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Big Brother 11, Sept. 15 – Chima Gets Her Wish

Lydia points out Kevin always said think about who will be in the jury, as you want them to see you as a good person. Jeff blurts out her little sweet Kevin wasn’t so sweet when he was leaving. Lydia counters his sweet little Jordan wasn’t so sweet all the time either. Touche. Jeff replies he might as well talk to a plant or road cone and tells her to get in her spaceship and get out of there.

Jessie thinks both Kevin and Natalie played better than Jordan, and Jeff adds they all had many times to get Jordan out, but they didn’t, so there must be something there they liked. Lydia adds out Jordan got her out and stayed in longer than Jeff. Touche again. Russell says Jordan is the nicest and sweetest girl, but her best move was attaching herself to Jeff. Yet he can’t find a power play of the game for her. Jeff wonders what Kevin and Natalie’s power plays were, and Lydia says Kevin won 2 vetos, an HoH, and an endurance. He counters Jordan did as well, but Lydia shoots back that Jordan got a win handed to her by him. She says he was the puppetmaster and she made a move when he told her to. Jessie had starts to do the puppet move, and Lydia notes Jeff is never going to say anything about Jordan and he agrees

Russell brings up Natalie, saying she’s short, small, cute and the little girl next door, and you almost fall for it, but it was what she needed to do to advance to the next week. He thinks she fell into her strategy by mistake and calls her out on throwing comps, but says she did it because she didn’t think she could beat the others. Michele thinks one of her strategies was to attach herself to the biggest targets, because as they left, she’d attach herself to another one. Jessie says he knew he had to take full credit for evicting the people out of the house, and if they think it was Natalie, it wasn’t. It was him. Jeff doesn’t think Natalie deserves to be there, as all she did was kiss ass. Jessie was by far the strongest person in the house, and she latched onto him. Once he left, she latched onto Chima, because she was HoH. But his logic is wrong here, as Jessie left when Chima was HoH because of the coup d’etat.

Lydia wants it known that Kevin helped evict three athletes. Michele thinks he did a lot of work to pit people against each other and was always working. Jeff knows Kevin did the right thing in getting him out, as he would have won the game had he not. Michele says she promised Kevin she’d vote on strategy, but now it turns out she’s the most bitter person there. She’s still angry. There’s nothing worse than an angry neurosurgeon. Look out rats.

It’s time for the final HoH competition with Kevin pitted against Jordan. Julie will read statements from the jury members, and Jordan and Kevin need to decide between one of two possible endings. The best of five wins the final HoH. #1 Jessie said “The best thing about being in the house was” A. “the ladies, oh yeah.” or B. “having time to work on my amazing calves.” Kevin chooses A, Jordan B, and Kevin wins a point. #2 Lydia said “The moment in the house that irritated me the most was” A. “every time Michele opened up her mouth.” or B. “when Jeff got the coup d’etat” Kevin says A, Jordan B, and Jordan gets the point to tie it up.

#3 Russell said “If I could go back in time to change this game I would change” A. “how much I told Michele” or B. “some of the things I said to Chima.” Kevin picks B, and Jordan picks A, and Jordan takes the lead. #4 Jeff said “The fatal error I made in the house was A. “not winning the last PoV” or B. “getting rid of Russell a week too soon.” Kevin says A, and Jordan says B, and Kevin gets the point, tying it up. #5 Michele said “The houseguest I think needs a reality check most is” A. “Chima” or B. “Jessie.” Both say B and they get it right.

The tiebreaker needs the chalkboards. The answer is a number, meaning Kevin has the edge. Including tiebreaker votes, how many total votes to evict have been cast this season? Jordan has a total guessing look on her face and Kevin says out loud, “Julie I don’t know.” Jordan guesses 50 and Kevin guesses 80. The correct answer is 51. Jordan wins the final HoH. The crowd outside is going wild. Jordan now has a big decision ahead of her.

Jordan is now casting her final vote to evict. Natalie gets a last chance to plead her case and tells Jordan they were on opposite sides of the house, but despite that, she always stayed true to Jeff, just as she did with Jessie. Besides that, The last few weeks they bonded and became friends. She is grateful for anything and everything despite what happens, and as a friend she asks her to keep her in the game, as she’ll appreciate it.

Kevin says his speech will be short and asks to be kept. He says he and Jordan never went after each other and he’d appreciate it if she’d keep him in this house as she’s Gucci, and as Lydia would say, “OMG, vote for me.”

Jordan hates doing stuff like this and deciding on “y’alls fate.” Because she was on Jeff’s side when he used the coup d’etat, it felt like a lot of people were against them. Between the two of them, she’d never win. She has kept her word about most things, but she has to go with her gut, and Kevin has won $10,000, so she has to evict him, because he was going to keep Michele. It’s nothing against him, and it’s just strategic. He tells her it’s okay, as it’s his fault for not winning the last competition. He totally understands and congratulates her, then walks out the door, after asking if that’s what he was supposed to do

Kevin walks out to tremendous cheers. Natalie thanks Jordan and says it’s the two girls. Even if she gets 2nd place, she’s getting engaged. Jordan thinks there’s no way Natalie will get 2nd place, though. Julie asks Kevin what happened, and he says Jordan made the smartest choice, because she might have more of a chance this way. He’s not mad as it’s totally a game. He didn’t take anything personal, and he’s totally not angry or bitter. Julie asks about his decision to get rid of Michele to use Jordan to help get out Natalie. He asks why she’d ask such a thing. This was the dream of a lifetime for him, as he’s been applying since season one, and he still leaves with money and some new clothes.


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