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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 30 – New Orleans Bounce

It’s time for the choreography with Anya and Pasha. Justin is doing well, but Eric just can’t keep up. C tells Eric it was an amazing effort, and Eric admits he’s now had another Red Bull. They aren’t asking him to go to Vegas, but he seems pleased to do what he did. C tells Justin they’re going to take a huge gamble on him and send him to Vegas.

Kimalee Piedad, 25, of Fort Walton Beach, Florida, is auditioning, but her ballroom partner is not, as he says he wants to focus all his energy into her. Well, that sounds a little fishy. Their style of dance is theatre arts, the ballroom division, and she realizes a lot of people aren’t familiar with it. She explains it as ice skaters without the ice and skates. If I’m not mistaken, they’re dancing to Kris Allen. It’s a beautiful dance form and very sensual. I think he should have auditioned as well.

Mary tells Kimalee she thought it was fabulous with her leg lines, arms, passion, everything was evident. C calls it lovely with very interesting lifts. It was graceful and visually informative. Adam admits it was stunning, yet he’s curious what she’s like on her own. Kimalee explains she was trained in ballet and has done a little bit of everything. Adam votes yes to choreography, and Mary does as well, yet she admits she would have sent her straight through to Vegas. C agrees with Miss Murphy. Kimalee is on to Vegas.

Micah Nixon, 24, of Baton Rouge, admits they didn’t have much money when they were growing up and didn’t have much more than mayonnaise sandwiches sometimes. He became very rebellious at a young age, with drugs and getting in trouble. The only thing he had was dancing. It was an expression of his anger, yet calmed him down and turned his life around. He’s definitely unique and puts a little of that extreme emotion he feels from his youth into his dancing.

Micah tells Mary he started dancing when he saw someone else doing it, and he fell in love with it. Mary thought one of the best things he did was the gliding across the stage as it kind of took on a life of its own. Adam says they’ve seen all the stuff he was doing, but it felt fresh. He was totally selling it, and they were buying it. C tells Micah it was a wonderful bass hit coming from his core. Most people with the popping only do it straight up, but he had a great balance between locking his knee and banging from his chest at the same time. Adam brings up his earlier years, and Micah says dancing was the only good thing he had and lets a few tears out. Everyone votes yes to choreography, and C tells Micah he should never be embarrassed of his struggle, because standing there now is a sign of victory. He wants him to commend himself as they do.

Lloyd Ballard, 18, of Columbus, Mississippi, looks like Travis Wall from a distance, but his dancing isn’t special enough. Adam tells him he wishes Nigel was there, as it went all wrong. Tierney St. John, 24, of New Orleans, does what she thinks is interpretive dance, almost like a skit you’d see on SNL. Mary admits it made them uncomfortable. Casey Crisosto, 21, Metairie, Louisiana, gyrates around, and Mary asks him if it’s called flexing when he grabs his “franks ‘n beans.”

Because of this, we have Mary’s Rules of What Not to Do When Auditioning. Adam acts them out for the audience.

1. Hat down over eyes.
2. Reaching out to nowhere
3. Rubbing your body
4. Men’s Booty Shaking (I could have lived without seeing that)

Jakob Karr, 18, Orlando, has great balance. He’s the one that moves like Travis Wall. Mary tells him it was really fantastic and gives him a little scream. He lit up New Orleans for them. Adam tells him he freaking rocked out there with his strength and elevation. It was amazing. C loved the way he stretched the music out. Yeah. He’s going to Vegas.

Diana Drexler, 29, of Lexington, Kentucky, just found out yesterday her grandfather died. Her family had told her he was fine and to go to the audition, but called yesterday with the news that he’d passed away. She’s calling them every inch of the way to give good news. Her song in her audition is perfect, being about painful situations. Before it was a dance, and now it has a story. I don’t know if it would have been as good without her grandfather dying, but with that emotion into it, it’s really good.

Mary asks Diana how she’s doing and she starts crying and saying she doesn’t want to be that girl. She’s doing good. She’s dancing. Mary tells her she’s a very good dancer and she loves the way she moves with a quality that makes it seems effortless. Diana says she feels like an old lady and it was effort. Mary thought she showed passion and had an honest feel about what she was doing. Adam tells Diana they’re aware of the news she got yesterday. She admits her family told her just to go. He notes they would have never known she went through that by watching her dance. She’s a strong woman and her grandfather is very proud of her. She says her dad said her grandpa died just in time to get a front row seat. He’ll be watching her in the choreography.

Diana is joined by Micah in the choreography round. Micah’s not doing so well. Adam tells him they’re not taking him to Vegas this year, but they all want him to keep it up, and if he really loves it, he could take it really far. C tells Diana her grandpa in the front row would be surprised, she gets a ticket to Vegas.

Next week we’ll be in Salt Lake City, and it’ll be the last of the season six auditions. The very next day we’ll start with the Las Vegas round. I hope then to finally get this show on the road.

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