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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 16 – Out of This World and Stupid

Apparently this is our weird one of the night. Jonathan Noronha, 25, of Yuma, Arizona, does a dance with batons in each hand and basically he’s just doing the pony. Mary says what she loves best about Arizona is they have a nice mix. He drops a baton, goes back for it, then picks up letters that spell out D I S C O. And the O is Mary’s face. Nigel calls it fun, and he’s happy Jonathan came down, but it’s not right for the show. Mary agrees it’s entertaining, but also says it’s not strong enough for the show. If he comes back, she’d like him to rethink the basketball shorts outfit. Mia agrees it was entertaining, yet it was also all over the map.

It’s time for the choreography round, with Anya and Pasha leading them in Latin ballroom. Allison looks to be doing well, but Biggie isn’t. He quits on his own, while Shortly continues. Willem and Jacob are dong well with girls. Shorty is told it wasn’t strong enough, and joins Biggie on his way out. Allison makes it through with a ticket to Vegas, as do Willem and Jacob.

The next day in Phoenix, Jarvis Johnson, 18, Phoenix, auditions first. He’s really excited to be there and can’t seem to sit still. He admits some people think he should take medicine, but he thinks God gave him that energy for a reason. Cat asks why he’s so excited, and he says in a roundabout way so that he can bring his energy to other people. If he gets a ticket to Vegas, he’ll do a back flip, even though he’s never done a flip before He literally doesn’t stop moving, talking, and screaming. He’s still screaming on the stage before he starts dancing. He even dances right out of his shoes, and Mary notes he’s “smacking his own ass!”

Nigel calls Jarvis a dancing fool, and Jarvis still can’t still. Mary tells him it was so frantic and there was no clarity in what he was doing up there except going 90 mile a minute. She does appreciate his personality. Mia loved two things, when he danced out of his shoes and slapping his own ass. Nigel tells Jarvis he’s not a great dancer, but he is a great entertainer, and he’s so glad he took the time out of his day to come on the stage. Mia votes no to choreography yet admits he’s sunshine. Mary doesn’t get enough sunshine and votes yes. He tells Nigel he knows he wants to say yes, he never knows what he’s got in store, as he’s like a box of chocolates. Nigel makes him a deal. If he doesn’t pick it up quickly he’s going to ask him to leave. Lots of screaming follows, followed by him running right out of the auditorium.

As if that wasn’t enough for us, we now have Brandon Gordon, 23, of Phoenix, and Nicole Peterson, 21, of Flagstaff. They’re doing a ballroom routine, and he’s more than a foot taller than her, and she’s wearing a getup that reminds me of the girl on the Comfy Couch. They can not possibly have training, or at least good training, and do a lift, but it doesn’t look really comfortable. Mary thinks the alien ship has landed in Phoenix and she likes it. Mia’s just getting more confused, saying it’s a very strange place here.

The things that follow are a guy goobering his body out, a woman dancing flinging her body out, another wrenching her arms, some really bad dancing, and a person dancing with their butt to the camera in a grossly revealing leotard. I can’t even tell if it’s a man or a woman. Nigel says it really is a weird place. Another frantic dancer comes out, as well as a guy who flips his hat onto his feet, some “possessed” dancers, and a guy with hiccups. Nigel asks how close they are to Roswell.

Kelsey White, 19, of Keller, Texas, comes out to change the judges’ minds that it’s a weird place. She’s a little shaky in spots, but is a good dancer nonetheless. She needs to do someone else’s choreography, though. Nigel asks her if she has the hiccups or if she ever had aliens kidnap her, and she admits to one abduction. Nigel gets up and walks away. As Mia and Mary yell out to him, Nigel calls out from offstage, “Yes to choreography.” Mia thinks it was okay, and Mary thinks she has potential. As Nigel screams out choreography again, they decide to take that route.

Nigel comes back to the judges’ table, and wonders if they are being taken over by aliens. The contestants are wondering what’s in the judges’ coffee today, so it seems as if none of them understand each other. Up next is Jonathan “Legacy” Perez, 27, of Studio City, California, who says he’s here to share his talents with the world. He started dancing at age 15 and learned on the streets. He saw it and it sparked something in him that he wanted to learn. Wow, can this guy breakdance. He flips, spins, does the worm, a crawling sideways worm, and dance moves in between all the tricks.

Nigel calls Legacy out for assisting Lauren in choreography last year. Does he mean last year like last season this past summer, or last year as in calendar year? Nigel admits he’s good in his own right, and he loved the duck walk on his hands. What he does is hugely successful. Mary agrees he’s one of the most exciting people she’s seen, along with the fact he does it with such confidence. Mia agrees he’s a powerhouse and says she heard about how good he is. She calls him stupid, and I think she means that in a good way. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

It’s the last of the choreography round, and Jarvis stops moving for once, in fact he collapses, needing the paramedics. He refuses to breathe the oxygen and thinks he’s having a heart attack. He’s not, but he’s glad to have made it that far, and is yelling again by the time he gets in his ride to leave. Kelsey doesn’t make it either and is told to work harder as they want her to come back. Five others make it from that round, though.

We had a few to get excited about tonight, although I’m not excited enough to act like Jarvis. I don’t think anyone is.I don’t know if I believe in alien abductions or not, but something weird was definitely going on.

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