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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 29 – Who's Bunk and Who's Not

It really seems like these auditions are dragging on. Of course they aren’t, but without that normal two times weekly dose, it just seems like it’s never going to end. On top of that, there isn’t anyone yet that’s really knocking our socks off. Sure, we have some exciting tap dancers, and the guy in the bow tie, but that’s all that really stands out for me. Is this bonus season going to end up being lackluster? Or are they holding back on us?

We’ll see tonight, as we’re back at two weekly shows. We’re in Atlanta tonight, and our judges are Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and ‘Lil C. Let’s see who’s bunk tonight and who’s not.

Billy Bell, 19, of Loxahatchee, Florida, started dancing about five years ago, saying he decided to dance when he saw a hop hop show and immediately enrolled in hip hop classes. He just started going to every dance class he could find. He’s trying not to get arrogant, but he hopes to do well. He’s no longer doing hip hop, as he seems to be doing some mixture of classical and contemrpoary. It’s definitely his own unique choreography.

Nigel tells Billy he has great legs and great technique, but has a way back, meaning his pirourettes will nver be as good as they should be. And his hands on top sometimes aren’t correct. Yet, he’s amazed that someone of his technique hasn’t been told a hundred times about these things, which means he ignored it or hasn’t thought of it. Billy admits he does know that and when he’s nervous the old habits come back. Mary and Nigel both vote no for choreography, as does C, but he does get a yes to Vegas. They tricked him … and me!

Amber Jackson, 18, of Decatur, Georgia, has beautiful lines, although she walks non-chalantly in between some steps and it seems like it’s supposed to be there, but it’s odd. Nigel asks her who she’s looking at in the audience, and she says no one, so he can’t figure out why she’s looking out there. Once he talks to her, he notes her eyes have come alive now with inteliigence between them. Her movement and dancing is tremendous, but her performance is [expletive bleeped out by Fox]. He hopes that word made an impact on her, and will for a long time, as he’d like to see her dancing in the competiton for a long time.

Mary understands it’s frustrating, as they just want to strangle someone with such danceability, but who blows it with that type of performance. C tells Amber there is no way she should dance that good, yet they should be so engaged. It’s a wakeup call to her. Nigel tells her he will come on the stage and kick her ass if she doesn’t perform and sends her to choreography. C will be in line behind NIgel to kick her ass and agrees to send her on to choreography. Sounds like a little tough love.

Travis Denison, 30, of Atlanta, Georgia is all about big performances, and was chosen as the mic man by the University of Goergia as the guy to keep the crowd all pumped up. With his age, I wonder if that was in his college days or currently. He auditioned for the Wade Robsen Project, and today he’s going to learn the first two eight counts he learned from Wade, the reason he became a dancer. I just see a mascot. that’s all I can think of when I wach him. I would like to know where he ges his energy from, though, as I could use a little right now. I also don’t know how he dances like that in such tight jeans.

Nigel asks if Travis is any relation to Adam Shankman and you have to admit there’s a resemblance. C wonders if they shop at the same place, as Nigel points out it’s his style of dance and what he wears. The dancing was good social fun, and he wouldn’t want to take that away from him, yet it wasn’t competitive at this point. Mary and C agree it was extremely entertaining, but not competitive at this level. Travis is just excited to have the same style as Adam Shankman.

Jamal Jackosn, 19, of Decatur, Georgia does some African type dancing and is quite good. Towards the end, Nigel tells him, “You just brought it, Young Man.” Victor Smalley, 20, of Miami, Florida, does a beatufiul contemporary. He has great lines. Mary agrees, telling him, it was very explosive, dynamic, and he controlled everythng. He had speed as he went down and increased as he went around in his pirouette. Nigel tells him when he takes off he needs to fly, and he needs a ticket for that. Jamal gets one as well.

Twins Anthony and Antwain Hart, 22, of Linden, North Carolina auditioned in season four and are now back with the same argument that one is better than the other. Tonight they seem very talented and maybe they needed these few years to get that much better. I don’t see one better than the other, though. Nigel mentions always being happy when he sees people come back that once tried to make it before. They added things in there he’s never seen before, and Mary agrees, and says they both have a likability factor and are getting closer and closer. C calls it fresh, saying he wasn’t bored at all. They get sent on to choreography.

Also doing Anya and Pasha’s choreography is Amber, looking for that personality. Anthony does well here, but here’s where the twins different, as Antwain doesn’t do as well. Mary tells Amber the melody did come out a bit more, and they see a lot of promise in her, so she’s going to Vegas. Anthony is told he must be sick of almost getting to Vegas but not quite. He says no, he goes there all the time. Good. He’s going tagain. They aren’t sure what’s going on with Antwain, and he’s “the twin that doesn’t get to go to Vegas,” and will forever be known with that moninker.


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