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Big Brother 11, Sept. 8 – Who Wants It More?

This last week of Big Brother is always so exciting, but after it’s over, there’s always a letdown that it’s done for another year. And no matter who leaves tonight, Michele, Kevin, or Jordan, I don’t think anyone who have looked at that final three and said this will be our final three! So let’s just get down to it and find out who wins the PoV and who they send home.

Natalie says after her nominations that her target was definitely Michele, and putting Kevin on the block was a ploy to throw Michele and Jordan off that they’re together. If Kevin doesn’t win the veto, hopefully they’ll then keep Kevin and send the other person home. It did the trick, as Michele, the neurosurgeon, is confused and admits her head is spinning. She doesn’t know what Natalie’s whole show was about, but she does know she’s now not safe. Kevin is in on the whole ruse, but he’s also playing a ruse on Natalie, as he’s also looking for an opportunity to get her out.

Natalie and Kevin even put on a fake show, pretending to be fighting, and Jordan knows it’s good for her, but it also seems too good to be true. As she says, you never know in the Big Brother house. Natalie then goes up to the HoH in her “queen” outfit and talks to herself, saying that it went well. Well, that’s one way to get someone to listen to you.

Natalie talks to Jordan in the hot tub later, asking her if she wins PoV, who she’d send home. Jordan isn’t sure as Kevin seems to be turning it around and doing good now, but you never know with Michele. Natalie points out that Michele won the last PoV by a whole minute, as she continues to try and convince Jordan to want to keep Kevin. She tries to convince Jordan that even if she goes up, she won’t be voted out. Natalie continues, telling her that Michele tried to her evict her and keep Jeff last week. It’s confusing Jordan, as she thought Natalie was after Kevin, but now she seems to be after Michele. All this has done is make Jordan decide to stick with Michele.

Michele and Jordan talk at night about trusting each other. They decide they do trust each other, and Michele tells Jordan if she backstabs her at this point … but never even finishes her sentence. Michele says they didn’t come this far to go home. They make it a goal to get to final three together. Natalie tells Kevin that she thinks they pulled it off and she was believed, but now Kevin has to pull it off and win it. He knows his ass is on the line, and he doesn’t feel the odds are in his favor being two against one. Natalie has confidence in him though.

For the power of veto competition, it’s just Kevin, Jordan, and Michele. They all realize the importance of it, and Michele admits the pressure is getting to her, so perhaps Natalie’s ploy is working. Meanwhile, Natalie looks like she’s having a harder time than anyone else, sitting upstairs in HoH waiting for the results. Each of the three playing has blocks with houseguests names on one side, and a different person on the other. They need to match them up with the correct stations, such as “5th evicted” and “replaced Kevin on the block,” meaning one block with two answers will fit the two statements. Once they stack them all up in the correct order, they hit the buzzer, and if they’re correct, they win PoV.

Kevin has such a brain fart going on, he can’t even remember who replaced him on the block. Jordan can’t even get the first one, getting very flustered. Michele lays out all the blocks so that she can see them all, but can’t find the one she wants that has Jessie and Russell, and it’s right in front of her. Kevin finally figures out it was Russell that replaced him and finds the right block. He can’t find the next one, so decides to put a placeholder one there. Michele doesn’t even feel she needs to shuffle the blocks at all, and just stacks and stacks, with Kevin listening to it, assuming she’s kicking his butt.

Jordan is still just staring at the blocks trying to figure it out, saying she feels like a yo-yo. Michele rings the buzzer, but has them all right except for two Russell answers. Go figure. Kevin finds the right block he was looking for earlier, so has to take it all apart to remove his placeholder. He starts re-stacking as Michele is doing the same. She points out it’s nervewracking to not know how the others are doing. She gets hers re-stacked again, but now only has one answer right. Kevin finishes stacking his for the first time, and gets them all right. He wins and is guaranteed final three.

Michele is really scared with Kevin winning, as she knows this means she might be going home. She’s hoping if she’s nice to him, he might decide to send Jordan home instead. Jordan also knows her life is in Kevin’s hands since she’ll have to go up on the block to replace him. Kevin is even more stressed than he was during the comp, as he holds the girls’ lives in his hands and doesn’t want to choose wrong.

Julie addresses the final four in the living room tonight, asking Kevin how it feels to hold all the power. He admits it feels pretty good, but it’s also stressful, as he’s lost a lot of sleep and doesn’t take this power lightly. Jordan is asked how it’s been this week without her BFF, Jeff. She admits it’s been hard, as when they were bored before, they’d think of a game to play, but now she wants to talk to him sometimes and wonders how he’s doing. Natalie admits to Julie it wasn’t a hard decision to open Pandora’s Box, as she’s safe this week and hadn’t seen her boyfriend in two months. In the end, everything that she wanted to happen, happened.

Julie shows clips of the annoying visitors that appeared in the house while Natalie was getting proposed to over sushi and champagne,. Michele admits the baby was the most annoying, as he kept following her around and smelled bad. He also wouldn’t shut up about her being his mommy.

After the PoV comp, Jordan is still pissed at herself and stands in the kitchen telling Michele and Kevin this. Natalie walks out of her HoH and asks who won, and hearing it was Kevin, excitedly runs back in and gets two Mike’s Hard Lemonades for them to celebrate. Michele says the way they just acted scares her, as they were rubbing their victory in her and Jordan’s faces, and they were probably together the whole time and just duped her.


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