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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 29 – … Finally

Back in the dorms, Dave is paying the price with his wrist. The repetitive motion of sweeping and picking up trash has taken its toll. He feels that his wrist is swelling within the cast. Kevin uses this to his advantage and tries to convince Dave that he needs to think about his future and his wrist. Sneaky Kevin is trying to pick away at the competition. Dave isn’t stupid and knows what Kevin is doing.

They go down into the kitchen to prep and Kevin has decided it is his time to take charge. Chef Ramsay gives them a pep talk and high fives all around.

Dave is on cold appetizers, Tennille is on hot appetizers, and Suzanne is on the fish station. All three of these stations need to work in harmony to get the tables out together. This seems like a recipe for disaster. Communication is challenging and they just aren’t working well.

Tennille is bringing up overcooked risotto, which Ariel pointed out before she put it up. Suzanne follows this up with blackened scallops. Tennille sends up another overcooked risotto. Chef Ramsay is able to track the problem back to the overcooked rice that Kevin prepared before service.

Chef Ramsay doesn’t know why Kevin put overcooked rice out in the hot appetizer station. Makes you wonder if Kevin was deliberately sabotaging Tennille. Suzanne finds a tray of good rice in the back. Sneaky Kevin. Tennille admits she should have seen that the rice was overcooked and not used it. Chef Ramsay is beyond disgusted with Kevin, more so then usual. We haven’t really seen Kevin screw anything up yet so maybe such a simple mistake has really thrown Chef Ramsay.

Finally, they get the risotto right and it is time to start on the entrée’s. Ariel brings up raw chicken to the pass, and they have to start over. Suzanne is up next with raw fish. Kevin is on the garnish station and has to keep redoing his sides because of the screw-ups on the fish and meat stations.

Ariel brings up lamb that looks like it has been chewed on by my dogs. Kevin again has to re-fire sides. Chef Ramsay calls everyone up to the pass, and at this point I think Dave is the only one that hasn’t been yelled at yet. He tells them if they don’t get it together he will shut down the kitchen. They are able to finish the service, but it was horrible for a top five crew.

He asks all five remaining chefs to go upstairs and come up with two people to go up for elimination.

Suzanne wants Ariel and Tennille to go up. She thinks that she was great. Ariel says she would put up Kevin and Suzanne. They are all over the map with this one. It seems obvious to me. They go back downstairs to tell Chef Ramsay who and why.

Kevin is asked first nominee and why; Ariel is put up for raw chicken and inconsistent service. Second choice is Suzanne for raw fish and overcooked scallops. Kevin adds that she thought she had a good service.

Suzanne has been on the chopping block so many times she should have her “save me” speech memorized by now. She believes she should stay because she was focused tonight on cooking things to perfection and high standards. One day Chef Ramsay’s head is just going to pop off like a champagne cork. She believes that she is a better chef then Ariel.

Moving on to Ariel, Chef Ramsay points out that she has gotten worse throughout this competition. She believes that she is a better chef than Suzanne and wants one more chance.

Chef Ramsay thinks that they both should go home, yet decides to send Suzanne home. He must have seen something after giving her so many chances to prove she should be there. She was on the Red team, Blue team and the Black team. This was her fourth time up for elimination. Suzanne believes she would have still been there if she developed personal relationships with the other contestants. I guess it had nothing to do with the raw food she tried to serve. All I can say is finally.

Chef Ramsay points out to Tennille that she dodged a bullet and she could have been up there also. He tells the final four they need to pull together.

Tennille recognizes that she is lucky to still be there. Ariel wishes she was final four because she was great tonight, not because she was allowed to get back in line. Kevin is feeling very confident; I guess he has forgotten all the screaming done in his direction tonight. Dave thinks it is a battle to the death, ugly, brutal, and cut-throat.

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