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Hell’s Kitchen, Oct. 7 – I Won’t Prolong Your Agony

Tennille is fitting in just fine with her bubbly and 18k gold facial. She looks great at the end of the day.

The losers are busy at work cleaning the dining room. I don’t know where they found these kids, but they certainly are a bad reflection on their parents. There is gum, and lots of it, stuck underneath the tables that needs to be scraped off; disgusting. Dave is pocketing all the uneaten treats on the floor.

Tennille is greeted by a pleasantly surprised Chef Ramsay at Nobu in LA. They are in for a fantastic lunch of hand-rolled signature sushi dishes. Nobu Matsuhisa, chef and owner, will personally be making their lunch. Tennille is fitting in just fine. She is also presented with hand-crafted sushi knives. She gets back into the kitchen only half an hour before doors reopen. Good luck finding anyone to help out.

Chef Ramsay gives the chefs a pep-talk before opening the doors informing them that he is looking for passion on the plate. Kevin is on the appetizer station and starts off with a bang. Tennille unfortunately messes up on some scallops. She goes from rubbery to perfect which has Chef Ramsay baffled. They get all the appetizers served within the first half hour.

Dave is on meat station and is charging ahead with the first entrée order. Right before he brings lamb up to the window he puts something in the oven and doubles over in pain. He walks out of the kitchen in horrible pain, saying nothing to anyone.

The pain goes from wrist to elbow to ear when he put a full frying pan of meat down into the oven, using his bad hand. He feels like he is going to pass out. Chef Ramsay insists that he see a medic. Dave refuses to stop.

Tennille again serves imperfect fish and stops the entrées from leaving completely. She again brings fish raw to the pass. She has just shut down. She calls out two minutes, and then changes it to six minutes. Chef Ramsay calls her to the back room and slams the door. He begs her to get it together. She follows through with perfection and they finish the service.

Chef Ramsay is concerned that Dave can not finish this competition. Dave begs not to be sent home. Chef Ramsay turns to Tennille and tells her directly she had a bad service.

He decides that there is no need to have nominations and doesn’t want to prolong the stress and agony associated with eliminations. Chef Ramsay asks for Tennille’s jacket. He tells her that she has heart and is a fighter, but needs to leave Hell’s Kitchen. She starts to cry and everyone gives her a hug. Oh gag me, you all did nothing but hate on her. You can tell Chef Ramsay is proud of her fight.

It is the right choice for final three. Dave is lucky that Tennille had a bad service. Final three go back to celebrate with what else? Beer, but hey, where are the cigarettes? Chef Ramsay calls up to the dorm and tells them to quickly head back downstairs for unfinished business.

When they are lined back up in the dining room Chef Ramsay informs them that he can’t help but wonder if he has made the right decision by keeping Dave. After torturing him for a little bit he says yes and brings out Dave’s fiancé and sister, followed by Ariel’s fiancé and mother, and Kevin’s wife and son.

Lots of tears and happiness flow freely, and then its time to say goodbye, energized by loved ones. The next service is their last and their chance to run the pass.

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