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Big Brother 11, Sept. 15 – Chima Gets Her Wish

Tonight’s the big night, the finale. I want to go on record as saying no one would have guessed these three would still be here at the end. They’re a most unlikely grouping, and no one was picking these three as favorites to go all the way. Partway through the season everyone figured Jordan might make it, but they figured Jeff would be dragging her kicking and screaming. Yet she’s here on her own now, and even has a 50/50 chance of becoming the final HoH.

Jordan is excited about winning the second part of HoH, but says she didn’t want to rub it in Natalie’s face. Yet she was screaming on the inside to get to go to the next phase. Kevin thought this was perfect, as Natalie is no longer in the equation and can’t win the final HoH. He always felt she would betray him and that Jordan would take him since Natalie has so many friends on the jury. Natalie is angry with herself and knows she has to work to get the other two to want to take her to the end. She plans on being their best friends. Good plan.

Natalie tells Kevin she hopes if he wins he sticks with the deal and takes her. She’s not sure why, but she thinks he’s going to take Jordan. Kevin notes “if the bitch wins, she’s taking you.” Natalie disagrees. He just wants to enjoy their time until the end. He tells the DR she’s correct that he won’t take her, because Jordan doesn’t have the friends on the jury like Natalie does. Natalie knows her only choice is to trust Kevin.

When Natalie is sent to the DR, Kevin asks Jordan if she’s on board, saying he’s getting nervous. She’s totally on board, but admits she’s getting scared that he won’t take her either. He tells her 1000% if he gets the choice, he’ll pick her, as he knows he’s only 2nd place with Natalie, but has a shot at a possible first with Jordan. However, Jordan tells the DR she plans to take Natalie, as Kevin has won more in the house, and she thinks the jury would go with that over her. I don’t know if Kevin realizes it or not, but her body language and face is very much saying she’s lying.

Kevin calls Jordan outside for “hammock time,” but Natalie wants him to play pool with her. He refuses, as Natalie goes in and works on Jordan saying she wants to stay in contact, even though more than half the show they didn’t hang out or be friends. Jordan tells her if something happens and Kevin doesn’t take her, she’s going to go out and tell everyone to vote for Natalie. Jordan knows she has to win so they will both go. They assure each other that if one of them doesn’t make it to final two, they will have each other’s vote.

Kevin tells Natalie later that he doesn’t feel he has a shot at winning against either of them. He thinks with Jeff on the jury he’ll persuade Jordan to vote for Natalie. He doesn’t think he has a shot with Jeff since he evicted him. Natalie points out that he has two guaranteed votes in Michele and Lydia, but Kevin points out he screwed over Michele as well. He doesn’t think so, as that would be for personal reasons. As far as personal votes go, if he doesn’t pick Natalie, she’ll vote for Jordan since he would have screwed her. However, he still feels he’s playing for second place no matter who he’s again, even though he feels he played better and won more competitions than everyone. She asks if he’s insinuating he’s going back on their deal, but he says he’s just thinking out loud. She gets upset with him and leaves.

Julie addresses the houseguests live tonight and points out it has been an emotional roller coaster for Kevin inside the house, but she wants to know what the show has taught him about himself. He replies he has learned to have more confidence in himself, as he thought he’d be taken over in the game and didn’t think he was a strong competitor, yet here he is in final three. Natalie is asked what she’ll miss most and says living with twelve people. It’s been an amazing journey with ups and downs, but waking up in a house filled of people, she’ll miss, each and every one of them.Jordan has been changed in that she didn’t think she could last this long without her family, but now she has patience and has become an adult.

Time goes back to a week ago inside the jury house as everyone is waiting for the next person to arrive. Jeff notes the pool here blows the Big Brother pool out of the water, no pun intended. As the guys play pool, as in billiards, Jeff asks if they should wait for Kevin or play another game. Russell agrees it’ll be Kevin walking in next, but Lydia and Jessie think it’ll be Jordan. Jeff wants to see Kevin out since he took him out. Lydia asks what happens if Jordan leaves, but Jeff thinks she’s safe. Russell doesn’t want it to be Michele since they became very close. His fingers are crossed.

Cue Michele’s entrance, as she says “Guess who didn’t make it into the final three?” Jessie celebrates, and Jeff is shocked, knowing Jordan’s chances are slimmer. She tells them what happened, and Russell isn’t happy. Michele shares the information that there was another Pandora’s Box and Natalie’s boyfriend came in and proposed to her. Jeff asks If her boyfriend was a total tool and Lydia asks for a high five. His response is classic. “I don’t need a high five for bashing somebody.” They wonder if this was a lie just like her age. They share with Michele that Natalie is 24 and not 18, and Michele says she figured that, adding that Natalie wasn’t honest and was a “dirty little trickster.”

Michele pops the DVD in to show them how the week went, and they see Natalie winning HoH saying she did it by sticking to her word. Next they show her nomination queen outfit and her speech to Kevin and Michele. Michele shares that Kevin and Natalie were just pretending to be fighting. Lydia believes Natalie has some balls to call Michele out as the devil, but Michele knows it was to make her look bad to the jury. Jeff is getting sick, but Jessie laughs, saying apparently it’s working. They all share with Michele they would have voted for her before they ever voted for Natalie.

The jury gathers to talk about the final three, at the time they would normally question the final 2. Russell says the three in the house still clearly didn’t win a lot, so he wonders who played people the best. They call it a tossup. Lydia says she never won anything, but she respects people for winning. Jeff does too, but not these people. Jessie points out they did something to get there to final three. Jeff notes they just just took a different road and got the strong people out.


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