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Big Brother 11, Sept. 15 – Chima Gets Her Wish

Kevin thinks what’s most important in determining who will win will be the most strategic person. In his goodbye messages, Jordan apologizes and says she really likes him and he’s so funny, yet she thinks this is her best move, as she’s proven to be a better player. Natalie tells him she doesn’t know what went wrong as they had it in the bag. She admits she couldn’t have gotten that far without him and he needs to keep his head up as he played a hell of a game.

The jury now comes back into the house, or right outside the house rather, and Lydia has a mohawk. The men are all de-facial haired. Jeff is wearing the same dang clothes he wore in the house. They await their final juror, as they don’t know who it is yet. Jeff guesses it was Kevin that was evicted, but Lydia wants to see Natalie out and is crossing her fingers. Kevin comes out and Lydia is quite upset. Lydia says that makes two witches for the final two. Apparently the only people she would have accepted at final two were herself, Kevin, and Jessie. Julie updates them that Jordan won the final HoH and evicted him.

Before the jury votes they get to question Natalie and Jordan. This is their time to get the answers they need to make their final decision. They came up with three questions apiece and have all agreed on what they should be. Kevin will get to ask one as well. Russell asks Jordan what her strategy was before she came into the house and how it changed inside the house. She says she wanted to lay low and not trust anyone, but met everyone, then trusted everyone. But then after the fights, she didn’t trust anyone, and told herself she was just going to be herself, goofy, funny, clueless, and see how far it gets her, laying under the radar.

Lydia asks Natalie out of all the evicted houseguests, who was her biggest threat and what role did she have in that eviction. Natalie says it was Lydia, as she had a strong friendship and alliance with Jessie, and she saw her coming in between them, and he was her ally and loyal to her. That’s why she campaigned the whole game to get her out. Very honest in that answer. Jeff asks Jordan other than aligning with himself, what her best move was. She tells him it was probably just now getting rid of Kevin, because Kevin got rid of Jeff, and people were mad at him for using the coup d’etat. She knew she wouldn’t have a chance against Kevin.

Michele addresses Natalie saying she is 24 years old and supposedly engaged, and asks why it was critical she told the jury her engagement news. She wants to know if she was hoping it would influence the votes. Natalie tells her it’s not “supposedly” she “is” engaged. It’s one of the best things to happen to her in her life. It was critical because she’s proud of it and wanted to share it with them, because more than half of them are truly her friends. Jessie asks Jordan why she deserves to beat Natalie. Jordan says she deserves to win because everyone thinks she wasn’t a good competitor and that she was carried, but she won the two final rounds in HoH and got herself there, not needing anyone else to help her.

Russell asks Natalie why she deserves to win over Jordan, and is told she came into the house with a strategy, and that was to not be the strongest or weakest, but align herself with strong players, and she feels she did. She aligned with Jessie, a strong physical competitor, with Chima, a strong mental competitor, and with Ronnie, a great gamer and somebody who knew the game inside and out. That got her in good position in the game where she didn’t have to win the most, and she stuck true to every single ally and never backstabbed them. This elicits some laughter. Kevin asks Jordan if she can tell him what she did better than Natalie. Jordan says she laid low, but they both were the same with their alliances, yet she’s proven herself winning competitions and she did certain things to further herself in the game. I’m not so sure that one convinced him.

Jordan makes one last shot at pleading her case and says she didn’t know what to expect coming into the house, but she knew she wanted to stay true to her alliances. She was outnumbered, but always had Michele and Jeff as her alliance. When everyone thought she was harmless, she wanted to lay under the radar, yet she was scared people would think she was carried. She’s proud of herself whether she wins or not, because she knows Natalie will be hard to beat with more friends on the jury. She’s won an HoH, a veto, and two final rounds of this HoH. She didn’t need anyone else and it showed she was a better competitor than she was showing herself to be. It was all to better herself and her alliance, and nothing was ever personal.

Natalie admits she hasn’t won the most competitions, but says she didn’t need to. Jeff used the coup d’etat and the reason he put her and Jessie against each other was because they were running the house. She notes that by him doing that, it shows she was playing the game and making decisions, although she’d never been HoH. She aligned with strong people she knew would win competitions. She stayed true to her alliance of Jessie, Chima, Ronnie, and Kevin, and she never betrayed them. In fact, she was so loyal to them, when Ronnie was on the block, she knew he didn’t have the votes to stay. Yet she stayed loyal to him knowing it could make her a target. When Jessie and Chima were evicted, all she did was talk about getting vengeance for them, and she thinks she did that, along with staying true to Kevin. At the end of the day, she played loyal to her alliance and hopes to get a vote since she did so.

In order of their eviction, the jury will now place their votes. They can make one brief final statement without revealing their vote. Jessie is up first and says, “Well Jordan, Hakuna Matata.” Lydia tells Jordan she loves a good blonde. Russell chooses the person that played the best game from start to finish. Jeff tells Jordan he’s proud of her and he knew she could do it. Michele is voting for the strongest female in the game. Kevin wanted to vote for who’s cuter, but they both look cute, so this is strictly strategic. America is also placing a vote replacing Chima, and Julie locks in our vote, which I’m sure is Jordan.


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