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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 23 – Dressing to Impress In Golf Pants

The only bad part about So You Think You Can Dance being on only once a week instead of two is that these auditions are taking forever. It’s the third week which would usually mean we were just about done, but we’re only three audition cities into it.

Tonight we go to Beantown for the auditions, with Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Tyce Diorio judging. Teddy Tedholm, 18, of Rockaway, New Jersey, is dressed very interestingly. He looks like he’s golfing, not auditioning for a dance show. He claims he did find the clothing in a golf store online and chose the outfit because he was told to dress to impress. The dancing he is doing today accurately portrays his personality, “whimsical,” which he hopes it does, since he’s wearing a bow tie. He’s actually quite fun, which I didn’t expect. I’m not sure how I’d explain his style though. Mary calls it unique, as Tyce jams along with him.

Nigel tells Teddy it was a great performance, and also mentions so many subtleties with many musical games in it that it was beautiful to look at. Teddy says he usually dances at competitions and has won maybe one out of six. Nigel jokes that Teddy should find out who won the other five and get them to come and audition, because if they beat him, they have to be bloody good. If he’s good at doing other things he has a good opportunity at doing well this season. He thinks a lot of people would pick up a phone to vote for him.

Mary didn’t know halfway through if Teddy was crazy or brilliant, but she decided he was crazy brilliant. It was so clever. Many times when they see people do something different it gets old, but not that. He’s fabulous. Tyce tells Teddy he’s like his pants, unique. He has so many things to pull from. He’s fantastic, awesome, brilliant and incredible. Nigel asks if he borrowed the pants from Adam Shankman, but Teddy says he found them in Nigel’s closet. He gets a ticket to Vegas right off the bat. He will pack everything he owns, then give his mom a big hug, because she bought the pants for him.

Jean Lloret, 22, Brockton, Massachusetts, is dancing off the wall, literally, and says he doesn’t have formal training. He’s here because he feels real confident in his moves and what he does. He does a lot of stuff a lot of people wish they could do. So far I don’t see anything others couldn’t do. Oh, there it comes as he does some breaking that is definitely what you don’t see elsewhere. He’s right; others do wish they could do that. He does great things with his body and gets a standing ovation from the judges and the audience, and they don’t even talk to him before giving him a ticket. It was that easy.

I’m liking the men of Boston. Here’s Kimara Wood, 18, of Lorton, Virginia, who does amazingly well with an African type of dancing, but more modern. He gets a ticket right away as well.

A girl needs to break up this testosterone party. Channing Cooke, 18, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, is an ice cream scooper. She jokes it’s a dream come true for her to work there as she’s in the back tasting everything. When she goes to the beach, she skin boards and boogie boards, always trying her best. She’s been watching the show since season one waiting until she was 18 so she could audition. Channing does an interesting contemporary dance but does almost more tumbling than anything else. Nevertheless, she has a body that will keep up with all of it. She has a great musicality and understanding of what she’s dancing to.

Nigel asks Channing about being a tomboy, and she admits she is. Nigel admits he was thinking the same thing I was, wondering where the dancing was, but then he was thankful she started dancing finally. He thinks she has a beautiful quality to her work, a great face, a lovely performance, is well controlled and has good technique, everything he could ask for. Mary loved it. It was a great performance, and she was so athletic, yet she also knew when to tone it down and show she was feminine from time to time. Tyce loves Channing, too, and says she’s awesome and amazing and fantastic. He does want her to go further in her performance, though, as the song was so passionate, and he doesn’t want that to be more so than her performance. They send her on to choreography.

Ryan Case, 18, Lexington, Massachusetts, was born premature and people called him “Peanut,” because he was so small, but by the time he was in Kindergarten, he was the tallest kid in class. He’s 6’8″, and is one of the first to not be dwarfed by Cat Deeley. He likes his height, as it makes him stand out. His tap routine does not make him stand out, especially not compared to what we saw a few weeks ago from the tappers.

Nigel tells Ryan to not worry about bending down for the mike. He more seriously says sometimes height can make a person ungainly, but his feet really are very good, as he has really educated ankles. He thinks Ryan would be interesting with a partner and could probably pick them up with one hand. Mary thinks Brian brought it, and liked that Ryan’s tapping was louder and softer whereas other tappers just make it one sound. She’s never seen someone as tall as him dance like that. Nigel wonders if he passes out when he goes to Denver, yet Ryan has never been. Tyce wants Ryan to control his arms a bit, yet does think he did a beautiful job. He gets sent to choreography.

Russell Ferguson, 19, Foxburn, Massachusetts, says he knows how to dance, yet Cat points out a krumper has never made it to Las Vegas. He’s quite good, and I think he deserves to go. He’s another that’s just flat out fun to watch. Nigel tells him in the words of ‘Lil C, “That was buck.” He knows C will kill him, but when he and the crew take over, they’ll run into each other, and have something different. Yet with individuals, he finds krumping too one-dimensional for him. He wants to know what else Russell can do.

Russell admits he can also do ballet, modern, tap, jazz, African, etc.. Nigel asks if he’s ever fused krump and tap together, as then it becomes Krap. Interestingly, Russell has. Mary wants to see the other styles, and Tyce thought it was filthy and dirty in all the best ways and Russell is one of his favorites in Boston. He heads to choreography. Tyce does the SNL Molly Shannon routine with his leg in the air saying, “I love it. I love it. I love it,” and then seems to pass gas while doing so. Nigel has to leave the table.

Fabrizio “Breeze” Jankins, 26, of Roxbury, Massachusetts, is nicknamed Breeze because he was a 10 pound baby and took about two hours to be delivered. He was anything but a breeze for her. With gas mask on the face now, Nigel watches the routine. He does a fun popping routine, but the show has seen better, especially once he goes into the running man.


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