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Amazing Race 15 Cast Preview – Globetrotters, Card Players, Asbergers … Oh My!

Guess what everyone? The Amazing Race is back later this month! I know that I have been re-watching all of the past seasons in order recently – I just watched the infamous pushing incident in Berlin from Amazing Race 6 last night. I was thinking about lobbying my Congressman to make the premiere of each Amazing Race a national holiday. Who’s with me?

This year’s premiere kicks off in LA and goes to Japan to start. There will be another first episode double-elimination, a la AR12. They have also added a new element – the Switchback. Here teams are forced to go back and do one of the show’s most challenging Roadblocks. I am hoping for the vegans to have to do the Argentinean Meatblock. Anyway, the cast has been released and here is a quick overview of what to expect:

Names – Meghan Rickey (23); Cheyne Whitney (23). That’s right, his name is Cheyne. He’s either named after a Native American tribe, a city, or an exotic dancer. Not sure which one.
Relationship – Dating, from San Diego.
Cool fact – they met playing tetherball in grade school
Who they remind me of – Kris/Jon with more of an edge
Can they win? – Sure they can, if Eric and Danielle could win, they could.

Names – Maria Ho (26); Tiffany Michelle (25). I will do my best not to make any crass jokes based on last names with this team.
Relationship – Professional Poker Players, from California. You know they are probably good liars. Although if Shannon Elizabeth and Jennifer Tilly can be successful poker players, not sure if I can be impressed by these two.
Cool fact – Tiffany’s nickname is “Hot Chips” and Maria sings in her sister’s band.
Who they remind me of – Dustin/Kandice, but with more bluffing and less hotness.
Can they win? No all female team has ever won before. And as for the reality show chances of poker players, does anyone remember Jean-Robert?

Names – Marcy Malloy (60); Ronald Shalita (59)
Relationship – Dating, from San Francisco
Cool Fact – Marcy takes trapeze classes and is a successful photographer. He’s a day trader and math tutor, which are so common these days.
Who they remind me of – Bob/Joyce crossed with Teri/Ian
Can they win? No. The oldest team to ever win was Chip/Kim, and they weren’t exactly ordering Early Bird Specials.

Names – Lance Layne (41); Keri Morrione (33). Is his name really Lance Layne? Is he a DC Comics superhero alter ego?
Relationship – Engaged, from Massachusetts.
Cool fact – He describes himself as having an “über-aggressive personality” and is a Red Sox fan, so he already has two strikes against him in my book.
Who they remind me of – I think they wish they were Rob/Amber, they probably will be more like Colin/Christie, but with more Nate/Jen results.
Can they win? It is hard to walk the line between aggressiveness, arrogance, charm and efficiency that Rob and Amber or Colin and Christie did so well when they just missed winning. Usually, these teams implode in grand fashion – see Jonathan/Victoria.

Names – Herbert Lang (32); Nathaniel Lofton (28). Probably safe to say that they are the tallest Racers ever, since they are both Harlem Globetrotters. Pretty cool, I wonder if they can tell us how Gilligan is doing?
Relationship – Teammates, from Louisiana
Cool Fact – Um…other than being Harlem Globetrotters? They are racing in memory of their best friend who died recently.
Who they remind me of – Well, that’s a tough one. But I get a Rob/Brennan vibe from these guys.
Can they win? Certainly. Athletic, all-male teams have a great track record. I suspect cramping could be an issue after all of these flights, though.

Names – Gary Tomljenovich (47); Matt Tomljenovich (22). Please don’t ask me to pronounce that last name. Although the Scrabble value would probably be astronomical.
Relationship – Father/Son, from Montana.
Cool Fact – They are opposites, described as a PC and a Mac. Matt was almost killed when he was hit by a car and broke his leg so badly that he had to have a metal rod put in to hold it in place, or so CBS.com tells me.
Who they remind me of – Steve/Josh. Hopefully with a better sense of direction.
Can they win? Sure, why not. Although, it’s not as if the Race is replete with successful Father/Son teams.

Names – Garrett Paul (28); Jessica Stout (27). Oh, no. I fear this one.
Relationship – Dating On and Off, from California
Cool Fact – They are very, very well traveled and intelligent. But, after three major breakups in seven years…I fear this one.
Who they remind me of – Adam/Rebecca with a BIG dose of Rob/Kimberley.
Can they win? Flo managed to win, so anything is possible. But that traveling experience should be a huge plus.