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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 9 – Tap Tap Tapping to Vegas!

It’s the start of day two, and we meet Amber Williams, 18, of Yucaipa, California. Amber’s mom become paralyzed while Amber was just 11 years old, and she had to quit dance. At first it was hard for her, but she didn’t mind as her mom had always put her first. When Amber’s mom sees her dancing, she feels joy. I’ll agree that Amber has a lot of expressions in her dancing. She has a lot to say it seems. Nigel was just getting into her performance when she stopped. She did some beautiful things and is so light on her feet, but he wishes the light in her face now had been in her performance, as it’s what separates her from other technicians. Mary agrees she is beautiful with beautiful technique, especially the pirouette that went to the floor that was effortless. They usually hear everyone’s feet but not hers. Adam tells her she blew him away, as it was unexpected and she should feel incredibly proud of herself. She’s going to Vegas.

Two contemporary dancers try to prove they have star quality. Alexie Agdeppa, 25, of Rowland Heights, California, is told by Nigel she dances with every part of her essence. Paula van Oppen, 18, of North Hollywood, California, sits oh the floor with as much expression as you can imagine, then backs it up with dance. Adam calls it beautiful. Guess where they’re going?

Christina Santana, 23, of San Diego, is hoping to show the dancers something completely different and is doing a salsa that they try to incorporate more hip hop into. This can’t be better than Janette Manrara, though. Or maybe it can be. She’s good, and this incorporated dance is unique and really good. She’s amazing, and her partner isn’t so bad himself. They’re definitely fun to watch. You can’t take your eyes off them.

Nigel asks Christina’s partner, Pepe, why he’s not auditioning. Pepe explains he doesn’t have the dance background Christina has, yet Nigel tells him he’s “bloody good.” Nigel tells Christina she put a smile on everyone’s face and everything had a sharpness, and then she added the little shoulders of the salsa. Mary thinks she’s fabulous, as the dance was sharp, rhythmical, and had great tricks. As for other styles, she Christina announces she does ballet, jazz, and belly dancing. Adam says he’ll need to go to the gym for about two months to find some of that core strength. She gets a ticket to Vegas, and I wish Pepe had gotten one as well.

We wind up with some bad auditions that are probably best not to mention. Nigel calls it a nightmare, and I’m hoping I don’t have them tonight. But we’re not done yet. There’s one more doing a tap piece. Could Phillip Attmore, 25, of Pasadena, be better than Ryan and Bianca? He admits he was once a roommate on tour with Ryan in Fosse. He gives the scoop on Ryan to Cat about how clean he is and metions that Ryan has a happy face tattooed on his bum. Interesting. Phillip calls the stage a second home.

Phillip is definitely fun, and with a certain different style than Ryan, a little more classic. Nigel tells him it was absolutely superb and although no tappers have made it into the top 20, he thinks this might be the year for it. Phillip admits his style is an homage to Jimmy Slide, Sammy Davis, Jr., Gregory Hines, and Gene Kelly. Mary agrees it’s fabulous, and Adam feels Phillip laid it all out there being engaging and effortless. It was so darn clean and fantastic. Nigel is thankful this was the year after he did his own tapping so that the doesn’t have to follow it. That’s right;. You’ll be seeing Phillip in Las Vegas. Ten more make it to Vegas after the choreography round that again we know nothing about.

I’ll admit, tonight was exciting. After such a good season this summer, I didn’t know if there was anything left for me just yet. But here I am saying wow. I still haven’t forgotten my favorites from this summer, but I hope I’ll find some new favorites to put right next to them by the time of the top 20 announcement next month.

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