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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 22, Pt. 1 – “Take Your Red Lips and Whistle Out”

After getting the eggs from the hen house they move over to the pigs. Poor Ariel was attacked at the county fair when she was little by a giant pig and has had a fear ever since. Poor Sabrina puts up with Ariel cowering in the corner and Tennille complaining and dry heaving. It could have been worse; they could have had a service tonight.

The next day they go down into the kitchen and are surprised with the task of making their own menus. Each team needs to create three entrees, appetizers and desserts. He informs them that each person needs to have an imprint on the menu. This would seem easier for the red team, as there are only three people left. They are given an hour.

The red team now seems to be Sabrina and Ariel who are shooting down Tennille. They feel her ideas are not fine dining enough, yet when she asks Sabrina for her suggestions, she can’t come up with anything. Why wouldn’t they do Tennille’s winning venison dish? The blue team is working great together and everyone is contributing equally to the menu; on the red side Sabrina contributed absolutely nothing to the menu.

Chef Ramsay is impressed with the menu that the Blue team has put together and tells them that it sounds delicious. He is not as impressed with the Red menu and warns them to be careful with the way they prepare the food. This team seems like a train wreck waiting to happen. The blue team has already declared a win before the doors are even opened. Sous Chef Heather tries to pump up the spirits on the red team.

When the guests are seated, they are given both menus and can choose from either. The red and blue kitchens will have to work together on timing so that diners are served courses at the same time. The blue team is getting many more orders off of their menu.

Tennille informs Ariel that she does not know how to cook the Swiss Chard. She asks Ariel to help her, but it is overly peppered. Ariel says that she can’t keep helping Tennille, and leaves her to her own devices.

Over on Blue, Van is getting a lesson from Chef Ramsay in math. He doesn’t seem to know what 2×3 is and gives Sous Chef Scott too many scallops. Chef Ramsay calls him Dumbo.

Red is getting their appetizers sent back, as Ariel has sent out stone cold ravioli, while Van’s appetizers are being stopped at the pass for being burnt. Again, two more orders of cold ravioli are returned to the red kitchen. Heating ravioli is not rocket science and seems like a crazy thing to have issue with. Chef Ramsay is amazed that she has made the same mistake three times.

The blue team is running very smoothly and efficiently. Dave goes to hand a pan over to the pass and feels a nerve tweak; the pain runs all the way up to his ear. He leaves the kitchen to see the medic. You can see that he is in horrific pain, and it’s the same arm that has already been injured. He goes back out to the kitchen and stifles the pain.

I am not sure what Sabina is doing in the red kitchen, but if she went any slower she would be going backwards. Van makes a mess on the pass when he puts his sauce down which causes Chef Ramsay to say something. Mistakenly, Van acts like he doesn’t want to hear it and walks away with a chuckle when done. This causes Chef Ramsay to follow it up and yell a little more. This is the same chef that lost it earlier this season with JP; I wonder if Chef Ramsay is testing him.

I don’t believe my eyes, but in the middle of service over in the Red kitchen, Tennille decides to start sweeping. They are down one chef compared to Blue, and she feels her time is best served sweeping up dirt. Chef Ramsay asks her to focus on the broccolini next time before she sweeps.

Van, the fish cook, is having a hard time on the seafood station tonight; he sends up raw halibut to the pass. This mistake has stopped both kitchens. He again sends it up uncooked.

Sabrina is also sending raw, “flipping on the plate” halibut. Chef Ramsay calls both Sabrina and Van up to the pass and tells them to switch it off. Neither team wins, each is asked to nominate one person to go home. The big questions are if the blue team will stay loyal to their original team and put up Suzanne, or will they put up who deserves it, Van?

Dave thinks it’s going to be a tough decision. Kevin thinks it is easy and that Van should go up; Van, of course, says it should be Suzanne. They have to know by now if they put up Suzanne for no reason that Chef Ramsay is just going to call down Van anyway. Van is campaigning to send home Suzanne. Ariel is going to be the tie breaker on the red team.

Chef Ramsay asks Sabrina for their nominee and why, and she explains that she herself is nominated. She does not believe that it is based on tonight’s service though, which visibly stuns Chef Ramsay. I guess maybe she forgot that it was her raw halibut that was the final straw for him. Dave nominates Van based on tonight’s service only, but adds that the weakest chef on the Blue team is Suzanne.

Sabrina is nicely asked to leave by Chef Ramsay, as he tells her take her red lips and whistle on out. This is after she had said she was proud of her time there. When she first arrived, she was all about having the right makeup on, being perfectly done up, and wearing high heels in the kitchen. On her way out, she comments that she’s looking forward to going back to dressing nicely in the kitchen. Know this, if you go to her restaurant, she’ll look nice and will know the difference between veal and lamb, but it will be raw.

The remaining chefs are informed that they need rest as tomorrow’s challenge with be the toughest yet. Luckily for us we don’t have to wait an entire week for the next episode, as it starts next.

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