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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 29 – Who's Bunk and Who's Not

The next day, Matthew “Boogie Links” Pollard, 24, of Mableton, Georgia, is enjoying himself waiting to audition. He’ going around introducing himself to everyone. He says it’s not cool dancing around a bunch of guys. He just loves girls. If he doesn’t pick up a ticket to Vegas, he firmly believes he’s picking up a girl. He does some interesting popping, doing things that make you wonder how. Nigel tels him the contortionism, just makes them all go, “Ooohhh!” C appreciates him even doing it on beat, and Nigel is just worried about arthritis. Nigel doesn’t know if he can dance, though, if his legs even move around. C likes the New York style and fluidity of the dancng. Mary enjoyed watching him move. They send him on to choreography.

Jessica Jensen, 25, Pensacola, Florida, psyches herself up inthe lobby and tells Cat about a sarcoma, a cancer of the connective tissue, that she had in the palm of her hand. After five surgergies they told her keep your hand and die or lose it and live. She chose to lose her hand. She’s perfectly happy being alive and is the first to make jokes. It may sound odd to say, but you don’t really miss her hand in her dancing. She’s still quite expressive, although she can only do elements one way. Amazingly it was just a year and a half ago that she lost her hand.

Nigel thought Jessica’s dancing was teriffic, including the way she uses her arm. He was aware of it, but she keeps it so close to her body so the shape and line isn’t lost. Mary notes so many people don’t have the passion she demonstrated just now, and she’s an inspiration to people that have it all and are just wasting their talent. She represents passion, strength, and acceptance to C. He couldn’t ask for anything more from a dancer. She gets a yes to choreography, but she’s going to work with a partner. She tells him shes done partnering post-amputation, but Nigel warns her partner has to deal okay with it as well, not just her.

Jonathan Bryant, 20, of Atlanta, Georgia, does a Cat Deeley imperson and says what sets him apart from eveyrone else is his personality that is alive. He has changed his stage name to Extra. He’s very creative in every aspect. I can tell already this isn’t going to go well, just based on attitude, but he sees no reaosn why he shouldn’t make it to Vegas. He deosn’t really do so much dancing, though, as moving around the stage and jumping. It’s interesting, but not good enough for this show yet.

C tells Jonathan he has a lot of emotion, but when he throws it across the room it doens’t have a destnation, He needs to control every move. It becomes arguing instead of a converation. Mary thinks Janathan has talent and energy, but says he’s challenging it in the wrong directions and needs struture.

Jonathan argues, saying he’s dope with a great personality, and C tells him that may be the problem as he’s not where he thinks he is. Mary says he thinks he’s already dope, but he still has a long way to go. He keeps arguing, and Nigel tells him it’s not a fighting arena, and unless he accepts the feedback that comes to him, he won’t grow, even with that little cocky smile he’s putting on himself. Jonathan starts to cry and says he loves learning everything and isn’t going to change himself. Nigel tells him they aren’t asking him to change, just grow. He came off being rude and they’re there to help people grow. He gets a no to choreography.

Thomas Hamilton, 20, of Scottdale, Georgia, says dancing is like a window to him to epxress his emotions. It doesn’t even have to be at class. He can just be in a room alone with the radio dancing by himself. He was born a crack baby and put through special education, picked on and put up with drama in his house. He was adopted by his aunt when he was born, because his mom was a drug addict and still is. HIs aunt is glad he wants to dance. Scottdale does have a lot of drugs and gang members, but he can’t be around it anymore and needs to get out. He dances like needs to get out. You can literally see the freedom in his movements. He needs out and needs to be free. That’s the brilliance of his moves. He shows that.

Nigel tells Thomas it’s interesting as he hated conterpoary dancing, then did a class iwth Mia Michaels and loved it. Ah-ha, the expressive dancing suddenly makes sense. She has been his inspiration. Nigel tells him to be careful, as as soon as he goes into praise dancing, it becomes insulate and he starts feeling it all and his worship goes up to Gd but isn’t going out to audeince, He did enough to convince Nigel in the beginning, but in the end, he praised the Gods, and that’s where he lost Nigel. Mary tells Thomas he’s talented and gifted, and she’s glad he came. C knows Mia has that affect on people and she has awaked something in him, Its’ because of her they can see him today. Nigel wants to see him do chooregraphy later on to do something else.

Booty Licks, Jessica, and Thomas are all dancing for the judges in the choreography round. Thomas looks comfortable, but not the other two. Booty Licks is up first, and Mary tells him it just wasn’t strong enough, but they hope he comes back. Does this mean he’s picking up a woman today? Jessica is told the same as Booty Licks. Nigel tells her not to get herself upset as she’s an absolute miracle to many od them. Thomas is told he had moments where he used his hips, but other moments where he went completely blank. He is going to Vegas though.

We go to the Big Easy tonight fo the first time ever with So You Think You Can Dance. I’m ready to party. But I think to get into this season of dance we just need to get the dang thing started. Queue the Black Eyed Peas.

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