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Project Runway, Oct. 1 – Even Designers Get the Blues

Last week on Project Runway, the designers had to make outfits inspired by movie genres. Specifically, they had to create a character who would appear in a genre film and then design a look for that character. Nicolas won with a costume fit for an evil queen in a sci-fi movie, while Ra’Mon lost after channelling his inner Trekkie and making a lizard-woman costume.

The next morning, the designers talk about the previous challenge and Ra’Mon’s departure. Gordana believes that everybody left deserves to be there, and compares the competition to the Olympics, in which one great athlete barely beats another. She may be right. By this stage of the game, people are generally not being sent home for obvious and amateurish errors.

Logan moves into a room with the other three remaining guys, Christopher, Epperson, and Nicolas, since his roommate, Ra’Mon, was sent home last night. Louise tells us that she wants to do a design that is over the top and won’t bore the judges. Nicolas says he would like to start getting rid of more of the women. Nicky, Baby, that’s out of your hands. This isn’t Survivor or Big Brother in which you can scheme to have somebody voted out. The most you can do is design looks the judges like and hope a (female) competitor screws up.

On the runway, Heidi reminds Nicolas that he has immunity. She tells the designers that their next challenge will be “quite colorful.” Shirin guesses the designers will be making outfits out of parachutes. In the workroom, Tim introduces them to Martine Reardon, Macy’s Executive Vice-President, who issues the challenge: Make two outfits. They have to be blue and they have to be looks suitable to Macy’s INC line. The winner will design a holiday dress for Macy’s, a huge reward.

Christopher is thrilled by the prospect of selling something at Macy’s. But Tim’s next announcement puts a damper on everybody’s mood: They will be working in teams of two. They also have one day to complete the challenge. One day?! For two designs?! They’re really putting the pressure on, aren’t they?

The designers have fifteen minutes to sketch their designs and will then pitch their outfits to Martine, who will choose the five designers she likes best. These will be the leaders of their teams.

Althea goes first. Her first look is casual; her second is more dressy. Carol Hannah explains that her designs would mesh with a woman’s existing wardrobe. Logan and Irina plan to design sweater dresses. Christopher wants to make a day-to-evening look. Gordana tells Martine that she’s a Macy’s customer.

Martine picks Irina, Althea, Carol Hannah, Christopher, and Louise as her favorites. As the team leaders, they choose their partners: Althea picks Logan, Christopher chooses Epperson, and Louise chooses Nicolas. Irina can’t choose between Gordana and Shirin, however, and invites them to pick. Gordana chooses to work with Irina, leaving Carol Hannah and Shirin with each other.

The designers have a budget of $100 and twenty minutes to shop at Mood. Before they set forth, Tim tells the designers that given the rich reward Macy’s is offering, there will be no immunity this week. Nicolas worries that Louise’ style is too simple and tries to steer her towards luxurious fabrics. Carol Hannah and Shirin buy too much fabric and decide to figure it out later. Well, better too much than too little, says I. Louise nearly leaves her money and sketches behind and has to frantically look for them. She finds them and pays for her fabrics and all is well with the world again.

Back at the workshop, Shirin tells us that she and Carol Hannah are making a high-waisted pencil skirt with a ruffled blouse, and a sweater dress with leggings. She adds that she wouldn’t have designed these outfits, but that she will help Carol Hannah make them. Carol Hannah is excited about being team captain, but she’s not used to delegating. She comments that it’s hard to have people notice your work habits.

Irina tells us that team challenges are a pain, and that she would rather do all the work herself. Nicolas hates ruffles and hates that he is going to have to make some, because Louise plans on using ruffles in both her looks. Epperson remembers the last team challenge and his ill-fated partnership with Qristyl. Christopher tells Epperson that he’s happy to work with him, and they exchange a high five. Christopher believes they are enhancing each other’s designs.

Nicolas tells us that Louise is nice, calm, and good to work with. What?! Did Nicolas just say something nice about somebody?! He goes on to say that she makes funny noises when she works. Louise tells us that making bird noises helps her relieve stress. She adds that she had twenty-five pets as a child. I’m going to guess that some of the members of that menagerie had feathers.

Althea likes working with Logan because of his calm disposition. Gordana says all of them think he’s hot– men and women alike. Althea says that working with Logan keeps her away “from all the drama.” Irina tells Gordana that her top is too plain, and Gordana wishes that Irina would give her more direction. Irina dislikes the idea of a solid blue dress, so she’s making a striped one.