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Big Brother 11, Sept. 15 – Chima Gets Her Wish

Braden, Ronnie, Laura, and Casey return to talk about what they were able to see on TV at home, knowledge that the jury doesn’t have. Ronnie starts, wearing a shirt that reads the square root of all evil. After congratulating Jordan and Natalie, he notes that what shocked him the most was that while he was known to be the rat and liar, someone took it to a whole new level, and that is Natalie. He tells Jordan that as much as she said Ronnie has lied to her more than anyone could, Natalie actually has. She’s really 24. Jordan says, “Shut up!” Kevin says, “I knew it.” Ronnie is upset with Natalie, as he’s the only person in their alliance she did not tell, but she didn’t tell Kevin either. He says week two would have been different had he known that he was the odd man out with her.

Casey mentions the biggest mistake of the season, other than him picking the banana suit was made by Jeff believing Kevin and Natalie’s lie when they told him Russell was coming after him. They made it up and their intention the whole time was to get rid of him. Cue the clip of Kevin and Natalie coming up with the lie, and Kevin sharing it with Jeff, including Kevin saying Jeff is an idiot if he goes for it, and Kevin and Natalie celebrating. Jeff explains Michele confirmed the lie, and that’s why he believed it, and then she pulled out the “I don’t remember.” Jeff isn’t mad at them and doesn’t care if she’s 24. Good for her.

Braden was surprised that Jessie was such a pimp and got all the girls in his bed, and took notes on how he did that. He wants Jessie to give him a call to hang out. Jessie jokes he was just trying to play the game like Kevin, but no one can play that like Kevin, and it got him much further.

Laura addresses the Chima topic, but first cheers Jordan on. She was hurt by Chima’s actions, because herself and the others would have done anything to stay in the game, and she threw it all away. She also felt badly for Lydia, Kevin, and Natalie as she threw them under the bus, as it meant one less person fighting for them. She was offended and calls it a bad move. Kevin nods and says he agrees with Laura even though he was Chima’s friend. He tried to tell Chima so many people tried out to be a part of this, but she wasn’t listening. Everyone agrees it was a bad move on Chima’s part.

Speaking of nasty things said, it comes to Ronnie first. We see him call Michele the worst human being he ever met, and she says she knows that’s not true and that it was just a melodramatic moment, but she doesn’t know what she did to hurt him so badly. He says he thought about it a lot and that came from a disagreement that morning. When you are in the house you feel like you’re fighting for your life. He doesn’t really think that and says it was probably just strategy and hopes it didn’t hurt her. She accepts that.

Julie asks Jessie about his relationship with Lydia and him saying it was platonic. We get to see them in bed together and all their hanky panky. Julie pulls out Webster’s definition of platonic and mentions an absence of romance or sex and asks if he still feels it was platonic. He admits now it was a little more towards romance. Lydia will not comment on if anything has gone on in the jury house. Russell also thought it was platonic, and says he doesn’t know where he was, but was probably yelling at someone while that was going on.

Jeff is asked where the Jeff and Jordan romance will go, and he says we’ll see if she wins or not, then laughs that off. He then says we’ll see what happens outside the house, as it’s crazy in there. She agrees. The crowd cheers in agreement for them to go to Hawaii together. Jeff says she’s on the short list. This gets to one last prize, America’s Favorite Houseguest. I think everyone knows who’s winning that one.

Julie reads the votes. America’s vote goes to Jordan, Jessie’s vote surprisingly goes to Jordan, Lydia’s goes to Jordan, and Russell’s vote goes to Natalie. Jeff’s vote goes to Jordan. She wins Big Brother. She made a great decision taking Natalie. Kevin probably would have beaten her. Her family is there to hug her, followed by the rest of the houseguests. For the record, Kevin voted for Natalie, and Michele for Jordan.

Jordan tells Julie she will put a down payment on a house for her mom, maybe buy a new car and help her aunt to send her kids to college. Of course, Jeff gets the $25,000, and no one is shocked as Julie says it wasn’t even close.

What I don’t get is how the jury turned on Natalie. Jessie already knew she was really 24. I’m guessing Lydia got to him in her jealousy. Natalie and Lydia shared Jessie stories before Lydia left, and I’m thinking Lydia just shared Natalie’s part in that and not her own to get Jessie to think they weren’t in a true alliance. At that point it didn’t matter, but I think Lydia’s jealousy got to her one last time. Yet even if Jessie voted for Natalie, Jordan would have won. It would have taken Jessie and Lydia to both stay on her side. And since they were the only two in Natalie’s alliance to not vote for her, I think it was definitely something Lydia said. In the end, she won in their jealousy battle, as she cost Natalie $450,000.

And the most interesting thing of all, is Chima got her wish. It was an all girl final 2.

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