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Project Runway, Oct. 1 – Even Designers Get the Blues

Heidi then calls Althea and Logan. They have made it to the next round and are safe. The other designers have the highest and lowest scores between them. The low scorers are Team Louise and Team Christopher. The high scorers are Team Irina and Team Carol Hannah.

The judges decide to talk to the high scorers first and start with Carol Hannah, who tells them that her first outfit can go from day to night. The second outfit is a weekend look. Martine thinks they interpreted the INC brand well, and both Heidi and Michael like the tunic.

Irina and Gordana are next, and they had wanted a business look and a weekend look. Gordana says that working together was a challenge, but she is happy with the results. Irina thinks Gordana should have taken more initiative. Heidi loves the sundress, as do Zanna and Martine. Heidi also likes Gordana’s top, and Michael admires the stripes on the dress.

The judges then turn to the lowest-scoring designers and start with Louise, who tells them she’d wanted to make two versatile pieces. The second dress could work as office wear or an evening dress, while the other would be a party dress. Heidi is not convinced, and asks, “Who wears this today?” She shares Nicolas’ dislike of ruffles. Martine, however, does like ruffles, yet says that these ruffles were not well-done. Zanna says the party dress would make her leave Macy’s, while Michael thinks it looks like a “bridesmaid dress with a shower loofa on the front.” Ouch. Nicolas tells the judges that he doesn’t like ruffles, but he was trying to help Louise achieve her vision. Heidi tells him that he’s lucky to have immunity. Ouch again.

Christopher had wanted to use simple silhouettes and update them. Heidi doesn’t think the dresses look modern and hates the high neckline of the tunic. Michael thinks the shirtdress looks like a 1979 librarian, while the other is a “tunic puddle.” “Did you really think they went together?” Michael asks, as Christopher wipes away tears. Michael answers his own question, “They don’t.” Christopher is too upset to speak, and Epperson explains that they had grabbed fabrics separately, and then came together. Zanna doesn’t like the fabric, and Martine doesn’t like the shiny shirt dress. Christopher is in tears.

The judges then deliberate. Michael finds Team Louise’s ruffled dresses completely unappealing and Heidi calls them unwearable. Zanna thinks Louise and Nicolas lost track of the customer and the store. Michael notes that Team Christopher’s outfits don’t go together at all, and Heidi can’t decide which one is worse, “the pumpkin disco ball or the shower curtain nightie.” Ouch. That’s harsh.

On the other hand, the judges love Team Irina’s striped dress, which they think would stand out at Macy’s. Team Carol Hannah had created chic, wearable clothes. Martine says their looks would sell.

The judges then call everybody back in and announce their decision. Shirin is in. Irina is the winner and she’s thrilled. She says it feels good to have won twice. Gordana and Carol Hannah are also in. Epperson is in, and so is Nicolas, who, Heidi says, is lucky to have had immunity. Louise and Christopher are in the bottom two. Louise is out, and Christopher is in. To judge from what was said, I believe the original idea had been to kick off both members of a team, but Nicolas’ immunity made that impossible, so no double elimination tonight.

Next week: The designers get new models.

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