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So You Think You Can Dance 6, Sept. 9 – Tap Tap Tapping to Vegas!

Wow, late May already? It hardly seems like it’s time for So You think You Can Dance again. It seems like only a month ago that Jeanine Mason won. As much as this bonus season is nice, it just seems oddly misplaced. Regardless, here we are, ready to do it all over again.

We’re starting off with auditions in Los Angeles, California. With talent like we had this last season, it makes me wonder what we’ll have this time. Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined at the judges’ table by Adam Shankman, who is just always a fun guy to have around. It’s hard not to share his excitement.

Up first is Cole Clemens, 21, of Placentia, CA who feels it’s important to be distinctive. He feels he’s always been a trendsetter and hopes Nigel calls him unique. It’s either going to be really good or really bad. He dances without any music and narrates as he goes, “Shatter, shatter, shatter, shatter.” It’s basically him pulling at his body and face, not dancing. Nigel and Mary crack up as Cole pantomimes blowing out a candle. Mary says after it was unusual, and probably one of the more unusual auditions they’ve had. Nigel suggests it’s off-Broadway, and Adam adds like Cleveland Off-Broadway. It’s a no for all three judges, not surprisingly.

Mollee Gray, 18, of Upland, California, hails originally from Utah and was a principal dancer in High School Musical 1, 2, and 3. She wasn’t getting enough auditions, so they literally packed their things and moved to California. She and her mom are best friends and her mom has worked three jobs to support Mollee’s dance. She thinks Mollee lights up the whole stage when she dances. Hey, she’s dancing to music, and she’s good too. She reminds me a little in style of Jeanine as a matter-of-fact.

Adam says, “She is so this show.” Nigel thinks her resume is impressive, and Adam calls himself a huge fan as her smile lights up the whole room, and her energy makes him happy. Mary thinks Mollee has huge potential for the show and will grow a great deal. Nigel is pleased she came to the front of the stage and is happy and bright. He wants to make sure she connects when she’s dancing and not just when she’s talking. He asks the others if 18 is old enough to go to Vegas, and they agree she is. She hugs Cat and is in.

David Hovhannisyan, 27, of Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, does a leaping contemporary performance that impresses the judges. Mary calls it extraordinary and just pleasant to see someone kill it up there. Amanda Kirby, 20, of Riverside, California, does more contemporary as Nigel tells her when someone has the technique she has, anything is possible. Brandon Dumlao, 21, of Concord, California, has some contemporary as well, and Adam tells him what he did up there he did really well. They all get tickets to Las Vegas.

Two favorites from last season come back to delight us all over again. The first needs no intro other than he’s “the other brother. It’s Ryan Kasprzak, 29, of Astoria, New York. The other is Bianca Revels. Ryan had made it all the way to the top 20 announcement when his brother, Evan, was chosen over him, and Bianca, a fellow tapper, was cut in Las Vegas as well. She had said then it was her last time, as she wasn’t willing to come back three, four times. She’s obviously changed her mind. Ryan hopes as a makeup, they can both make season six.

Ryan does a routine without music that is much different … read better .. than the first thing we saw tonight, and is a combination of him tapping, snapping, and narrating, saying, “I hear music.” Adam gives him a standing O. and tells him he isn’t a dancer but a freaking artist. For him, it was the best audition he’s ever seen on the show, and the most special and unique thing. He just laid it on the floor and did everything they’ve ever asked any of their dancers to do, and with great style and dignity. Mary agrees it was absolutely wonderful. She didn’t know what he was going to say next. She just loves his tapping, as he’s a performer. Without question, Nigel agrees with Adam. It was one of the most unique, brilliant auditions they’ve ever had. He adds that before the class that his feet have was always there, but now he has grown in himself, so when he actually gets with other people that will inspire him, he will grow. He’s obviously going to Vegas … again.

Bianca now takes the stage for her shot at tapping. Nigel mentions they’ve had battles on the show, such as hip hop battles, and he misses seeing tap battles from years gone by, asking if she’s ever done one. She of course has. She agrees to take Ryan on. He jumps on the stage and tells Nigel tap dancers don’t call this a battle, but trading. It’s really impressive, and that’s about all you can say, other than it’s loads of fun. Adam admits to being totally speechless, saying it’s maybe the the most fun he’s ever had on the show. Nigel asks Bianca what one of her moves is called and is told wings. He obviously is leading up to her getting wings in an airplane and going to Vegas. Both tappers are through.

There is one dancer left today, Christopher Aguilar, 24, of Los Angeles. He has a plan to prdouce a film where he’ll play the main part. He pictures himself like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, embodying all their spirits and producing a whole new film. The film will be called Drum Song. This isn’t going well. He dances to All That Jazz, but it’s basically things he’s copied from watching it, and it’s doubtful he had any real dancing lessons in his life. The judges sing and emulate the ending of right along with him. Adam tells Christopher it’s always a bit awkward when a male performer chooses to perform a women’s pieces. Christopher explains the thesis of this movie is changing the female character to a male character. Adam thinks it’ll greatly affect the story and admits he finds it offputting. Nigel admits to being scared he was going to break his nose on his back somersault. Mary thinks he needs more training and exposed his weaknesses. It’s a no for everyone but Adam admits he’s fascinating.

Nine more dancers make it from the choreography round, but we don’t get to see anything about them. But hey, they made it.


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