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Project Runway, Sept. 10 – Model Clients

Last week, on Project Runway, the designers faced their first team challenge. They had to make a California surfer look and an avant-garde piece that somehow corresponded to the surfer look. Qristyl and Epperson spent the episode bickering. Ra’Mon and Mitchell were the winning team, but when the judges discovered that Mitchell had basically done nothing, they torpedoed his “plan” to have Ra’Mon carry him and sent him home, leaving Ra’Mon the sole challenge winner. This was the first time in Project Runway history that somebody from a winning team was sent home.

The next day, Nicolas hopes to weed out all the talentless people. Um, Nicky, you haven’t won yet, so shut up. At this point, I’d guess Ra’Mon and Johnny are the front runners, as they have both cracked the Top Three twice. Speaking of the Top Three, Epperson wants to at least crack it, if not win.

At the runway, Heidi issues the challenge for this week: Make thirteen women “very happy.” In the workroom, Tim “fills in the details”: Their clients are their own models, who are going to an industry event and thus need to dress to impress. The models need to show that they can wear and sell a look– and hype their tie in series, Models of the Runway, which I still don’t plan on watching. Carol Hannah is relieved to see that their clients aren’t “bridezillas.” The designers have thirty minutes to caucus with the models and another thirty minutes to shop at Mood. They will have a budget of $100, and they have only a day to complete the challenge, having to be finished by midnight.

The designers then discuss the challenge with their models, who tell them what kind of look they want. Johnny tells us he’s confident, as he and his model, Emarie, have similar tastes. He starts by asking her what she doesn’t want, which strikes me as smart, as that will tell him what not to do. Epperson’s model likes orange. She also wants something that’s classy and elegant. Qristyl’s model wants to show off her curves (what curves?) and stand out. Irina discusses length with her model, Kalyn, who can’t decide what color she wants.

Louise’s model wants something red, but Louise thinks that might be too garish, and plans on putting her girl in something black and gold instead. Althea mentions that her model has a great sense of style. Shirin’s model wants a royal blue jumpsuit with gold trim, and Shirin is cringing at this, as she’s afraid the result will look like a costume. (I agree; a royal blue jumpsuit would be a great look– for a comic book convention.) Logan’s model, Kojii, asks for a 1950’s look using a lot of lace. Unfortunately, Logan doesn’t know much about the 50’s, so he’s nervous. Still, he feels the need to push himself and do something new.

The designers shop at Mood, and Althea soon finds the perfect black fabric for her look. Epperson looks for orange fabric, but can’t find any that he likes, so he switches to brown, instead. Tim reminds him that he can’t do everything that his client wants.

Back at the workroom, the designers quickly get to work, as they have only thirteen hours to produce completed looks. Louise tells us she thinks it’s depressing that people have to be sent home. Christopher tells us that it’s the first time that he’s actually noticed that people are leaving. I can understand why this would be; how much chance did he have to get to know Ari or Malvin? You don’t miss people you don’t know. Christopher also assures us that he works best under pressure, while some other designers are struggling. Nicolas believes he’ll be working right up to the very last minute.

Tim stops by to check on people’s progress. He starts with Althea, who tells him her model had asked for a man’s smoking jacket and a black skirt that would show off her legs. She also plans to make a belt with a layered look, and Tim advises her to think “sash” rather than “cummerbund,” which makes Althea laugh. Tim tells her that he can’t wait to see the finished product.

Christopher’s model had wanted a look that accentuates her waist. Tim is worried about the very bold green, and Christopher admits that he expects at least one judge to say that his model, Katie, looks like a salad. Epperson’s model had asked for a look involving “flowy,” “punk,” “cocktail,” and “tiger.” Yow; how can Epperson make a coherent look based on that laundry list?! Nonetheless, Tim is pleased with his design. He isn’t pleased with Qristyl’s dress, though, as it looks “like somebody slept in it,” and it does indeed look like a wrinkled mess.

Logan is worried that his dress looks like a “Smurf prom dress.” It has a black lace cummerbund and a blue skirt, and Tim says he can’t get the Smurf image out of his head. He agrees Logan has a problem. Carol Hannah wants to accentuate her model’s waist and Tim says the current one-shouldered design will make the model look older than she is. Tim ells everybody that he’s excited by the potential in the room, and reminds the designers that the models will stop by soon.

After Tim leaves, Epperson takes a time out in order to call his family, as he misses them. He doesn’t want to be away from his family again. When he hangs up, we see he’s weeping. He says being away from his family is the hardest thing he’s ever been through. Hmm, he’s getting a lot of air time tonight, which means he’ll do either very well or very badly. Tim did like his design, so that could bode well for him.

Qristyl decides to scrap her dress and start over. She decides to make a black dress, as “everybody wants a little black dress in their closet.” Um, this dress is supposed to attract the attention of the model’s potential employers, not hang in a closet. Seriously, conservative is probably not the way to go. The models come in for their fitting. Logan hopes Kojii likes the “Smurf” dress. Epperson’s model, Matar, agrees that the available orange fabric was awful, but that’s okay, as she’s perfectly happy with the brown dress he made instead.

Johnny fits Emarie, who doesn’t like the bodice of her dress. Christopher wants to keep shortening his dress. Johnny thinks Emarie doesn’t like his dress, and she responds that he always thinks she doen’t like his dress. He admits he does get nervous, which is bad because he needs to be able to trust his gut.

Tanisha loves Althea’s dress, saying it’s exactly what she wanted. Althea still has a lot of work left to do, though. Logan hopes he can send something he can be proud of down the runway. He thinks Kojii looks like a “Gothic Cinderella,” and while she loves it, he worries that she’ll attract attention for the wrong reasons.