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Big Brother 11, Sept. 6 – Playing the House Like a Fiddle

We’re getting down to the wire here. We have a final four, and by the end of Tuesday’s show, we’ll have a final three. Natalie’s obviously a lock for final three, but who goes home won’t be up to her as much as whoever wins PoV. Regardless, let’s see who she decides to nominate in meaningless positions, unless she happens to win the power of veto.

Reflecting back on Jeff leaving, Natalie says ever since Jeff used the coup de’tat, which meant her best ally Jessie went home, she’s been waiting for the opportunity to evict Jeff. She took full advantage of it and admits it felt great. Jordan felt bad to see Jeff leave, as he helped her with everything. She wishes she would have left instead, as he would have done better than her, and now she’s alone. I think that’s the point Natalie was trying to make. Now Jordan knows how she felt when Jessie left. Kevin says it’s funny, as if Jeff would have approached him for a vote, he might have obliged him, but he never asked. I call BS on that one. Michele knows she has the biggest target on her back as the strongest competitor in the game.

Natalie feels great having won the competition and says this is the first time she went in saying there’s no more acting weak for her, and she has to make a name for herself. And she did it. Kevin is bothered that she celebrated like she won some long endurance comp. He doesn’t understand how she acts like she’s a strong competitor, as she hasn’t won anything until this, but I think she’s celebrating because she can finally show she’s a strong competitor, instead of holding back, as that’s pretty much what she just said. He notes she can celebrate however she wants, as long as he isn’t the target. Michele admits the person that she didn’t want to win HoH the most won. She isn’t sure how she lost to an 18-year-old, and she’s pretty sure she’ll be the target. Jordan is mad, as she just wanted to secure her safety and put Kevin up as revenge for putting Jeff up. Now she’s just screwed herself.

Natalie reassures Kevin she wants him to the final end, and she won’t forget he helped her along the way to get there. She doesn’t wan him to ever doubt it, and she assures him she’ll try 100% in the veto competition. She wants Michele gone,, as she’s standing in the way of final two, and if she goes, it’ll be Natalie and Kevin against Jordan.

Jordan doesn’t seem to be thinking that far ahead, as she goes into the green room and lays down with pillows and a blanket, saying it sucks so bad. It’s a cruddy day. She wants to keep her distance from everyone, not wanting to be a part of any scheming.

Speaking of scheming, Kevin tells Natalie he has to admit Jordan is hanging in there, as Natalie agrees, saying Jordan was in the lead in the HOH comp the whole time, and was tied at the end with her and Michele. She tells Kevin he has to go up, as it’s the only way, in case Jordan wins, because she can. I think she means this way Jordan won’t be trying as hard, as her safety won’t depend on it. She plans to tell her that she’s not with Kevin, and she’s going to put him on the block. She’s hoping either he or she will win, and Kevin will come off the block. He’s a little dismayed, saying it’s been five minutes and twenty-five seconds, and she’s already suffering from HoH-itis. He asks if he needs to slap the BizNatch.

Natalie shows everyone her HoH room which includes a picture of her much older boyfriend, a picture of herself in way too large glasses, which I’m sad to say I had a similar style at that age. Even Michele is calling her dorkilicious. There’s also a picture of her with her dad. She gets a blanket that her boyfriend got her and she says it reminds her of him and smells like him as well. I had a flannel of my husband’s before we got married that I liked to wear to bed because it smelled like him, so I understand.

Jordan pouts next to her glass of wine, and Natalie comes in to tell her and Michele that she’s putting Kevin up. She says while he’s her friend, and she’s going to hang out with him, she’s putting him up. It’s a game, and he’s a strong competitor. If he goes to the finals, he’ll win. Michele wants everyone to know she has no friends in the jury house. Natalie further explains that her and Kevin’s deal was only until final four, and she honored that. She’s done. She knows the other two are buying her lies. She plays poker, and is putting on her poker face, saying she has a hand she doesn’t. I think she’s had her poker face on the entire game. She’s a better game player than most people will ever admit to.

If anyone’s paying attention here, they’ll notice that the houseguests are suddenly in the clothes they had on just after the HoH competition instead of the ones they saw Natalie’s HoH room in. Those of us with the live feeds know that’s because the luxury competition that is about to be shown was really shortly after the HoH, and Natalie’s reveal of the HoH room was much later. They pair up into two teams of two, with Natalie and Kevin against Michele and Jordan.

It’s the clothing competition with two boutiques set up outside. They’ll all play together to win a shopping spree for new threads. Team members will split up and work in a separate store and have to match five items of clothing in ten minutes. They won’t be able to see each other and just have to communicate verbally as to what needs to be matched up. Whatever time is remaining will be spent on a shopping spree inside the house.

Jordan and Michele are trying to match socks, but while Jordan is holding a pair she calls purple, it’s really brown, and Michele’s is really purple. They also try ones that are grey with kitty cats and a navy blue pair as well. Kevin and Natalie are still waiting for their turn while this is going on, and he says they best hurry up, as they’re cutting into his shopping spree time. They finally find a pair, and put them on as Natalie and Kevin go in looking for socks. Kevin says it’s a challenge to work with Natalie, as she knows two articles of clothing, basketball shorts and sweatshirts. However, they find ladybug socks right away. Kevin loves the posing part at the end.

Next up is a shirt. Jordan and Michelle find a yellow shirt with pocket right away. I’m hoping Jordan doesn’t have model planned at some point for a career. While she’s certainly cute enough, the posing thing is nonexistent. Kevin and and Natalie find an Army t-shirt right away that matches. Next up is a scarf, and Jordan runs to a rainbow scarf she thinks “Kevin would wear,” but instead they end up matching blue flowered scarves. Natalie and Kevin match orange and black scarves. When it comes to bottoms, Jordan and Michele match yellow leggings fairly quickly, and Natalie, of course, runs for the basketball shorts, and they match that. When it comes to a a hat, Michele and Jordan mach with a green plaid cap, and Natalie and Kevin match in purple fedoras.

This leaves the four houseguests three minutes and twenty-eight seconds to shop. Jordan has a shirt caught on her “boobs” and Kevin is getting ready to body check people for getting in his way. He does do that somewhat to a mannequin, taking the pants off, then stealing his vest and scarf as well, breaking him in the process. In the end, Kevin says he needs a cigarette, calling it a dream come true, while the dead mannequin lays on the floor.


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