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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 23 – Dressing to Impress In Golf Pants

Nigel asks Breeze if he fell over in the beginning, and Breeze admits he did, but says he’s done so many competitions, and as soon as you fall, it’s over. He just wanted to stay in and continue the set. Mary agrees it was fun and loved how he got back up again. Tyce also calls it fun, but says if he trained, he’d be that much better as he needs some hard work. Tyce votes no, Nigel votes yes to choreography, and gives the decision over to Mary, joking she feels comfortable here in New England as her ancestors were here in Salem. She gives Breeze a chance at the choreography.

The judges will be watching Breeze, Ryan, Russell, Channing, and others during the choreography. Anya and Pasha are here to put the dancers through the choreography. Breeze gets his foot iced instead after that fall he took, saying it wouldn’t be fair to a partner. He goes home. Ryan is not asked to stay and says he just need to learn how to use his long body. Channing thinks she did good, and so does Nigel, as he sends her through to Vegas. Russell gets through as well.

The next day Nigel tells everyone if they aren’t a star to go home now, as they end up being not nice, particularly Tyce. Married couple Karen and Matthew Hauer, 27, of Fort Lee, New Jersey decide to stick around. He says it can get difficult to dance with his wife, but he loves her. She says if one of them makes it and the other doesn’t, although they’re extremely competitive, they won’t compete against each other, except for maybe a little. Oddly, there’s a dog barking at the beginning of their dance. They don’t have the best timing with each other, which is odd for a married couple, yet they’re exciting and really sexy together.

Mary thanks Karen and Matthew for waking her and and tells Karen she’s one hot tamale from the moment she walks on the stage, comparing her to Jennifer Lopez. Without a doubt, they can dance. They have solid technique and look like movie stars. Tyce agrees, and says they’re great. They get a ticket, or tickets, and it’s the first time ever a husband and wife get to Vegas.

Gene Bersten, 21, of Minnetonka, Minnesota, says he specializes in Latin dances, sexy moves with sexy hip options. He has an open shirt with a little hair on his chest and claims girls get mesmerized by him. I would really like to puke right now. He does ask Cat if he catches her rolling his eyes. He sets out to make some magic happen. He definitely has the hip action, I’ll give him that. But he needs to stop the “sexy” eye thing at the camera, as it’s not sexy. The sexy thing doesn’t do anything for me, but he does dance well. I don’t want to sleep with him, just watch him dance.

Mary tells tells Gene he’s a hottie patotty and he rips his shirt open. She’s worried about his facial expressions, as his eyebrows are choreographed, and he needs to learn to control that, yet she sees potential. Tyce agrees, and thinks he’s a very good dancer with great timing, but he agrees his eyebrows looked like they were going to pop off his face and fly out into the audience, making it seem a tiny bit desperate. Nigel thinks Gene has great musicality and liked the way he used the track, as he’s a ballroom dancer, but does more than that. They send him on to choreography, and he seems slightly upset to not go straight through to Vegas. I’m sure he thought they’d fall immediately in love with him.

Paul Magliato, 46, of Pleasant Valley, New York, is an older guy out in skin tight pants and shirt with bulges where you don’t want to see them. He talks of being in crazy places when he was a kid and starting in ballet, then creating his “movement invention.” Dancing to Coldplay, he has no training, and is really just doing what his interpretation is of dance. He digs for awhile as Mary cack.es, and even bowls. He’s a mime, maybe, but not a dancer. He also has no balance for someone so trained.

Nigel tells Paul it felt like he was ice skating at some point as he spun around. He asks ho old he is and reminds him he’s too old for the competition, but wonders if he wants a proper critique or just wants applause. He tells Nigel it’s up to him, then hears it wasn’t really dancing but having fun with a piece of music. Mary agrees it was entertaining, but admits she was laughing for all the wrong reasons. In other words she was laughing at him, not with him. Tyce was thinking he couldn’t be serious, but he thinks now Paul was serious. Paul says he just wanted to give it a shot and probably didn’t. He knows he was off his turns, and Mary shoots back he was off his rocker. She then admits to being traumatized.

As if she wasn’t traumatized enough, we see some more bad auditions, as even Tyce starts to lose it. He tells one dancer it was like watching paint dry, another “Eeeew!” He tells someone else it looks like constipation. He doesn’t know what it looks like, but knows what it feels like. Probably has something to do with that gas of his. Another dancer is told she’s like nails on a chalkboard, and Nigel tells Tyce he’s evil.

Kevin “K’Bez’ Hunte, 23, of Brooklyn, New York has been waiting for a long time for this, having auditioned two seasons ago and not getting through. He believes everything happens for a reason. and he’s not trying to make it to Vegas, but all the way. He does some great popping and hip hop combined, and I think he seems kind of exciting, but anything would after the bad auditions we just watched.

Mary asks Kevin what he’s been training in since they last saw him, and he replies contemporary. She’s not sure if it’s enough, as the bar has been raised higher in the past years since he’s been there. Nigel thought his musicality was great, and says he was very strong with good popping and waves. Tyce asks if he’s been training in contemporary, why he didn’t show any of it so they’d know what he’s been working on. In other words, Tyce doesn’t belive him Tyce tells Kevin he should be knowledgeable and have it wrapped up in a bag. It was great, but he could get lost in the shuffle. Kevin gets sent to choreography.

Pasha and Anya put Kevin and Gene and the others through the paces to try out their choreography. Kevin gets through this time, as do Gene and twenty-one others. Everyone comes out screaming. They’re excited.

There were some pretty good auditions tonight, but by the time it’s all said and done, the only one I’m thinking of is Teddy in his golf pants and bow tie. He could have a really exciting season, but he’s going to need to get through the choreography of Las Vegas first. I’ll be pulling for him, and I’m guessing a few others will as well. Into our eighth season and with two back-to-back season, we want something different at this point.

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