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Big Brother 11, Sept. 6 – Playing the House Like a Fiddle

Michele and Kevin talk alone in the HoH, and Kevin starts talking to Michele about pairing up. He says he doesn’t see himself winning against Natalie, and he knows he has to get rid of her. He proposes to Michele that they pair up, because he doesn’t think she’ll win against Natalie either. He thinks they’re stronger against her, than either of them are with Jordan. He says in the DR later he’s willing to knock a bitch out, meaning Natalie, to win a half million dollars. He’ll backstab her willingly, yet be bothered that she wants to nominated him strategically, right?

In the pool the next day, Natalie tells Jordan both Michele and Kevin are her targets, and it doesn’t matter to her which leaves first. She says she hasn’t lied to Jordan at all, and that she thinks the only way she has a shot is if they stick together. In other words, it’s the same deal Kevin was making to Michele.

Natalie walks into her HoH room and finds Pandora’s Box. She reads the note the says there’s a secret room behind the door. If she opens the box, it could reveal something good or bad upon the opener or rest of the house. For the first time in Big Brother history, she’ll get a chance to see a loved one inside the Big Brother house. She looks at the screen to see who is waiting for her and sees her boyfriend, Jason. She is willing to do whatever she needs to do. She reads the next note and reads if she chooses to see him, she won’t be able to play in the last veto competition. She’s still safe either way, but she reduces the chances of Kevin fighting for final three. She decides to open the box, though.

Natalie sees Jason, and he tells her she looks great. He hands her a rose and says they only have five minutes. He drops to one knee and asks her to marry him and puts a twist tie ring on her finger. She tells him there’s no question. It’s a yes. She’s glad she opened the box and tells him she gave up a lot. They only have a few minutes, but sit down and have some champagne and toast each other. Jason is actually crying. He tells Natalie the story behind the twist tie ring, as his father did the same for his mother. He hands her another letter which says she can have fifteen more minutes with Jason by pressing a button, but the rest of the house might be a little annoyed.

“I don’t give a damn,” are the words from Natalie, and a man-sized baby comes out to bother the others outside. He starts crying to Michele, then follows Kevin around. He chases them into the house. Kevin just wants to slap the baby, and meanwhile, Jason is telling Natalie that her dad loves her and thinks she’s making good decisions. He also admits he asked her dad for her hand in marriage on premiere night. Jordan comes out to join the others downstairs, and along with the baby, there is also a little person dressed as a cat, copying their every move, a copy cat. Jordan wanted to squeeze him, as he was annoying the crap out of her.

Natalie tells Jason she can’t tell anyone about this and can’t keep the ring on her hand, as it’ll ruin her in the game, so she needs to make up something bad happening to her in there instead. The crew downstairs are joined by a woman dressed as a roach spraying them. Jordan’s ticked, because she just did her hair and makeup. Natalie says goodbye to Jason, telling him he’s stuck with her now. After, she says it was a very happy moment for her, and gave her the edge she needed to continue in the game.

The pests leave, and the others come to get Natalie to tell her. Kevin walks in and recognizes Pandora’s Box in the HOH. Natalie says she just got screwed royally, and when they ask how, she says she can’t play in the PoV, because she went in Pandora’s Box. She tries to make up something bad, and says it was a final two reversal. If she makes it to final two and has the votes to win, they’ll switch the votes and she’ll lose instead. Pretty clever if she’s trying to get the others to take her to final two … had it worked. She then takes it too far, saying she was tied up, earmuffed, and blindfolded. The others are gasping, then think about it more fully. Kevin realizes her story means she cannot win the game at all. He knows there was something good behind that door, and she got it.

Kevin, Natalie, and Michele sit downstairs trying to figure this out. They figure she’s lying, and Michele suggests maybe it’s a final 2 reversal in her favor, and Kevin summizes that it’s something that would make them not want to take her, and that’s why she doesn’t want to tell them. Natalie comes out and they ask her more about this as she begs them not to. Kevin gets up and walks away, and Natalie leaves to get the jury nominations settled.

Kevin heads up to HoH to find out the truth from Natalie. He tells her it might be mystery power all over again. He points out the scenario she gave them means she gave up $500,000, and they all know Natalie, and if she gave that up, she’d be breaking windows. Natalie realizes she needs to come clean, but needs to do it in a way that doesn’t make it seem like she was holding back, and just that it was a fun joke, another of her pranks.

Natalie calls everyone together downstairs. She tells them they all just got got by an 18-year-old. She swears on her life it’s the honest to God truth. She got twenty minutes with her boyfriend and he proposed, and gave her a twist tie as a ring. Jordan knows this is the real Natalie. She swears on everything she’s being truthful. Michele asks why she would decide to prank them just after she got engaged, and it still doesn’t make sense to Michele who thinks she’s living in bizarre world, but frankly she never left. Kevin is pissed, saying if she’d lie about this, she could have been lying the whole game. He bets her name isn’t even Natalie.

We get to decide who’s going to win the $25,000 jury house award. Let’s be honest, there’s no way Jeff won’t win this.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Michele will be surprised if she does not go up on the block. Natalie promised Jordan that Michele and Kevin are her targets, but she remembers Jeff told her not to listen to anything Kevin and Natalie said. Kevin was told before she was going to nominate him, but she’s a liar, so he doesn’t even know what she’s doing. Natalie is hoping to hide allegiances and loyalties she has with these nominations.

The queen bee comes out to head up the ceremony, wearing the HoH robe, a blow-up crown, sunglasses and the pool bridge as a scepter. It’s a bit ridiculous. She pulls the one key as the only other person other than herself that is safe, and that key belongs to Jordan. Kevin is nominated because he compares the game to chess, and he just got duped. She has to nominate him for strategic reasons. Michele is nominated for personal reasons. Natalie feels she’s a backstabber and liar and tried to get Natalie to make a deal with her last week. If Natalie does that, though, she’s “making a deal with the devil.”

After the ceremony, Natalie tells the DR she’s playing the house like a fiddle. Michele is her true target, and her goal is to fool Jordan into thinking her and Kevin are not aligned and her true final two deal is with Jordan. Kevin is less than pleased, as she’s shown she’s not only a liar, but doesn’t have his back at all. She screwed him opting out of the veto competition, and again she’s showing her true colors. Michele says she’ll be smiling when she wins the final HoH and picks Jordan to go to final 2. “Haha. This devil wins.”

Well, Natalie was playing the house like a fiddle, but she screwed herself with the stuff with Jason. It would not have hurt her at all if she had just come clean about seeing him from the get go. True, the others would be jealous she got to see him, but that’s nothing compared to things they’re wondering about her now. This could hurt her when it comes to choosing who to take to final 2. Kevin is doubting her, and Michele definitely wouldn’t take her, but probably wouldn’t before either. Jordan knew that last scenario was the real Natalie, so it won’t hurt her chances with her. The one person Natalie may have hurt her chances with the most is Kevin, her one true ally left.

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