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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 8 – There Was No Voila for Me

At one hour before dinner service, Andy chops off the tips of his fingers. He is taken to the hospital for stitches on three fingers. The Blue team will be down to three people. Andy makes it back in time for their dinner service, but unfortunately doesn’t know his station well enough to run it on his own.

Sabrina makes a mistake on the first risotto, but the second dish comes out perfectly. Andy is making crepes and brings to the window something that looks like it fell off a bus. Kevin jumps in and saves the day.

The red team is communicating well until Suzanne agrees to one minute, then it’s six minutes, eight minutes, five minutes. She is taking the team down again. Suzanne continues to make mistakes with timing. Blue is doing no better. Andy should have just stayed at the hospital. Dave is doing both his and Andy’s station. It does not go unnoticed. Andy tries to find something that he can do, but unfortunately he can not even make a cold salad.

Suzanne continues to mess up the meat station. Sabrina continues to send food to the pass the way she wants to make it, not the way Chef Ramsay wants it made.

Andy is making crepes and they are just horrible, so Kevin steps in and does it. Andy is kicked out of the kitchen and Chef Ramsay threatens the rest of the blue team. He also throws Suzanne and Sabrina out of the kitchen for inconsistency. Heather, the sous chef, steps in and helps Tennille and Ariel finish the night. Kevin, Dave and Van finish service for the blue kitchen. In the end Chef Ramsay asks both teams to come to a consensus on which two to go up for elimination.

Suzanne doesn’t understand again what she is doing wrong. Suzanne and Andy are elected to go up. Sabrina is excited that she has dodged a bullet. Kevin asks Suzanne if she is a good team player, and she says yes, then follows it up by saying she doesn’t care what people think of her. This makes me laugh as I would find it difficult to be a good team player if I could care less about my team. Kevin is trying to convince the red team to put up both Suzanne and Sabrina so that Suzanne goes home and they keep Andy longer.

Ariel is asked who the nominees are by Chef Ramsay. The first is Suzanne because she continues to bring the team down. The second is Andy because of inconsistencies in service.

Suzanne defends herself saying she knows how to cook every station. Chef Ramsay asks Ariel and Tennille if they are better without Suzanne, and they say yes. Andy thinks he is getting better and blames his fingers for his failures. Unfortunately for Andy, Dave has been cooking for four services now without the use of his hand and doing a great job at it.

Andy is sent home. Chef Ramsay tells him he has a big heart, but he needs to stop panicking. At this point Chef calls up Sabrina. He tells her and Suzanne he wants the old them back but is afraid it is too late. He asks Suzanne to take her jacket off and sends her to the blue team. He begs Sabrina to come back quickly. Tennille is happy, but the blue team is not happy to have Suzanne either.

The scenes of next week show more injuries. What is going on this season with Hells Kitchen?

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