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Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 8 – There Was No Voila for Me

Hell’s Kitchen, Sept. 8 – There Was No Voila for Me

I have decided to eat ahead of time tonight since the coming attractions show yet another accident in the kitchen. Does it make anyone else wonder what is in the dish when you dine out?

Tonight starts off with Suzanne trying to make amends to Ariel and Sabrina. Ariel suggests that she examine the way she interacts in the team. There are only 4 members left on each team, and it is imperative that they work together to win the challenges and services.

Chef Ramsay greets the contestants in the dining room the next day. He tells them that the most important time for his career was when he studied in France. He goes on to speak of the crepe. He loses me at this point as I think about a crepe place in Walnut Creek, California that makes these fresh strawberry crepes with chocolate drizzle and powdered sugar. They are so unbelievably good. My blueberry iced tea is not coming anywhere close to cutting it now. Each team will produce four crepes, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, dessert. Excuse me while I cry a tiny tear in remembrance of my strawberry crepe. They will have twenty minutes. The challenge is designed to showcase three important qualities Chef Ramsay looks for; creativity, technique and attention to detail.

Suzanne is trying maybe a bit too hard to be a good team player, and it is going totally unappreciated. I hate that damned if you do damned if you don’t spot. Over on the blue team they are having no luck at all making the actual crepe; I think they should get an A though for not giving up hope. The way I learned how to make a crepe is by sticking the pan upside down into the batter and letting it drip off so only the thinnest layer of batter is left on the pan. I think that would be an easier way of doing it if anyone at home is thinking about trying. Sabrina notes that when Chef Ramsay made the crepes, it was like, “Voila!” Yet, there was no “Voila” for her. The red team is not having any better luck with the preparation. It is going to come down to whose filling is better and more creative. In the last second, both teams cover their crepes for serving.

Chef Ramsay will be joined by JP for the judging today, a Belgian is as close to a Frenchman he could find. Van and Ariel serve breakfast. Van makes Quail Eggs, Bacon, and Pepper jack Cheese. Chef Ramsay and JP like the filling but the crepe itself is spongy and a disappointment. Ariel’s crepe has a nice golden color. She has made Smoked Salmon, Herbs and Honey. She is complimented on the color and the taste of her crepe. The girls are awarded one point.

Tennille and Andy prepare lunch crepes. Tennille presents Pepper jack, Shrimp, Bacon and Black Beans. An added treat tonight for viewers that are in love with Chef Ramsay is him speaking French to JP. Even when complaining about Tennille’s spicy concoction he just sounds wonderful. They both needed water when finished with their forkfuls. Andy serves Prosciutto, Saint-Andre (an intense Brie like cheese from the coast of France), and Avocado. They both really like Andy’s crepe and he is awarded the second point.

Suzanne and Kevin present the dinner crepes. Kevin serves a Scallop, Crab and Goat Cheese super Crepe. Chef Ramsay comments that there is a lot going on in there but the flavors are delicious. Suzanne’s crepe looks a little over cooked. It is stuffed with Filet, Onions, and Poached Quail Eggs. She continues to talk while they eat which annoys the other contestants. Chef Ramsay thinks that it is seasoned perfectly. They are both awarded a point, which brings them into a tie for the last dessert crepe. Kevin thinks that he should have one and Chef Ramsay is just giving the girls a point. Sigh, I will never understand what makes people think that way.

Sabrina and Dave choose to produce dessert crepes. Oh poor Dave. He has made a Berry and Cream Cheese Crepe but there is some kind of brown sauce that it is swimming in. Chef Ramsay says it looks like a plate of diarrhea. Ramsay tells Dave he asked for a crepe not a plate of crap. They don’t even taste it; JP must be thanking his lucky stars. Sabrina makes a Poached Pears, Chocolate Gnash, and Cinnamon Crepe; she adds a little Grand Marnier to give the chocolate a little kick. Chef Ramsay thinks that it is delicious and he tells her that he can see that dish in Whistler. The ladies win the challenge.

For tonight’s service the kitchen will be adding a little French flavor. Escargot, Frog Legs, and Crepes are going to be added to the menu. The guys will be in charge of prepping both kitchens. While I thought it could be the magazine cover shoot award, instead the ladies are going to a French restaurant for lunch and a surprise. There surprise is a class run by a mime. Sabrina enjoys fake punching Suzanne. The guys are eating a disgusting lunch that Andy is actually enjoying. They’re eating baguettes, head cheese, and beef tongue.