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Big Brother 11 Spoiler, Sept. 9 – Log Jam Competition and Winner

The comp swtiches to a heavy snow, and Natalie complains it’s enough. The log stops during the snow and Jordan yawns. Kevin points out this is what they all signed up for. Natalie digs in her pockets and gets out some Mentos, giving them to the other two. Kevin has his own snack, a power bar. He shares it with everyone, and they pass it down the line. If you can take time out to eat, this comp isn’t hard enough. I don’t think Zach and Evel Dick could have taken a Mentos and power bar break. Natalie asks Jordan if she’s going to drop anytime soon, and she says no. She tells the others to fall and play tomorrow, as she’s not going anywhere. Kevin replies, “Neither am I, Wench!”

Jordan is afraid she’s going to fall, and Natalie tries to cheer her on, at the two-and-a-half hour mark. Natalie mentions the comp with Zach and Evel Dick, and Jordan is incredulous that they went on for nine hours. Not much discussion goes on as the houseguets reach the three hour mark, all still hanging in there. Natalie works on th eothers to drop, but they’re of course not going to oblige, as Keivn tells “Wench” he’ll be there until the sun rises. Jordan does admit finally to Natalie that haer hands are hurting. She’s also yawning again.

Coming up on three-and-a-half hours, Kevin’s hands are finally hurting as well. Natalie tells Jordan if Kevin falls, she’ll drop five minutes after that. The girls think Kevin looks blue, but he says no. Jordan then asks for a rock, paper, scissors game to deicde who’s going to drop. With the log stopped, it starts poruing out again. The log does a bit of a stutter step, and Jordan falls off. She made it a little longer than three-and-a-half hours.

Natalie looks happier than a pig in the poke. Kevin seems to be celebrating as well, and tells Natalie, “Bitch, all night!” Jordan goes inside to shower, and Natalie and Kevin agree Natalie will drop in five minutes. But first, she makes him swear on his life that he’ll take her in the final 2. He tells Natalie Jordan can’t beat anyone in the comps. They work out a deal in Spanish, for five minutes more. Natalie wants to make sure it looks believable, as Kevin notes his testicles have had so much shrinkage they’re in his abdomen.

Even though a deal has been made, Natalie wants to be sure Kevin isn’t going to screw her. She tells him this is huge, as it’s hers to win, so if she falls for him, it’s huge. She mentions this several times, and Kevin swears each time he wil keep her in final 2. He tells Natalie he knows she can beat him in endurance, but she needs to drop and trust him since he got rid of Michele, plus, she’s better at the “mental shit,” meaning the 2nd part of the HoH comp. Natlie understands that, but she doesn’t have to get off now, “I’m happy as a bunny.” Kevin reassures her again, saying if he wanted to screw her, he would have taken Michele. She tells him the DR is going to try and get into his head to to not take her, and he says they already tried.

In the middle of this the snow starts again, preempting their deal, as Kevin turns away. Natalie shouts out to him, but he doesn’t seem to hear. The log pitches Natalie, but she hangs on. That would have been a perfect time to make it look like she really fell. Kevin wants to end it at that point, with Jordan still inside but Natalie wants to wait until she comes out. She jumps off anyway, giving Kevin the win. She wants Kevin to jump off as well, but he insists on walking down, prompting her to say, “Don’t be a pansy.”

I can’t see Kevin not taking Natalie after she just threw it to him just now. I see these two being honest with each other until the end and unlikely to screw each other over. And they’re right, Jordan doesn’t have much of a chance in the second part of the comp. It’s usually not just mental, but a combination of things, and Jordan probably had a better shot at endurance than that. That would make it Kevin vs. Natalie in the final part of the HoH, answering questions about the jury, and in that case, it could go either way. It’ll be a nailbiter until then!

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