job and there seemed to be no gravity going through his body. He is definitely one of the strongest B-Boys they’ve seen. Everyone agrees to send this guy on to choreography, and while he waits, he works with someone in the hallway on ballroom moves. Smart.

Tristy Mirci, 24, of Las Vegas, Nevada, is hoping for a change of luck. She was in twenty-five car accidents in a matter of three years, always as the passenger. Good grief. She doesn’t know why she had that string of bad luck, but thinks she takes life less for granted now. She wants to be sure she does everything she can. I admire her spirit, but honestly, this looks like the stuff my daughter’s ballet class does. And she is still a couple classes from the top.

Nigel finds the car accident stat incredible. He wonders if they picked on Tristy, and she isn’t sure. He wants to be sure she hasn’t taken any formal training, and she tells him she has danced for three years. He tells her these people she has trained with were taking her money under false pretenses. It will be difficult for her to move on. Mia votes no, and Tristy is done that quickly. Let’s hope she doesn’t drive away in a car.

Hayley Cloud, 19, of Springfield, Missouri, doesn’t want to let an old injury stop her from moving on. She explains she was in the studio rehearsing and doing an acrobatic move and landed in a pike position, and when she stood up, she knew something was really wrong, and ended up with a herniated disc in her back. She started going to acupuncture and therapy, and it did its job. She’s here to prove anything is possible if you put your mind to it. She definitely has some talent, and there doesn’t seem to be any traces of her injury.

Mary tells Hayley “Wow.” She calls her powerful and uninhibited. She loves her confidence and that she knows she’s going to nail it and does, then turns around and can be soft and quiet, and then back again. Mary loves her. Mia wants confirmation that she can do a handstand for five to eight minutes. Hayley goes into a handstand and talks to them while she’s upside down. She only stays there for thirty seconds or so, but it’s clear she could have done it longer. Nigel asks about her injury, and she says it taught her that she can’t live without dancing. He also finds it interesting that she throws the word “competitor” out there instead of “fellow dancers.” It’s a given. She’s going to Vegas.

Megan Kinney, 19, of Annapolis, Maryland, is a cute girl and knows how to sell that. Mary tells her she has a strong body and strong technique and can probably do anything she puts her mind to. Genise Ruidiaz, 20, of Las Vegas, Nevada, is quite flexible, and Nigel says as far as he’s concerned he’s not sure why she’s standing on the stage and not next to him getting a ticket. Megan gets a ticket as well.

Ariana Rowley, 21, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a local burlesque performer, with a stage name of Sateen LaRouge. She’s going to show the judges something they haven’t seen before and hopefully less is more. She’s onstage with a fur coat and a chair, and definitely has talent, but proceeds to go into her strip act. Mary covers up Nigel’s face, but he’s a peeker.

When Ariana’s done, Nigel asks to see it again, and asks Mia if she choreographed it. Mia composes herself and says it was …. it was, and gets tongue-tied. Mary asks where Ariana got her her training and she explains through performing with the local burlesque show. Mary asks if she thought they’d like to see some stripping today, and Ariana confirms yes, but PG, maybe PG-13. Nigel, of course, thought it was absolutely fantastic. He says he watches all forms of dancing. Mia found it weak and trashy, yet would like to see her in choreography. Mary would not like to, but is of course outvoted by Nigel.

Ballroom dancer Iveta Lukosiute, 29, of Woodside, New York, is originally from Lithuania, and was under Soviet Union control, but somehow found her way to the United States. She finds this a special country with money growing on trees. I have yet to find those trees. Maybe I need to go to Salt Lake City or Woodside. She’s quite sparkly and dresses like Edyta Sliwinska from Dancing With the Stars. She does leg moves like Edyta as well.

Nigel tells Iveta he doesn’t use this word often, but it’s a great word and it suits her perfectly, vivacious. She looks fantastic, dances brilliantly, and he doesn’t think he’s enjoyed seeing a couple dance so much since they saw Pasha and Anya. She came looking sensational and was stunning. Mary figures season 6 is certainly shaping up. She finds Iveta exquisite and starts to lose her composure as she says it doesn’t get any better for her … then throws her notepad up in front of her face. Mia takes over and says she loves when someone gets so overwhelmed by talent, as it’s magical, and Iveta is magical. It would be a privilege to have her on the show. She gets a ticket to the show.

In the choreography round, we have Bryan and Arian doing Pasha and Anya’s choreography. I wonder if their ears were burning when Nigel was mentioning them before. Bryan quits before he barely gets started, saying the choreography was screwing him up, but he’s going to get some lessons and come back. It doesn’t go any better for Ariana. Mia tells her to keep training and keep working, and they’ll see her again. She thinks if she had a few more moments to learn it, she would have gotten it.


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