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Project Runway, Sept. 17 – Extra! Extra! Real All About It!

The designers go to work. Tim sends in the models and scolds the designers, saying that some of them seem to be “stalling out.” He orders them to “rally.”

Gordana is confident, because her dress doesn’t even look like it’s made from paper. Johnny tells us that, “If I go home for an arts and crafts project, I will not be happy.” Nicolas tells us that Johnny thinks a lot of himself and his dress isn’t good. Johnny, in turn, calls Nicolas’ dress “dinosaur chic.” Mean, but he could be right. Punk’s heyday was back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, when groups like the Sex Pistols and the Clash first made it big. Reviving a vintage style can work– or it can fail spectacularly.

Tim gives a five-minute warning and advises the designers to “bring lots of tape.” Heh.

At the runway, we see the judges are all guest judges again: Tommy Hilfiger, a designer; Zoe Glassner, who’d subbed for Nina last week; and Eva Longoria Parker, an actress from Desperate Housewives.

Logan’s dress is first. He describes it as showing an Asian influence. He’s used the newsprint to create an abstract print that is reminiscent of bamboo leaves. It’s a strapless sheath dress with ruffles. Nicolas sends down a sundress with vertical stripes. Now, vertical stripes may be punk, but the dress looks too tidy and cute to truly qualify as punk, which I remember as involving ripped clothes, safety pins, and wild hairstyles.

Christopher successfully finished his feathered dress, which he topped with a gray bodice. Ra’Mon sends down a brown print dress. Epperson’s look is reminiscent of a kimono, thanks to its big sleeves. Johnny made a strapless print dress.

Gordana’s dress is a vest top with a matching skirt. The top boasts a pattern that somehow looks like it was woven in. Carol Hannah sends down a long red gown with lots of ruffles. Shirin’s outfit is a strapless bubbledress with an origami skirt. Irina made a light grey trench coat with a decorated collar and sleeves. Althea made a patterned gold cocktail dress. Louise sends down a dress with a flared skirt and a black and white bodice.

After the show, Heidi calls Johnny, Nicolas, Christopher, Althea, Gordana, and Irina. It’s quite obvious that these people are the ones with the highest and lowest scores between them. The designers who weren’t called are safe and dismissed to wait backstage.

The judges start with Althea, who tells them that she wanted to accentuate her model’s “bum” and incorporate the image of the building in a picture. Eva says it’s a classic dress that she wears all the time and that she loves it. Tommy calls it “genius” and loves the execution. Zoe says she would gladly wear it– if it weren’t made of paper.

Gordana had managed to make a conventional dress out of unconventional materials. The judges deem it too wearable. Heidi and Eva both deem it boring. Eva loved Irina’s trench coat. Tommy says it reminds him of some French designers– but scolds Irina for having tape showing in the back. Heidi loves how she had crinkled up paper to make the decorations on the collar and sleeves. What she’d done, it seems, was roll up paper into little balls and glue said balls to the collar and sleeves. Tommy laughs that the decorations make a good alternative to fur.

Heidi asks Johnny about how much time he’d spent on his dress, and Johnny says he’d made two dresses– and then tells his lie about the steam iron ruining his first dress. Heidi says the dress looks thrown together and makes the model look like a hooker. Eva thinks it was poorly executed, but Zoe likes the pop art print. Johnny assures the judges that his first dress was better and compares it to Dior– which draws an eye roll from Nicolas. He tells the judges, “It was not Dior; it was a red mess.” Nicolas then tells the judges what had really happened, and Johnny whines about being thrown under the bus.

Nicolas talks about being inspired by the punk scene. Tommy doesn’t think the dress looks punk at all, and Zoe thinks his dress makes the poor model look like an insect– and who wants to look like that? Christopher tells the judges he wanted to make a “showstopper,” and points out the “feathers” on his long skirt, which Heidi loves. He also explains that the top is rigid paper; I’d guess he shellacked it or something to make it that hard. Zoe thinks it looks like art, while Eva says it’s creative. Tommy calls it sexy and glamorous.

The judges deliberate, and this time they start with the people they’d liked. They believe that Christopher was creative and took a risk. (I’ll say; he took a risk of not finishing it in time.) Althea’s dress was well-crafted, while Irina’s coat was well-done. It was dramatic without being gimmicky.

On to the people they didn’t like. Gordana’s dress was well-made, but not exciting. Nicolas’ dress was tacky, but not punk. Johnny’s dress had a cool print, but was poorly made. Tommy also suspects that Johnny was lying about his first dress – how badly could an iron spit?

The judges then call everybody back in and announce their decisions. Althea is in, and Irina is the winner. Christopher and Gordana are both in, leaving Nicolas and Johnny in the bottom two. Nicolas had tried, but failed. His dress was too “artsy-craftsy.” Johnny had offered a lot of excuses, but the judges can only go by what they see, and what they saw was “a mess.” Nicolas is therefore in, while Johnny is out.

After Johnny thanks the judges for the opportunity and leaves, Tim says, “I am incredulous at that utterly preposterous spewing of fiction that Johnny did on the runway.” Nicolas comments that Johnny had snapped and Tim says it was ridiculous. Johnny DRs that he won’t stop being a designer.

Next week: The designers go on another field trip and Louise hurts herself.

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