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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 23, Part 2 – The Train Rollin’ Around the Bend

Tennille is taking charge of the kitchen and trying to get everyone on the same page. Chef Ramsay is surprised by who steps in to take charge, then follows that up with telling her that her meat is perfect.

Van messes up again with the halibut and brings it to the pass raw. That poor guy is going to twinge when he hears the word halibut in the future. He pulls Van aside and tells him he has got to get a grip. If he sends raw halibut to the pass again, he leaves. Chef Ramsay then proceeds to go into the corner and has a little breakdown of his own.

Ariel takes the heat off of Van by burning lettuce. Chef Ramsay calls Chef Scott out of the kitchen, and they leave the restaurant. Poor JP, you can hear the panic in his voice. He doesn’t know if the kitchen is going to continue, or if he should close the dining room down. I can’t remember any season where the chefs brought him down to his knees.

Tennille steps up and takes charge. Ariel is just not on board and looks like she is about to break. Dave picks up on her garnishes. Suzanne just walks away from the pass and does nothing. She doesn’t want her name on anything. Kevin steps up to the pass and starts to plate all the food coming up. Thanks to Tennille and Kevin the kitchen comes back to life and the diners are getting their entrees.

Chef Ramsay comes back and throws Ariel, Van and Suzanne out of the kitchen. Van is tired of being his b*&^%. He is spitting in the living quarters, screaming and cursing. He looks like he is going to snap … choo choo …

Dave, Tennille and Kevin are left to complete dinner service and do a great job. Chef Ramsay tells Tennille that that is the best meat he has ever seen anyone cook. They are asked to pick from the three remaining which two will be up for elimination.

Suzanne is put up for her refusal to help. Dave wants to strategically put Ariel up instead of Van, because she is a stronger player, and he would rather compete against Van.

When the chefs return to the dining room, Dave is asked who is being nominated and why. He tells Chef Ramsay that when they needed help, Suzanne flat out refused to do it. The second choice is Ariel, which surprises Chef Ramsay. Tennille is asked if she agrees with this decision, and while she did upstairs, she now changes her mind and says she believes it should be Van.

Chef Ramsay calls Van, Ariel, and Suzanne down. Ariel wants to prove she can do it. Suzanne says she has a great palette, but is letting her nerves get to her. Oh brother. Van breaks down; you can tell that he is disgusted with himself. He feels that he doesn’t look good or cook good right now. I can feel the tension bouncing off of the screen.

He calls Ariel, which brings a smile to Suzanne’s face, she walks to him, and he tells her to get back in line. Bye-bye smile. Van is the one being asked to turn in his jacket. The parting words of wisdom from Chef Ramsay are to keep his cool and let his food do the talking. When they show the flashback pictures from the start of the show, you can physically see the toll this show has taken on Van. Stress is a horrible thing, and I believe it got the better of Van.

Chef Ramsay thanks Tennille for her honesty and tells her that she was spot on. Dave is now gunning for Tennille and feels that he is dangerous. To me, Dave comes across as the type of person that hangs out on the couch chillin, if you know what I mean. He has been relatively passive throughout the season. For Dave to be threatening because someone did what he knew was the correct thing to do just doesn’t sit well with me.

I am sad to see Van go. I just made myself laugh, Van Gogh. Unlike some of the other contestants that have recently left, Van seems to be filled with passion and heart. He certainly has the potential; he just needs a little more seasoning. As for Suzanne, I just don’t understand what Chef Ramsay is thinking. A head chef needs to be prepared for any emergency, any situation. Someone who was willing to walk away from the pass is not that person.

Next week looks like it will be filled with even more disasters.

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