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Project Runway, Oct. 1 – Even Designers Get the Blues

Tim visits. He starts with Carol Hannah’s team and Shirin says they should be called Team Awesome. She then tells him that one of their outfits will include leggings, which makes Tim sigh and say, “Don’t get me started on leggings.” He does, however, like the shade of blue that they’ve chosen.

Louise and Nicolas show off a fitted navy blue dress, and Tim dislikes the icy blue charmeuse they’ve used to line the ruffles. Louise says she had considered something darker, but thought it would be too subtle. Tim says that he likes the potential, and advises Louise and Nicolas to look for anything that goes wrong and fix it.

Althea and Logan show Tim their mid-length skirt, and he admires the modern look of their suit. Irina and Gordana have a blouse with a fabric belt. They start arguing in front of Tim about how said belt will work. Tim tells them that they have a lot to work out.

Christopher and Epperson have made a shirt dress. Tim likes it, but is confused by their choice of textiles. He also thinks the two dresses they’ve made don’t look good together. He tells them that they have the potential for “serious reinvention,” and Christopher is thrilled by his praise.

The models come in for their fitting. Shirin’s skirt turns out to be way too tight on her model. Irina doesn’t like Gordana’s look at all. Louise fears that both her dresses are too unfinished, and she admits that she is not a good judge of time. Nicolas plans to stuff the bra, and Louise suggests just putting more ruffles on it. Nicolas disgustedly informs us that he hates ruffles and thinks that they are designed to hide flaws. Well, Nicky, that’s probably the idea. Most of us don’t have perfect bodies, you know.

Christopher and Epperson try to tie their two dresses together, and are confident that they’ll be able to do so. Carol Hannah is tired and stressed. Irina thinks their clothes look as they were bought in a discount store. As the clock ticks on, the designers joke that Ra’Mon would be starting over about now. Heh.

Next morning, the designers get back to work. Irina feels good, but Louise is anxious. If she and Nicolas are the bottom pair, she will automatically go home since he has immunity. Nicolas promises to help her. Althea is worried about the amount of work left to be done. She wants the fit to be perfect. Logan struggles with his sewing machine. Irina feels the need to liven up the design, and she tells Gordana that she doesn’t like the design. Gordana is frustrated because that doesn’t give her much to work with. I say she’s right, and Irina needs to specify what she doesn’t like so Gordana can try to fix it.

Tim sends in the models and points out the Macy’s wall, advising the designers to use the items there “thoughtfully.” Epperson says the shirtdress was challenging, but that he’s happy with the end result. The models get their hair and make-up done, while Louise struggles with some appliques. Irina comments that Gordana’s dress looks better on Matar than it had on the dress form. Christopher describes himself and Epperson as the “dream team” and predicts they will win. Christopher is certainly getting the “cocky edit” tonight. That means he’ll either do very well or very badly. Nicolas, by contrast, is thankful that he has immunity as he doesn’t like the dresses that he and Louise had made.

On the runway… do my eyes deceive me? Michael Kors is back! Zanna Roberts, senior editor for Marie Claire magazine is subbing for Nina, while Martine Reardon is the guest judge. Heidi drops a bombshell: “One of you will be named the winner, and one … or more … of you will be out.” Oh-ho! We might have a double elimination tonight!

Team Irina is up first. Their first outfit is a sundress with a patchwork striped skirt. Their second is a high-waisted navy skirt and a light blue shirt with puffy sleeves and a fabric belt.

Team Althea’s first look is a navy blue suit with a very short skirt. Logan notes that the skirt rides higher and higher as the model walks– which probably isn’t good. The second look is a light blue ruffled tank top with denim pants.

Team Louise’s first outfit is an ice blue dress with navy blue ruffles and a blue bow tacked on the back. That last is something that rarely looks good and can make sitting down uncomfortable. The second dress is a navy blue number with ruffles edged in light blue down the front. Nicolas dislikes both dresses.

Team Carol Hannah’s first look is a high-waisted navy skirt with a lighter top that’s tied at the neck. The second look is a light blue tunic belted over leggings.

Team Christopher’s first outfit is a striped blue and white shirt dress. The second look is an aqua tunic with leggings.