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Top Chef: Las Vegas, Episode 6 – I’ve had Bull’s Testicles Before

Quickfire Hits

• Nice touch by having everyone wear a Flais scarf. They must have really liked him. And more Robin hating, it is implied that she wasn’t invited to play in their Reindeer Games. Again, not sure where this animosity came from.

• Penn and Teller do magic. I saw them live once; they are quite good. But, first GART and now Top Chef. What are they doing with their lives?

• Ash at Whole Foods calling for “Produce Guy.” That would be a terrible mutant power. Although, the way Heroes is going, that could be Claire’s next boyfriend.

• MM never heard of Eggs Florentine? Really? Isn’t he Greek? I have yet to go into a Greek diner and not see Eggs Florentine on the menu.

• Hawk and his clever work are rather impressive. Keep him away from Dexter.
BryanBot made jokes! He called Hawk a showoff for making his own brioche and actually LAUGHED!

• Eli’s pressure cooker exploded, and nothing was really affected by it. Yawn.
If you didn’t think Kingpin was doomed, when he asked Tom for help you should have been clued in.

• We thought Eli would be better at deconstructing because of the Blais factor. All he was good at was psyching out Kingpin and mocking the cancer survivor.

• Extra scene – MM trying to figure out Eggs Florentine. Kingpin instead described Eggs Benedict. I will not repeat MM’s extremely lame joke. I have plenty of lame jokes of my own.

• The restaurant they are cooking in is called Marinelli’s. There was a pizza place near my fraternity house with the same name. They were open until 4 am. Once, on a dare, I hooked my arm around a chair and walked right out of the place with it. That chair followed me through several moves through several states over the years. Ah, the things you’ll do thanks to Mind Erasers and Scorpion Bowls.

• I loved Jenn’s reaction when Ash helped her plate, “Ah, this isn’t winning.”

• I actually liked the Toby-Tom exchange about how to pronounce “paella,” “Mexico” and “Barcelona.”

Next Week – No idea, DVR cut out. One would presume they’ll make food.

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