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Big Brother 11 Spoiler, Sept. 9 – Log Jam Competition and Winner

It took Big Brother nearly a half hour to get the Log Jam competition on the live feeds for us after the show got over last night, but it was good to see when it came back that all were still on the log, and all of them seemed pretty secure. All of them have the ability to do well in this, so it’s going to come down to who wants it more it seems.

Natalie does a great deal of talking the whole time she is on the log. It almost seems like it’s part of her strategy to get the others out of their concentration. She talks about sushi, then mentions wanting to take her sweatshirt off, but she eventually decides against it. It almost seemed like she was trying to get Jordan to take hers off.

Between the three houseguests, each seems to have a different way of walking on the log. Kevin walks quickly, Jordan with small steps, and Natalie’s are more wide. I’m guessing this is for balance. It’s something you learn in martial arts that your feet close together or in a straight line one in front of the other does allow you to stay as rooted as being further apart.

Jordan doesn’t say much, unless in answer to someone else. She does suggest a rousing rendition of 1000 Bottles of Beer On the Wall. Natalie obliges, and they cut the feeds. Is there really a copyright on that song? She moves on to the subject of Michele, talking about how she’ll get a chance to see Jeff again and now has him to herself. It’s obvious she’s trying to get Jordan to lose concentration, and even Jordan calls her out on it, calling her an instigator.

Just when everyone gets into a good rhythm, the log stops, and throws everyone off guard. Natalie comes close to slipping, and Kevin is hoping it’s broken. Instead, it starts rolling backwards, an hour into the comp. The houseguests find it a little harder to walk backwards on it. Natalie thinks this is a competition where Russell and Jeff would do well, and Jordan agrees.

With the rain coming down on the houseguets pretty hard, Kevin asks when it’s going to be summer in this seasons comp. Natalie is asking for spring, then starts sneezing in the rain, followed by Kevin. Shortly after, the snow starts, which Natalie thinks is really soap. Kevin figures out he can see the mechanism that moves the log, and by watching it, he can predict when it’s going to stop, go forwards, or go backwards, a definite help to his play. It looks like Natalie might be having a hard time holding on, as she flexes her hand that isn’t holding the key continuously.

The snow stops, and Natalie states this is much easier than the diploma endurance, as she’s not throwing up. Kevin asks again when they’re going to have summer, and Natalie yells out never. The next challenge thrown at the houseguests, at ninety minutes into it, is having the log go from forward to reverse, evety few seconds, making it jolt. They’re trying everything they can to make these people fall, but they’re not about to. Kevin again prays that it’s broken. The rolling stops altogether, and the houseguests are asked by production to “flick” their mics while still holding on to get the rain off.

Two hours in, it begins raining harder than ever. Natalie almost falls twice, then makes sure everyone knows, so perhaps she is trying to make them think she’s about to fall. Yet, it looked like a legitimate slip up, as she was turned almost completely around on the log by the storm. If it was a ploy, it almost works, as Jordan takes her hoodie off and nearly falls. All the walking Jordan has done in the backyard is doing well for her, but she doesn’t seem to have the endurance, as she begins breathing heavily while she walks the log.


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