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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 22, Pt. 1 – “Take Your Red Lips and Whistle Out”

After a very long two weeks, we are reminded right away tonight of Suzanne’s departure over to the blue team by a cheering Tennille. The guys don’t seem happy to be getting another set of hands and are actually down right nasty about it. They tell her right away they don’t want her and they aren’t happy. It seems odd to me that no one thinks that maybe Chef Ramsay sees something in her and welcomes the extra person advantage.

Sometimes you just have to shake your head I guess as I just don’t understand the complete nastiness of the guys. The winner of this show has to lead a full kitchen. What kind of leader tells his teammates the things that are being said to Suzanne? Working with people you don’t like is all part of the job, whether it be a waitress, a dishwasher or pastry chef; team players just should hold themselves up to a higher standard of acceptance. Sorry, a pet peeve was hit; there is just too much darn rude in the world today. One last tangent … how are you supposed to taste high quality food when your taste buds are numbed by endless hours of nicotine?

Suzanne asks for a chance. Van tells her no one throws anyone under the bus on this team; Kevin tells her we will throw you under the bus quick. Yet, the red team realizes that they need to act as one to get it done.

The next day they are confronted with Chef Scott to announce the challenge, as he introduces Chef Ramsay on a large monitor; he flew to Whistler, BC, the night before. He is at the Araxi restaurant, which will be the home to the winner of Hell’s Kitchen. He tells the aspiring chefs a little history of the restaurant, including that it is known for use of local fresh ingredients.

Chef Ramsay arranged to have fifteen local ingredients flown down to the chefs in L.A. The challenge for the teams is to cook three entrees, using each of the ingredients only once. He will be returning with special guests in two and a half hours to judge their creations.

The red team starts by separating out the ingredients from the beginning and composing the visual components of the three entrees. So much for teamwork, though, as Ariel and Tennille decide to ignore Sabrina. This is surprising, since Tennille knows first hand what that is like, and the three of them discussed earlier how important working together would be. Suzanne is being shut out in exactly the same way by the blue kitchen.

Tennille and Ariel are confused by one of the proteins and confuse venison for lamb. Sabrina catches this mistake, but instead of correcting the ladies that think she is worthless, she lets them continue to develop a dish for the “lamb”. This can only backfire on the entire team.

By the time the entrees are done, Chef Ramsay is back and ready to judge. He brings with him Sasha Cohen, an Olympic Silver Medalist, and Jonny Moseley, an Olympic Gold Medalist.

Ariel and Kevin serve first. Kevin presents Caramelized Salmon and Pan Seared Leg of Lamb. Ariel serves Grilled Salmon with Melted Leeks and Grilled Shrimp. Chef Ramsay tells her that the leeks were too heavy. Both Jonny and Sasha award the blue team a point.

The next to serve are Tennille and Dave. Tennille will be presenting the “lamb” to Chef Ramsay and Sabrina has said nothing. Tennille is totally tongue-tied when it becomes very clear she has not named the protein correctly. Sabrina is in the background grinning ear to ear, and everyone else is holding back chuckles as she has to admit to Chef Ramsay that she doesn’t know what it is. She tries to cover up her mistake with a lie, saying that they knew it was veal, and she just got confused when speaking.

Dave and Tennille both present Rack of Lamb with Cranberry Sauce. Jonny thinks the blues sauce is scary. Sasha likes the red teams complexity and flavors much more so then the blues, and thinks it was a joy to eat. Jonny also loves the red dish. Tennille is lucky her dish worked with either lamb or veal.

Van and Sabrina are presenting the tie-breaking dishes. When uncovered, one of the dishes gets a “Holy Mackerel” from Chef Ramsay. I am not sure yet if that is a blessing or a curse. Sabrina presents Lamb with Mushrooms and Artichokes. Chef Ramsay compliments the appearance of the dish and asks Van what his “contraption” is. Well, we know where the Holy Mackerel was aimed. His dish has shrimp, with the heads still on, poking up from a green pool of something. Van’s mind blanks for a minute and then recalls that it is Grilled Shrimp with Braised Kale and Roasted Tomato.

Sasha likes the sweetness of Van’s dish, but Jonny feels that it is too heavy. They both feel that the red dish was too salty. The blue team wins the challenge. Amazingly, the only dish that won points for the red team was Tennille’s, and she didn’t know what she was cooking.

The losing red team will get an outing to a farm, where they will milk cows and clean the pig pen. Chef Ramsay got them some nice clothes for their farm work. Suzanne has to be loving life right now. The winning team is scolded and asked to stop laughing.

The winners are given something unknown from Whistler that Chef picked up. They will also be having lunch at Campanile, one of L.A.’s best restaurants. They are greeted at the door by Mark Peele, Chef / Owner. He tells them that he has based his restaurant on doing simple things right. They go into the kitchen to make grilled cheese sandwiches.

Van wonders what Suzanne’s girls are doing now. They all look great in Chef Ramsay’s new outfits consisting of straw hats, knee-high rubber boots, over-alls and flannel shirts. All they need is a piece of hay for their mouths. Their first chore is to move hay bales from the barn into the truck to feed the llamas, sheep, et al. I think Tennille needs her own show, she has the ability to just make you chuckle out loud.