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Big Brother 11, Sept. 8 – Who Wants It More?

Jordan is still bemoaning doing so badly on the comp and crawls into bed in the splish splash room. Michele comes in and gives her a hue as Jordan reiterates she’s pissed at herself. Michele says she’s pissed at herself too, and also brings up that they were duped, as Kevin and Natalie are still a team.

Kevin goes up to the HOH room, and he and Natalie jump around and celebrate. Natalie says they’re going to final two, and while Kevin took the blood last week for Jeff leaving, she’ll take the blood this week for Michele leaving. Kevin isn’t so sure about the final 2, as he knows he can’t beat her. All her friends are in the jury. He’s just trying to string her along to figure out his next move so that he can win this game. She promises him on her engagement they’re going to final 2.

Michele tells Kevin later that she can’t get a read on him and Natalie, as she can’t tell whether they’re together or not. Kevin explains they had a final five deal, and it expired once it was just the four of them. Michele knows he never felt like he could trust her, but if she wins, she’ll pick him, as she does not want Natalie in final two and does not want her to win the game. Kevin says he is not playing for second and there is so much to think about.

Jordan tells Natalie she really feels like she’s going home, and she seems a little drunk. She may have been hitting her wine again. Even “the girls” are hanging out of her pool coverup. Natalie assures her she’s not going, and tells her she’s not supposed to say anything, but to trust Jordan is not going home. Natalie guarantees her it’s for sure.

Michele approaches Kevin again, knowing she has to keep working him, as he’s her only hope. She guarantees him that if she goes to the jury house at final three, he’ll get her vote, but if she leaves this week, he won’t. She knows Jordan probably doesn’t appreciate her talking to him, but Kevin points out Jordan should be talking to him as well, as he’s weighing all his options. He wants to take his time with this decision.

Julie talks to Natalie alone in the HoH and asks her while she’s told a lot of lies in the house and had a lot of alliances, who is she really aligned with? Natalie says she’s been aligned with Kevin the whole time, since the beginning. As for her lie that she’s 18 and not 24, she thinks it’s really helped her seem like not such a threat. She thinks it’s gotten her there to a guaranteed final three.

Kevin leads the PoV meeting, saying he knows he’s made difficult decisions, but this one isn’t, as he uses the PoV on himself. Jordan replaces him in the nomination chairs. She makes her speech and tells him although he told her already she was safe, she’s hoping he hasn’t changed his mind. She feels they’ve played a similar game, and although they’ve all told lies, she doesn’t feel she was a backstabber, and she hopes he keeps her. Michele puts her devil horns on and tells him the jury house sees her as the devil, a rat, a villain, etc. And out of everyone in the room, if he took her to final two, he’d be guaranteed to win over her. She can either raise hell in the jury house or raise hell with him in the final competitions. Hmm. Thought provoking.

Kevin stands to cast his singular vote to evict and says he didn’t have his mind made up until thirty minutes ago, but he is evicting Michele. She hugs everyone on the way out and wishes them all luck. She high fives everyone in the audience and takes a seat across from Julie. Inside, Jordan calls it the worst feeling ever, waiting for the pictures to turn gray. Kevin noticed her Freudian slip at the end, “may the best woman … I mean person … win.”

Michele tells Julie she knows that Kevin was really worried the jury might not have seen her as a dirty player. He couldn’t count on the grudges in the jury house to give him the win. She isn’t sure if that was right or not, but knows the jury took things personally. Julie mentions Jeff taking Russell out and asks if it cost Michele her game. Michele does think that was the game changer, and says it’s unfortunate he didn’t trust her enough when she said it was a bad move on his part.

In her goodbye messages, Natalie tells Michele she can’t say she’s sorry to see her go. She’s wanted her to go for some time as she played the game really dirty, and she doesn’t respect that. Kevin hopes she isn’t upset with him over his decision. He really wanted to take her to the end, but he wasn’t sure if she was going to betray her somehow. Jordan is really going to miss her and says she learned so much from her, as she’s like a fricking encyclopaedia, and she’s played the game better than everyone and should be proud of herself for that.

Julie points out all the bad things Michele has been called and asks what it is about her that causes that strong reaction from people. Michele says she doesn’t know, but as a child she was bullied even and just doesn’t seem to fit in with people. She tried to be respectful and nurturing in the Big Brother house. Maybe that’s why the baby man was calling her mommy.

As expected, in this first part of the final HoH, it’s indeed endurance. It’s the Log Jam, with the three balancing over a huge log and holding onto their keys. They have to log roll with at least one hand on their key at all times. The last person holding on will win this round and automatically advance to the third round. All are wearing hoodies and t-shirts with sweat pants. A smart move. The log starts rolling, and they’re walking it. Of course, what kind of endurance comp would this be without some extra challenges? They’re going to go through the seasons here. We know that means rain. It’s starts raining, lightening, and thundering. We sign off with everyone still aboard the log.

As far as everyone’s chances on the log, I think they all have a good chance, but Jordan probably has the least, despite the fact she held on the longest of these three on the last endurance. Natalie held on the longest in the first endurance. I think Kevin threw the second one purposely. Such a big part of tae kwon do is in balance, so I know Natalie has a huge advantage here. However, there’s also the factor of who wants it more. At this point, I think that goes to all three of them equally. Tune in Thursday to see who proves to want it more.

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