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The Amazing Race 15, Oct. 4 – Doing It For Dad

The season premiere last week of The Amazing Race was really fun and exciting. The big question, of course, is if they’ll be able to keep that momentum up this week, especially since their preview for today of a broken giraffe and smashing electronics isn’t all that exciting.

While the teams are on their pit stop, the boat picks up anchor and takes them to Mito, Vietnam, a destination kept secret from them. Gary and Matt are the first to leave their floating pit stop at 5:45 AM. Their clue tells them to make their way via taxi to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. There they’ll search for the Golden Dragon Water Puppet Theatre where their next clue must be grabbed from the mouth of a dragon puppet. They can’t decide which way to go, as Gary finds it hard to trust Matt’s decisions as a parent, and son has a hard time with Dad always being the parental figure in charge.

Sam and Dan leave ten minutes later at 5:55 AM. They’re two years apart and both gay, and complete opposites with Dan being impatient, and Sam as the older brother, more spontaneous and go with the flow. Flight Time and Big Easy leave one minute after that, with Big Easy saying he lost his dad just two days before the Race, and he’d been a big inspiration to him. Big Easy grew up in the projects in New Orleans, and his dad told him no matter where you come from, no mater who you are, you can do anything you want in life. The last thing father said to son was the “win the damn Race,” so that’s what he’s going to do.

Lance and Keri leave at 5:57 AM, and he says the race is a lot harder than they thought it would be. It’s survival of the fittest. Yet they’re a team built for this kind of stuff, and the truth of the matter is they’re the lions and some of the other teams are packs of gazelles. They’re going to take them down. He thinks they’re headed to Ho Chi Minh City, but they’re already there. Zev and Justin leave at 6:04 AM, Meghan and Cheyne leave at 6:10 AM, and Maria and Tiffany leave one minute after that.

Mike and Canaan leave at 6:14 AM; Marcy and Ron leave at 6:15 AM. Marcy says being in Vietnam is emotional for her, because her father was shot down in ’68, then rescued. After surviving and being shot at, she isn’t sure how he did it other than sheer will and determination, and she’s always thought she was made of the same fibers. Brian and Ericka are the last to depart at 6:29 AM.

Some of the teams are surprised to learn their cab ride will be two hours long, and Lance says this is like being dropped off at Planet Mars, as they don’t know where they were dropped off at. How many times does he need to be told they’re in Ho Chi Minh City? Marcy again talks about being in Vietnam, saying the people are beautiful, they wave and smile. She feels it really makes a person get emotional about all the people that died here.

Flight Time and Big Easy are the first to arrive at the puppet theatre, and Big Easy tries his hand at grabbing a clue from the puppet’s mouth. The dragons dart quickly, making it hard, but he gets it fairly quickly. Inside their clue is a postage stamp with a picture of a building. They have to find out it’s the post office. The basketball players get outside and ask right away and are told it’s the post office and head out. Gary and Matt are the next in the puppet theatre and also get the info fairly quickly, then ask outside what building is on the postage stamp. Zev and Justin get the post office clue next.

Fight Time and Big Easy find the post office and the next clue, a Detour – Child Play or Word Play. In Child Play, teams will make their way to a children’s playground and find a concrete animal and transport it to a park, picking up five balloons from vendors along the way, then deliver the balloons and the animal. In Word Play, teams will head to a hotel and find the observation deck, then identify six Vietnamese letters moving with the congested traffic. Once they show the security guard they have the correct letters, then they’ll need to get help from locals to unscramble it to spell out Doclap, the Vietnamese word for Independence.

The basketball players decide on Child’s Play, because they know they’re strong physically. Matt and Gary are on their way to the post office and decide to take a cab because of the distance. Matt says he decided to finally listen to his dad. Always a good thing. Flight Time and Big Easy pick up their concrete animal and start getting balloons. They find it’s not so easy to cross with all this stuff in the middle of traffic.

Meghan and Cheyne reach the puppet theatre, and he sneaks in and gets the postage stamp right away. Maria and Tiffany, and Sam and Dan arrive at the theater, along with Lance and Keri. Tiffany tries sweet talking the dragon, but it doesn’t help. Sam and Dan get the clue first, followed by Maria and Tiffany, Marcy and Ron, and Lance and Keri. Maria and Tiffany find out the stamp shows the post office, and everyone takes off for the post office, except for Lance and Keri who don’t realize they have to open up the bullet-shaped case to get the clue. He keeps trying to give it to the guy at the theater to trade for the clue, and I think he thinks they’re nuts. They finally figure out they need to open up the case.

Mika and Canaan arrive at the theatre and I think they’re even more clueless than Lance and Keri. They try dancing for the puppets to get the clue. When it doesn’t work for her, he tries it. Brian and Ericka are stuck in gridlock traffic at rush hour. The basketball players are still working on picking up their balloons, and pass a girl who looks to be hula hooping without a hula hoop and tell her, “Work it, Girl.”

Zev and Justin reach the Detour and decide on Child’s Play, because they don’t know Vietnamese. Gary and Matt, and Meghan and Cheyne arrive and decide the same. Gary and Matt go to jump into a cab, but Meghan and Cheyne cut them off, saying it’s their taxi, as they paid him to wait. Father and son find one immediately after anyway. Mary and Ron arrive and decide to do Word Play, because Marcy is good with words. Zev and Justin’s cab driver doesn’t know where to go, so they get a local to ride with them and tell him where to go.

Flight Time and Big Easy have four balloons and need just one more. Maria/Tiffany and Sam/Dan arrive at the Detour and all decide to do Child’s Play. Mika and Canaan have somehow figured out they need to just grab the clue, not dance for the dragons. Brian and Ericka make a leaping grab for the clue and get it quickly, which is good, because they’re in last place.


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