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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 23, Part 2 – The Train Rollin’ Around the Bend

The second episode of tonight’s two episode special opens with Van being humbled a little, maybe. He recognizes that he can do better and vows not to make another mistake.

The chef’s wake up to presents in the morning and receive their final six black chef coat. They go downstairs to see Chef Ramsay cooking. He makes one of his signature dishes from London, a filet that looks amazing.

The next challenge is the taste it and make it challenge; however, they will be paired off for this one. Chef Ramsay chooses the couples, Van and Ariel, Tennille and Kevin, Suzanne and Dave. Sous Chef Scott brings out the signature dish to be recreated from Chef Ramsay’s L.A. restaurant. The dish is left on the pass for them to taste.

Dave and Suzanne bring over a piece to dissect, not just taste. Those of you that have watched this show before know that Chef Ramsay can be quite tricky when it comes to the ingredients in these dishes.

All three teams, with some discussions and debates, believe the protein to be Turbot, a white fish. They also all believe that the garnish is Calamari. Ariel and Van believe the puree is Celery Root. The others all think it is Parsnip.

The sauce’s key ingredient has all three teams headed in a different direction. Ariel and Van believe it is Star Fruit, Kevin and Tennille choose Grapefruit, and Dave and Suzanne pick Passion Fruit. In the last minutes of the challenge Van drops the fish when he is bringing it to plate. They need to re-fire their fish.

All three teams describe their ingredients to Chef Ramsay and get the fish correct, but all guessed incorrectly on the white onion puree. Tennille and Kevin forgot to put the garnish of squid on their plate, which eliminates them. It is sitting on the counter.

It comes down to the fruit in the base of the vinaigrette. Suzanne’s palette gets them the win with passion fruit. The prize is lunch at Chef Ramsay’s West Hollywood restaurant prepared by Christina, winner of Season 4, with Chef Ramsay.

The losers get to prep the entire service for that night, and JP has something special planned for them. The service is for couples tonight, so they will be making the dining room romantic. Roses need to be placed, silverware changed out, chargers changed, etc. It means a lot of busy work to frustrate the chefs.

When Suzanne and Dave get back from their reward lunch, no one is speaking with them. Dave tries to offer a hand (that’s all he has to offer), but only one person is acknowledging him. Personally, I would be picking their brains about what Chef Ramsay had to say. Tennille gets the fact that if you hurt the team you hurt yourself and points Dave in the direction of unfinished prep. They way people throw each other under the bus in this show, it would make sense to be nice to people.

Chef Ramsay comes into the kitchen to let the chefs know that as an added romantic feature they will be serving some of the items tableside tonight. Those menu items are a Chopped Salad for two and Porterhouse Steak for two. Kevin is chosen to work in the dining room.

This is another one of those services where timing is everything. Suzanne, who is doing hot apps out of the kitchen needs to time perfectly with Kevin who is doing the table side salad appetizer. I am hearing an old Johnny Cash song in my head, I hear this train a comin’, it’s rollin’ round the bend.

Suzanne messes up an order and Kevin is left trying to stretch out the presentation by about six minutes. I hear the dumbest quote I have ever heard come out of someone’s mouth on Hell’s Kitchen. Suzanne doesn’t believe you need to be so perfect to win Hell’s Kitchen. I am going to give the benefit of the doubt and guess that she has never watched or participated in a single episode of Hell’s Kitchen before this evening’s service.

Van is on seafood again and already having problems. He is sweating into the food. Chef Ramsay yells it so loud that people in the dining room can hear. I wouldn’t be able to eat after hearing that.